Comedy White Wedding Nigh, Baltasar Kormákur's fifth feature film, which he scripted, directed and produced, has been submitted as Icelandic Oscar entry

Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur's White Wedding Night (Brúdguminn) has been selected by the Icelandic Film and TV Academy as Iceland's official candidate for the Oscar nominations as Best Foreign-Language Feature.

Kormákur also represented Iceland in last year's Oscar submissions with Jar City (Myrinn). Overture Films has bought US remake rights for the film which swept the board at the Edda ceremony, the Icelandic national film awards.

Sold internationally by France's Celluloid Dreams, White Night Wedding is a comedy also scripted by Kormákur, with 'lafur Egill Egilsson.

Loosely based on Chekov's play Ivanov, the film follows a middle-aged, burnt-out literature professor, about to embark on his second marriage with a former student half his age. Not everyone is thrilled, including the bride-to-be's parents. As the guests flock to the island, he himself begins to get cold feet.

White Wedding Night was produced by Kormákur, with Agnes Johansen, for his own Blueeyes Production, with Denmark's Nordisk Film.