Wild Bunch France has taken French rights to Feo Aladag’s When We Leave.

Wild Bunch will release in France from mid-April.

The deal was done with Munich-based sales company Telepool. The deal was negotiated by Telepool Sales Manager Andrei von Kamarowsky, Wild Bunch Distribution’s General Manager, Jean-Philippe Tirel, and Head of Marketing & Acquisitions, Jerome Rougier.

“We are very excited to have found in Wild Bunch the perfect home for When We Leave in France. Wild Bunch is skilfully able to close the gap between arthouse and commercial film, and has demonstrated many times over the ability to come up with creative marketing concepts to get the best possible results,” said Irina Ignatiew, Executive VP of Telepool.

“This first-time feature is a true discovery which we fell in love with right off. Indeed, after watching it, we all had tears in our eyes and this intense emotion is still there a long time after. Feo Aladag is an impressive and very promising director and we’re extremely proud to distribute her film in France,” added Jean-Philippe Tirel, General Manager of Wild Bunch Distribution.

The award-winning film, Germany’s submission for this year’s Oscar race, is about a young woman of Turkish descent who tries to live an independent life in Germany.