Updated: Warner Bros Pictures International’s action fantasy dominated outside North America for a second straight session as the running total climbed to an estimated $152.5m and $211.3m globally.

Meanwhile Fox International’s confirmed on Monday (9) that Titanic 3D amassed $35.3m, down $200,000 on Sunday estimates, while The Hunger Games produced $25.5m through Lionsgate licensees and UPI’s American Reunion got off to an excellent start as $19.3m produced a record international debut for the franchise.

Wrath Of The Titans was active on 13,540 screens and box office dropped a respectable 43% from opening weekend.

  • Titanic 3D brought in a confirmed $35.3m from 5,746 screens in 84 markets led by Russia on $5.2m from 972, which put the romantic epic in a tight race for top spot with Universal’s American Reunion.

The UK generated $4.4m from 616 in first place and there were number one launches in Germany on $3.4m from 485 and Italy on $3.1m from 340.

Titanic 3D opened in France in second place on $3m from 358 and arrived in Australia on $1.9m from 209, Spain on $1.8m from 282, South Korea on $1.8m from 269, Japan on $1.2m from 460 and India on $1.2m from 219.

In other notable launches it scored $795,264 from 90 in Holland for second place, $479,059 from 73 in Denmark and $447,655 from 97 in Sweden for first place.

Fox International executives noted that the Russian debut has already reached 97% of the lifetime total of the original film which opened in the territory in 1997/98. Titanic 3D weighs anchor in China on Apr 10 on 2,400 3D screens and 60 IMAX and arrives in 20 new territories next weekend.

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel continued its excellent run as a confirmed $5.3m from 1,436 in 27 boosted the tally to $53.2m. Australia produced $2.1m from 327 in the third weekend for $11.9m while the UK stands at $27.5m and added $672,431 in the seventh session.

This Means War has grossed $87.1m, Chronicle $57.3m, Star Wars: Episode 1 in 3D $59.4m and We Bought A Zoo $32.1m.

  • The Hunger Games added $25.5m through Lionsgate licensees as the early international running total climbed to $157.1m.

The action thriller added $3.7m in the UK for $23.1m, $3.4m in Australia for $22.4m, $3.2m in Germany for $12.7m and $1.6m in France for $8.3m.

Lionsgate’s international distribution executives expect South Korea to overtake France in the top four and will receive official figures this week.

  • American Reunion, Universal’s latest entry in the American Pie franchise, launched day-and-date with North America through UPI on $19.3m from 2,388 sites in 28 territories. This was a highly impressive pound-for-pound result given the light major territoriy count. Privately, executives said the comedy has a good shot at finishing on $200m.

Russia led the way on $5.1m from 613, followed by Australia on $5m from 229. Both ranked number one, as did Netherlands and Norway on an excellent $1.1m from 100 and 140, respectively.

American Reunion opened in fourth place in Mexico on $1.6m from 492. There are 30 territories to open including Germany on Apr 26, France on May 2 and Italy, Spain and the UK on May 4.

Dr Seuss’ The Lorax reached $59m after bringing in a further $11.8m from 4,000 venues in 49 territories. The family title opened in seven markets and these results included $386,000 from 34 Hong Kong sites.

Lorax stayed top in its second weekend in Spain as $2.3m from 339 elevated the tally to $6.2m. Australia has generated $6.1m after two weekends and Mexico has achieved the same. The worldwide tally is $257.2m and it opens in Italy on Jun 1, France on Jul 18, Germany on Jul 19 and the UK on Jul 27.

  • Relativity’s Mirror Mirror grossed approximately $18m through territories licensed by FilmNation on behalf of Relativity. The international running total stands at more than $40m from 41 territories. Russia has generated more than $10m so far, while the film opened in second place in Italy on $2.5m and second place in Brazil on the same amount.
  • Sony Pictures Releasing International’s animated release Pirates! A Band Of Misfits grossed a confirmed $6.6m from 1,959 screens in 29 markets for $22.2m. The UK remains the lead market in its second weekend and ranks third after adding $3.5m from 931 $12.4m.

Germany produced $1.3m from 676 for $3.6m and France generated $870,000 from 566 for $2.5m. Turning to the openers, Italy generated $1.2m from 434 for fourth place in a launch that brought in three times that of Chicken Run and more than double that of Arthur Christmas, while Australia produced $925,000 from 286 for ninth, which was about level with the Chicken Run debut.

21 Jump Street added $2.7m from 672 in 17 as the international running total climbed to $27.4m. The action comedy added $1.4m from 369 in the UK for $11.7m after four and stands at $13.4m in Australia after four.

The Vow crossed $50m to stand at $51.1m from 23 markets and opened in second place in Singapore on $445,000 from 29 screens. Spain has generated $4.9m after three weekends and added $850,000 from 293 over the session.

  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s John Carter added $2.6m from 54 territories for $195.6m and a $363.6m global tally. War Horse stands at $97.7m internationally and $177.5m worldwide.
  • Mirror Mirror previewed in the UK through StudioCanal and took $1.9m over four days, combining with the $1.8m estimated three-day opening weekend for $3.8m.