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Ab Zagt

  • Dutch distribs press ahead with Van Gogh release plans


    The Dutch distributors ofmurdered director Theo van Gogh's latest film, 06/05, are pressing aheadwith plans to release it in the next two months.
  • Rotterdam wins cash injection for Hubert Bals Fund


    The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will is to investEuros 2.5m in the Hubert Bals Fund, part of the International Film Festival ofRotterdam (IFFR).
  • Controversial Dutch filmmaker murdered


    Controversial Dutch director Theo van Gogh (47) was murderedthis morning in Amsterdam. According to police reports, the filmmaker, knownfor his provocative statements, was stabbed and shot in the centre of the Dutchcapital. A suspect was arrested near the scene of the crime after an exchangeof gunfire with police.
  • Dutch video rental sector in decline


  • Buyers clamour for Verhoeven's Blackbook


    Paul Verhoeven'sfirst Dutch film for 21 years, Zwartboek(Blackbook), has been sold to five territories, with four more pending, inadvance of its late October start of shoot.
  • German remake for hit Dutch football feature


    SuccessfulDutch football feature In Orange (In Oranje) is to be remade for Germanaudiences.
  • Twenty one features selected for Netherlands Production Platform


    Twenty one local and foreign feature-projects have beenselected for this year's Netherlands Production Platform, which will take placeduring the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht between Sept 24-26.
  • Simon to represent Netherlands at Academy Awards


    Simon, the newfeature by director Eddy Terstall, has been selected as the Dutch entry for theOscars next year in the best foreign film category. The production will alsoopen the 24th Dutch Filmfestival on September 22.
  • Harry Potter 3 prompts new Dutch rating


    The third Harry Potter film, Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, has received a unique newrating in the Netherlands. Nicam, the organisation responsible for theage-limits assigned to films in Holland, will introduce the advisory age of 9years.
  • RCV boasts host of Cannes pick-ups


    Dutch independent distributor RCV has announced that itacquired a large number of major titles during Cannes. Deals include the threebiggest films offered during the market section at the festival: The Brothers Grimm (starring Matt Damonand Heath Ledger) ,The Good Shepherd(with Leonardo DiCaprio) and The NewWorld (Colin Farrell, directed by Terrence Malick).
  • Yet another film distributor launches in the Netherlands


    "Born out of necessity" is how producer Els Vandevorst describes the expansion of her production company Isabella Films into theatrical distribution.
  • Perfume, Sky Captain snapped up by RCV


    Independent Dutch distributor RCV Entertainment has announced details of a number of high profile acquisitions at last month's American Film Market.


    Until recently, family-films and especially those based on children's books, seemed a sure-fire success for Dutch cinemas.


    The massive opening of social comedy Shouf Shouf Habibi! in the Netherlands even surprised distributor Independent Films "This is beyond our expectations," Niels Swinkels, head of marketing told "We were aiming for 100,000 admissions, but in the first weekend we already reached 50,000, much better than we were hoping for."
  • Trio win Rotterdam Tiger Awards


    International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IFFR) has awarded its three Tiger Awards to films from Taiwan, Germany and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • Dutch Film Fund names ten directors for development scheme


    The Dutch Film Fund has unveiled a new initiative called Ten To Watch, which sees ten directors given Euros 10,000 to develop their next film project.
  • Verhoeven wins top Dutch film award


    Director Paul Verhoeven is to receive the Holland's most prestigious national film award, the Bert Haanstra Oeuvre-prize.
  • Verhoeven links with Constantin for One Step Behind


    Dutch director Paul Verhoeven is planning to make a film adaptation of Swedish thriller One Step Behind by author Henning Mankel - his first film since Hollow Man in 2000.
  • Dutch Mussels producer declares bankruptcy


    Amsterdam-based production company Argus Film has been declared bankrupt, while the future of its distributor partner, Upstream Pictures, seems unclear.
  • Local hits fuel Dutch box-office in 2003


    Cinema-attendance in the Netherlands rose again in 2003, despite fears of a fall because of the state of the economy.
  • Twin Sisters producer readies five strong slate


    Successful Dutch production house IdtV Film, the company behind local box office smash and Oscar hope Twin Sisters, has lined up a slate of five new features.
  • Dutch immigration comedy wins Berlinale Panorama slot


    A Dutch comedy that deals with the contentious issues of immigration and cultural identity has been selected for the Panorama-section of the upcoming 54th Berlinale (Feb 5- 15).
  • Another Mulisch novel set for feature treatment


    French production company Nord-Ouest has bought the film rights to the novel The Procedure, written by Dutch author Harry Mulisch.
  • Breillat's Hell to world premiere at Rotterdam


    Catherine Breillat's new film, Anatomy of Hell (Anatomie De L'Enfer), will receive its world premiere at the upcoming 33rd edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (Jan 21-Feb1, 2004). .
  • Dutch producer Egmond boards Alexander


    Dutch production company Egmond Film and Television (responsible for Oscar-winner Antonia's Line) has become one of the major backers of Oliver Stone's Alexander, currently shooting in the UK.
  • Dutch FilmWorks acquires diverse dozen


    Distributor Dutch FilmWorks has acquired 12 new titles, including David Mamet's Spartan and Kevin Reynolds' Tristan & Isolde, both sold by Franchise Pictures.
  • Hubert Bals Fund distributes Euros 467,000 to 28 projects


    Twenty-eight projects from non-Western filmmakers are to receive a total of Euros 467,000 in grants from the International Film Festival Rotterdam's (IFFR) Hubert Bals Fund (HBF), as was decided during the fund's autumn selection round.
  • RCV binges on high profile Mifed titles


    Dutch distributor RCV Entertainment has bought local rights to Anthony Minghella's Cold Mountain from Miramax and will release the film in the first half of 2004.
  • Dutch producer under financial investigation


    The future of First Floor Features, the Dutch company owned by producer Laurens Geels, who made the Oscar-winning Character, appears to be in the balance.
  • Dutch DVD market on track for record year


    DVD sales in The Netherlands' are expected to hit record of Euros 495m in 2003, surpassing revenues from music CD sales for the first time.
  • Dutch Film Fund names de Vries as film supervisor


    Actor, director and writer Edwin de Vries has been appointed by the Dutch Film Fund as its new film supervisor, playing a major role in advising and developing commercial film projects.
  • Rotterdam focuses on US politics


    The Rotterdam International Film Festival (IFFR), to be held from Jan 21 - Feb 1, 2004, has lined up an edgy thematic sidebar focusing on the current US political climate.
  • Belgian Oscar hopeful gets new ending


    In a remarkable move, Belgian director Stijn Coninx has decided to change the ending of his new film Verder Dan De Maan (Sea Of Silence), the Belgian submission for the foreign-language Oscar - even though the submission deadline has already passed. The film was screened at the recent Dutch Filmfestival in Utrecht, where after some mixed reactions Coninx opted for a new ending, that will be, according to the director, more fitting for the story.
  • Twin Sisters takes top prize at Utrecht


    The Second World War-drama Twin Sisters - the Netherlands' submission to the Oscars - won the main award, the Golden Calf for Best Film at the 23rd Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht.
  • Dutch industry wins tax extension


    The Dutch CV tax incentive scheme has been extended for one year following intensive lobbying from the local film industry.
  • Dutch films set for record market share


    Dutch films look set to take a record share of their local market this year, according the country's cinema organisation NFC.
  • Den Hamer named as Rotterdam festival director


    Sandraden Hamer (pictured) is to succeed Simon Field as the sole director of the InternationalFilmfestival of Rotterdam (IFFR). den Hamer has been co-director with Field forthe last three years, and the two will be jointly responsible for the nextfestival (Jan 21-Feb 1, 2004) before she takes charge ...
  • Twin Sisters selected as Dutch Oscar candidate


    Sleeper hit Twin Sisters (De Tweeling), directed by Ben Sombogaart, has been chosen as the Dutch contender in the best foreign language category at the Oscars.
  • Dutch films secure Toronto, San Sebastian berths


  • Dutch director prepares 'Royal Scandal' project


    Dutch director Frans Weisz (Charlotte, Polonaise) is planning a feature about one of the most controversial episodes in the history of the Royal Dutch family: the Greet Hofmans-incident.
  • Film by the Sea festival adds extra days, location


    Dutch film festival, Film by the Sea (5 -14 September) is adding three days to its programme and introducing a new location.
  • Verhoeven eyes biopic of Dutch artist


    Paul Verhoeven is planning to shoot his first Dutch movie since1984's The Fourth Man.
  • Verhoeven, Hauer classic to be remade by van de Velde


    Classic Dutch cult TV series Floris, that first united director Paul Verhoeven and Rutger Hauer in 1969, is to be remade for the cinema.
  • Dutch Oscar-winners lobby government for continued support


    Four Dutch Oscar-winners - Fons Rademakers (The Assault, 1986), Marleen Gorris (Antonia's Line, 1995), Mike van Diem (Character) and Michael Dudok de Wit (Father And Daughter, 2000) - have published an open letter to the next Dutch government urging for continuation of the present level of film funding.
  • Simon Field to quit Rotterdam film festival


    Simon Field is to resign as the director of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). The next edition in 2004 will be his last. His co-director, Sandra den Hamer, will remain in her position.
  • Local Dutch market share hits all-time high


    Local Dutch films took their highest-ever market share in the Netherlands during 2002.
  • Dutch entry for foreign-language Oscar selected


    The feature Zus & Zo, directed by Paula van der Oest, has been chosen as the Dutch entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Award at the Oscars.
  • Minoes scores with two Golden Calf awards


    With two Golden Calves - for best film and best actress for Carice van Houten, Vincent Bal's Minoes, based on a classic children's book, was the big winner at the 22nd Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht.
  • Soldier Of Orange 2 dispute settled out of court


    Producer Rob Houwer has finally resolved the legal battle surrounding the remake of Soldier Of Orange 2, the sequel to Paul Verhoeven's 1979 war drama.
  • Redford/Mirren thriller takes Dutch producer to new level


    Dutch producer Pieter Jan Brugge is to take his career to a new level when he makes his directorial debut with the thriller The Clearing. According to Dutch sources, the story of a rich businessman kidnapped by a former employee will star Robert Redford and the UK's Helen Mirren as his wife.
  • Dutch film festival director kills two Golden Calves


    The Dutch Film Festival (25 September - 4 October in Utrecht) will have fewer awards - the traditional Golden Calves - for this year's edition. The new director, Doreen Boonekamp, has cut the two prizes for best actor and actress in the television-drama-section.
  • Dutch film festival kills two Golden Calves


    The Dutch Film Festival (25 September - 4 October in Utrecht) will have fewer awards - the traditional Golden Calves - for this year's edition. The new director, Doreen Boonekamp, has cut the two prizes for best actor and actress in the television-drama-section.
  • Verhoeven receives Lifetime Award, reveals new projects


    Accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award during the 18th Festival of the Fantastic Film in Amsterdam, director Paul Verhoeven revealed his next planned project, having had his latest feature, Official Assassins, cancelled post-September 11.
  • Dutch incentive to re-make European films


    The Dutch film industry has turned to European films as a source for re-makes in an attempt to foster local production. Three titles - 14 Tage Lebenslaenglich and Sex Oder Liebe (both German) and the Swedish comedy Gossip - have been selected to be given a Dutch make-over.
  • Verhoeven receives honorary award in Amsterdam


    Director Paul Verhoeven will receive a Life Achievement Award during the Festival of Fantasy Films in Amsterdam.
  • Dutch producer assembles cast for Turmoil


    Producer Rob Houwer (Soldier Of Orange, Turkish Delight) is assembling a major Dutch cast for his latest movie Het Woeden Der Gehele Wereld (The Turmoil Of The World), a thriller based on the best-selling novel by Dutch author Maarten 't Hart.