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CJ heads into Cannes with slew of pre-sales

EXCLUSIVE: Korea’s CJ Entertainment has announced a raft of presales on its titles in the Cannes market.

CJ Entertainment has announced a raft of presales on its titles in the Cannes market, led by the dinosaur action film Tarbosaurus which sold to Russia (Carmen Films), Germany (MFA+), India (Star), the Middle East (ECS), Portugal (Zon Lusomundo), Thailand (J-Bics), Malaysya/Indonesia (Viscom Surya), Benelux (Dutch Film Works), and as previously announced, Singapore (Hwa Yea), Turkey (Saran Media).

The 3D underwater creature feature Sector 7, due out in Korea as a 2011 summer tentpole movie, has also presold on the basis of a 2-minute promo reel to Germany (MFA+), Taiwan (Serenity), Indonesia/Philippines (VSG), the Middle East (Shooting Stars) and Vietnam (BHD). The film also previously announced presales to France (TF1), Thailand (M Pictures), Singapore/Malaysia (Scorpio East) in EFM.

CJ also presold horror film White, about a fictional K-pop duo that records a hit off a mysterious untitled music video. The film stars the real-life lead singer of the hit girl group T-ara. White sold to Festive for Singapore and Malaysia on the strength of its teaser trailer and poster at Hong Kong Filmart. Directed by Kim Gok and Kim Sun, the film is due to make its market premiere in Cannes.

Also making a market premiere in Cannes will be Bolts And Blip: The Movie. Directed by Peter Lepeniotis, the film is based on the TV series that has been broadcast in Canada, Spain and Australia. The animation presold to Indonesia (PT Cipta Mutu), Thailand (J Bics), and as previously announced, to Russia (Luxor).

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