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Robert Mitchell

  • Will 2007 boast the biggest summer box office in history'


    Every summer has tentpole releases but there are five titles next summer for which the term is an understatement. In any other year each could the highest-grossing film. Their strength is their brand.Four of the films are sequels - all third instalments in established franchises (see below).But the fifth, the only one to be unproven in cinemas, features arguably the most recognisable brand of all and may be 2007's best bet for a $1bn worldwide grosser: ...
  • Casino Royale sets UK record for Bond


  • Casino Royale off to strong start in UK


    Casino Royale has set a strong early pace, and given a glimpse of theanticipation and intrigue surrounding the title, in the UK on its first day ofrelease.
  • Cars speeds past $200m for BVI


    Pixar Animation Studio's Cars has become only the sixth film released in 2006 to pass$200m at the international box office this week.The ...
  • Strong Dutch opening for Verhoeven's Black Book


  • Mission: Impossible III crosses $250m internationally


    Mission: Impossible III passed the $250m mark at the international boxoffice yesterday (Aug 3). The action blockbuster, which was first out of thegates this summer season, received the boost to reach the mark after receivingits belated opening in Japan on July 8.
  • UIP takes on UK release for Clerks II


  • UIP crosses $1bn mark on July 21


    UIP has joinedthe $1bn club in the international market this year. Following TwentiethCentury Fox International, which achieved the mark in record time in mid-June,UIP crossed $1bn in international returns on July 21.The result comes after two record-breaking years for the company, both of whichsurpassed $2bn in international grosses by the end of theyear.So far this year's highlights for UIP have been Paramount's Mission: Impossible III, which has taken$240.7m to date, ...
  • Superman Returns sets London IMAX record


    Superman Returns may not have been able to move Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest from the top of the UK chart but its run at the British Film Institute's London IMAX has proven a triumph.
  • 'Everything's being done right this time that wasn't done right back in the 1950s'


    Long regarded as afilm-making pioneer, James Cameron is a self-described "evangelist" for digital3D. The director recently talked to Screen International about his vision ofcinema's future. A shorter version of this interview appears in the July 28print edition of Screen International as part of a cover feature on digital 3D.
  • Pirates bounty gives boost to UK box-office


  • James Cameron to shoot Avatar next


    Director James Cameron hasbeen in pre-production on his next two features, Avatar and Battle Angel,but Avatar has won the race and willbe the first to shoot.
  • Happy Feet draws strong response at Cine Expo


  • Fox draws Cine Expo cheers for Night At The Museum


    Day two of the 15thanniversary Cinema Expo International saw strong response to the presentationfrom Twentieth Century Fox. Paul Hanneman, Tomas Jegeus, Fox Searchlight's Rebecca Keareyand a mix of on-screen and off-screen talent provided introductions to thecompany's product reel and evening screenings.
  • Gold Reel awards go to 18 films crossing $100m


  • Glickman stresses importance of international markets


  • German industry fights piracy with innovative campaign


    Attendees at Cinema Expo in Amsterdam heard how real progress is being made in getting themessage to consumers about copyright theft.
  • CineExpo told of great threat from closing release windows


  • The Holiday gets strong response for UIP at CineExpo


  • Geertsen says European industry should pay its share for digital revolution


  • Kinepolis posts first quarter success


    European exhibition major Kinepolis Group reports admissionsof 6.1 million across its 20 sites in five European territories.
  • Box office makes sluggish start to 2006 in most territories


    Early first-quarter box office figures show little sign of a bounce-back in most territories - although local-language product has eased the pain.
  • Ireland cashes in on Walk The Line


    The UK/Ireland market hasproven a strong territory for Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line, however, the true successhas come from Ireland. Walk TheLine has been nothing short of a phenomenon in Ireland. The biggest release of 2006 so far in the Republic Of Ireland, ...
  • Papal biopic grosses more than $1m in Poland


    A biopic of Pope John Paul II has become a smash hit in Poland - the place of his birth - one month ahead of the firstanniversary of his death.
  • UK distributors spend more than $523m on P&A


    UK distributors spent more than $523m (£300m) on prints and advertising last year, according to figures released by the UK-based Film Distributors’ Association (FDA).
  • Finnish films enjoying record admissions for 2006


    Figures released last weekby The Finnish Film Foundation. Local titles recorded 942,795 admissions duringJanuary and February, the best opening months of the year ever in Finland forlocal product, and have already surpassed the ticket sales of all local filmsthroughout 2005 (940,000).
  • Artificial Eye enjoys box office returns with Hidden


    Hidden became the latestfilm to join the select few foreign language titles to pass £1m ($1.7m) in theUK at the weekend and became distributor Artificial Eye's first £1m hit since1994.
  • Game, set and match for Woody


    Director Woody Allen's Match Point has crossed $50minternationally.
  • Eva Green is cast as Bond girl Vesper Lynd


    One day on from theannouncement that Mads Mikkelsenhad been cast as the next James Bond villain two more high profile additionshave been made, including the elusive information of who would play Bond girlVesper Lynd opposite new James Bond, Daniel Craig.
  • International weekend preview


    The major European territoriessee audiences spoilt for choice this week with a variety of new openers,although last week's international chart leader, French smash Les Bronzes 3:Amis Pour La Vie, may prove hard to shiftfrom the throne.
  • Netherlands' box-office takings fall by 12.7%


    The Netherlands may haveseen year-on-year box office fall in line with much of Europe but local titlessaw an admissions gain.
  • Exhibitor Kinepolis Group's ticket sales fell 8% in 2005


    Pan-Europeanexhibitor Kinepolis Group's ticket sales fell 8% in2005 according to latest figures released by the company. Kinepolisticket sales finished at 22.6 million compared to 24.5 million in 2004.
  • Big success for three openers at the UK box office


    The first week of 2006 atthe UK box office spelled good news, while the battle for the lead continuedunabated three openers impressed in a deluge of records.
  • Italy's box office takings down by 8.1%


    End of year figures fromItalian film data trackers Cinetel - which tracks 75%of the market - show Italy with an 8%-9% year-on-year deficit. Total admissionsresults from Cinetel come in at 88.1 million, 8.7%down from 2004's 96.5 million. Box office was slightly better 8.1% down from2004's $671.7m (569.4m Euros) with $617.2m (523.2m Euros).
  • German box office dropped 16% in 2005


    The final 2005 box-office figures for Germany reveal a 16% year-on-year drop.
  • Poland's box office admissions down by 30%


    In what is likely to be oneof the biggest year-on-year deficits in Europe latest Polish figures for 2005show box office down 28.7% and admissions down 30% last year.
  • Switzerland's box office attendance down by 14%


    One of the earliest Europeanterritories to report end-of-year figures, Switzerland's 14% year-on-year drop and market dominance by UIPappear likely indicators of trends to be seen across the major mainlandterritories in the next few days.
  • UK box-office figures for 2005 are up by 1%


    It started well and so itfinished. Final box office figures for the UK/Ireland market reported today bystatistics trackers Nielsen EDI showed the territory had managed the seeminglyimpossible - it improved on 2004's record box office by 1%.
  • Kong still strong at the international box office


    It may have seen The Chronicles Of Narniastealing its thunder but UIP's King Kong was stillroaring loud internationally over the New Year weekend.
  • ...and dethrones King Kong in North America


    The epics were at it again this weekend but this time TheChronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe won out over KingKong.
  • Narnia chronicles New Year international box-office glory


    The lion was still roaring as the new year got underway withBuena Vista International's (BVI) The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, TheWitch And The Wardrobe holding onto the international lead. With athree-day weekend of $41.5m and a four-day (including Monday which was aholiday in many territories) of $53.5m.
  • Star Wars and Harry Potter are 2005 box-office champs


    Darth Vader and Harry Potter were the true dark lord andwizard master for 2005's box office.
  • Kong gets bigger Christmas stocking at North American box office


    It was a closely fought battle but King Kong bested TheChronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe over theChristmas weekend to retain its North America crown.
  • Narnia claims international crown over holiday season


    Buena Vista International (BVI) was celebrating two foldthis weekend as Santa brought a sleigh full of international number ones for TheChronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe.
  • UIP breaks $2bn international box office mark in 2005


    United InternationalPictures (UIP) has proven that international audiences are there to be found in2005 having broken through the $2bn international box office mark last weekend.
  • Goblet of Fire still boiling in the UK


    All eyes may have beenturned to family holiday rival TheChronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And TheWardrobe as it became Buena Vista International's (BVI) highest ever launchin the UK but Harry Potter And The GobletOf Fire refused to lay quietly in the background this weekend.
  • Cinema still attractive to videogame generation


    Reports about cinema's death at the hands of DVDs, videogames, computerscreens, mobile phones and all today's other competing diversions have beengreatly exaggerated, according to leading experts on audience trends.
  • Day-and-date releasing comes under Euro fire


    Some of Europe's leading distributors and marketers arenow questioning the drift towards day-and-date releasing.Judging by the remarks made at yesterday's European Box OfficeForum, hosted by Screen International at Waldorf Hilton Hotel in London, there is a growing consensus that ...
  • Fox international chief issues theatrical wake-up call


    One of Hollywood's top international film chiefs yesterday calledon his industry colleagues to treat this year's box office admissions slide as anecessary wake-up call."We desperately have to change," declared Tomas Jegeus, executivevice president - international, 20th Century Fox International, ...
  • Potter sets 20-year UK admissions record


    The UK took yet another positive turn in its road to box-officerecovery with a record breaking weekend for admissions.
  • Darker Potter still promising box-office magic


    The 12A UK and PG-13 US certificates for Harry Potter And The Goblet OfFire won't damage its box-office strength when it opens tomorrow,according to Veronika Kwan-Rubinek, president of distribution Warner BrosPictures International.
  • New Saw ready to make the cut next Halloween


    LionsGate Films has announced it will release a third Saw film for Hallowe'en next year.
  • Charity tie-in boosts UK In Her Shoes launch


    The UK launch of Curtis Hanson's In Her Shoes this weekend will be boosted by a tie-in with a majorcharity.
  • Mike Leigh honoured with BFI Fellowship


    Mike Leigh has been awarded the British Film Institute (BFI)'s 57th Fellowship in London.
  • Nanny McPhee sweeps to top of UK charts


    NannyMcPhee has worked her magic on the UK box office, takingstop spot in its third weekend. The ...
  • Home-grown hits give UK box office a holiday hike


    The once unthinkable prospectof the UK matching last year's record box office is now farmore likely after an astonishing half-term holiday run.
  • UK box office promises strong end of year run


    With a promising fourthquarter to come, the UK box office looks set to leave the rest of Europe in the shade and may even have an outside chance of beating 2004's numbers.
  • Craig crowned as new James Bond


    After taking$3.6bn worldwide, 43 years, 20 films, 58 girls and 18 Martinis, James Bond hasa sixth face - English actor Daniel Craig.
  • Daniel Craig crowned as 'blond' Bond


    After $3.6bnworldwide, 43 years, 20 films, 58 girls and 18 Martinis, James Bond has a sixthface - English actor Daniel Craig.
  • Campaigning for BAFTA awards season kicks off


    The BAFTA awards season unofficially kicked off this weekwith the first lobbying of the organisation's members - more than five monthsbefore next the awards ceremony takes place (Feb 19, 2006).
  • LFF opens with Gardener, closes on a Good Night


    Fernando Meirelles' The Constant Gardener will open the 49th London Film Festival on October 19, it was announced today. The festival will welcome back Meirelles whose City Of God (Cidade De Deus) played in the 2002 line-up. The closing film, on Nov 3, will be George Clooney's second feature as director, Good Night. And, Good Luck. Sandra Hebron, artistic director of the festival ...
  • Garcia enjoys acclaim with festival hit


    Rodrigo Garcia'sNine Lives proved thehit of the 58th Locarno International Film Festival, with the jury awarding itboth the Golden Leopard grand prize and the best actress award, which wasshared between the film's nine leading actresses.
  • Malkovich lines up Zemeckis project


    JohnMalkovich has revealed details of several new projects he is slated to work onduring the next year.
  • German box office blow as Siegfried disappoints


    Aftera catastrophic first half to the year (that saw box office down 19%year-on-year) the German box office was dealt a further blow at the weekendwhen the most anticipated local film of the year failed to deliver up toexpectations.Siegfriedis the new comedy from Sven Unterwaldt, director of one of last year's biggestGerman hits ...
  • UK film distributors boost media advertising spend


    UK film distributors are investing more money intomedia advertising according to the Film Distributor's Association (FDA), thetrade body for UK theatrical film distributors. Inthe first six months of this year the territory's distributors spent $139m (£79.8m)on media advertising, a massive increase of 16% over the same period of 2004when $120m (£68.9m) was invested.Thelion's ...
  • Bay's Island looks for international rescue


    As NorthAmerican figures broke over the weekend analysts were quick to label MichaelBay's The Island adisaster.
  • Pan-Euro exhibitor Kinepolis sees admissions fall


    Pan-Europeanexhibitor The Kinepolis Group has announced its first half of 2005 figures with10.7m admissions recorded, a fall of12% year-on-year.
  • Defiant London returns to business as usual after attacks


    Last Thursday's terrorist attacks in Londonforced the closure of many cinemas with admissions dropping between 75% and 80%from the previous day.
  • Worldwide box office slumps in first six months of 2005


    Theworldwide box office has slumped dramatically in the first six months of theyear, according to latest figures from Nielsen EDI.
  • UK box office dips after disappointing second quarter


    The one ray oflight for the European box office at the end of the first quarter, the UK, has also dimmedsignificantly.Up 13%year-on-year at the close of the first quarter, the UK was the toast of Europe,looking rosy for a potential record year. Now, however,second-quarter ...
  • Smiths end Star Wars' international reign


    Action comedy Mr And MrsSmith ended Star Wars reign at the top of the international chartlast weekend.
  • Sin City explodes onto international chart


    In its first weekin major European territories, BVI's Sin City exploded onto theinternational chart in second place with $11.7m. BVI will be aimingto do similar business to last year's Kill Bill Vol. 2 - and the firstmajor week for Sin City certainly looks good to head in that direction. Kill ...
  • UK box office rides into blockbuster season on a high


    Takings were down significantly in April, but the UKbox office is still riding high going into blockbuster season.Atthe end of May, year-on-year figures remained up 5% with a year to date totalbox office of $578m (£318.2m), according to Nielsen EDI figures.This is noticably down on the 13% gain the territoryboasted ...
  • Brave few shine behind Star Wars shadow


    Thisweek's international chart saw the battle of the also rans against the second(or in Korea's case opening) week of Star Wars: Episode III.WarnerBros' horror House Of Wax saw solid numbers with second place launchesin the UK, France and Belgium and other European debuts including Italy,Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.
  • Pass rise could raise $3.1m for UGC


    UK exhibition major UGC cinemas is expected to generate£1.7m ($3.1m) from a £1 ($1.82) price rise for its loyalty passes.
  • xXx sequel splutters into int'l chart lead


    XXx: TheNext Level took the lead on theinternational table this week.
  • Councillor emerges as latest Russian box office champ


    TheRussian film industry has another hit film on its hands.
  • Interpreter rules international, North American charts


    For the first timethis year the international and North American tables aligned to produce asingle champion: The Interpreter.This feat islikely to be the first in a string of such occurrences as the approachingsummer season brings with it a plethora of day-and-date global releasesstarting with Sony's xXx2: State Of The Union (retitled ...
  • Sony sets release date for Bond's Casino Royale


    The search for a new 007 continues to drag on, but adate has already been set for the release of the next Bond film.
  • Vin Diesel's Pacifier takes pole position on int'l chart


    Continuingto follow in the career footsteps of Arnold Schwarzenegger, action star VinDiesel has made the successful transition to comedy with BVI's The Pacifiertaking the number one spot on the international chart.
  • Limited releases chalk up success at UK box office


    Adventurestory Sahara might have claimed the lead at the UK box officeover the weekend, but a string of titles on limited release chalked up notablesuccesses. MomentumPictures had a second powerful weekend for Downfall (Der Untergang). TheGerman film slipped a mere 1% week-on-week ahead of an aggressive expansionfrom ...
  • European box office on the slide in 2005


    The UKmarket appears to be the only major European territory showing box office oradmissions growth this year, according to the latest first quarter figures.Frenchadmissions figures are down nearly 13%, German figures have slipped 11% whilethe Spanish box office has leveled off compared to the first three months of2004. Figures for The Netherlands, Denmark and Poland are also significantlydown. By comparison, ...
  • Phantom scares up $100m international gross


    The filmversion of Andrew Lloyd Webber's long-running musical hit The Phantom Of TheOpera has passed the $100m mark at the international box office.
  • UK box office soars 13% in first quarter of 2005


    The UKbox office rose by 13% to £191.5m in the first three months of 2005 compared tothe same period last year, according to figures compiled by Nielsen EDI.
  • Local films flourish in international box office chart


    Local films continued to make an impact on theinternational chart this week with 13 films in the top 30 produced outside theUS.Fourof these came from the powerhouse territory for local product, South Korea. Thetop four films in the territory all made the international chart including newlaunches Crying Fist (Show East) and A Bittersweet Life (CJEntertainment). Both titles saw slightly disappointing ...
  • Downfall gains Momentum in UK


    Germanhit Downfall (Der Untergang) continued its strong international run overthe weekend, claiming the highest opening ever for a German-language film inthe UK through Momentum Pictures.
  • Ring Two opens top in UK


    TheRing Two won over UK audiences on another hot weekend taking$3.9m (£2.1m) from 419 sites including $558,783 (£295,853) of previews.UIP'shorror sequel finished top ahead of 20th Century Fox's Be Cool which expandedinto wide release (336 sites) after a single-week single-site platform releaseat the UCI ...
  • UIP shuffles summer release schedule in UK


    UIP has shuffled its early July summer schedule in theUK, bringing forward Steven Spielberg's tentpole release War Of The Worldsby a week to July 1.
  • Family titles win international audiences over Easter


    Family titles enjoyed strongturnouts internationally over the Easter weekend, led by 20th CenturyFox's Robots, which opened in 12 new territories to hold onto secondplace.
  • Valiant effort for UK animation at Easter box office


    UK animation hopeful Valiant had to settle forfifth place in the UK box office charts over the Easter holiday weekend.
  • Italian Amore powers into international chart


    GiovanniVeronesi's comedy-drama Manuale d'Amore powered its way onto theinternational chart last weekend thanks to a strong opening in Italy.
  • DENMARK 22 March


    While it took leadposition in several major territories over the weekend CGI-animated film Robotswas unable to take the lead in Denmark despite a superior screen count to everyother film on release in the country.However, the filmthat kept Robots off the top spot was not last weekend's leader Hitchenjoying ...
  • NORWAY 22 March


    Amongstthe smaller European territories to receive The Ring Two day-and-datewith the US, Norway saw the horror sequel gain the lead position ahead of Robotsat the box office.
  • UK/IRELAND 22 March


    The first warmweekend of weather this year in the UK resulted in a soft weekend at the boxoffice. Many titles saw massive drop offs and, despite the launch of four widereleases, box office for the weekend only managed a 4% week-on-weekimprovement.Both 20th Century Fox and Sony can lay claim to the lead over the three-dayweekend. ...
  • Boudu bounds up international chart


    Notcontent with starring in international hit The Chorus (Les Choristes) -which opened in the UK this week through Pathe with a $255,566 (£132,636) startat 64 locations - Gerard Jugnot's latest directorial effort, Boudu, wasthe highest new entry on the international chart.
  • Pathe's Chorus tunes into changing UK market


    When Pathelaunches The Chorus (Les Choristes) into the UK on Friday, itwill do so in a way unthinkable for a foreign language film just a few yearsago.For a start, thefilm is launching at approximately 65 locations, a scale of release that wouldhave seen as wildly over-optimistic back in the 1990s.The ...
  • War epics take Japan, Russia by storm


    WillSmith comedy Hitch ended Meet The Fockers' five week run at thetop of the international chart thanks to 19 territory launches includingGermany, Spain and Australia (see link below for full chart).Mostcountries awarded Hitch with number one positions except for Spain, where rivalopener Hide And Seek slipped in ahead ...


  • Howl set to pass Spirited Away at int'l box office


    With a paltry 12% loss week-on-week Japanese animated smash Howl'sMoving Castle passed the $200m mark at the international box office overthe weekend. Over $170m of this has come from Japan with strong support fromSouth Korea and France.
  • UK/IRELAND 2 March


  • Oscar nominees benefit from pre-awards hype


    With a week to go before theOscar winners dominate the charts, the films nominated for best picture wereenjoying their status at the international box office.
  • UK/IRELAND 22 February


  • Prospects looking up for Downfall


    UK bookmakers may beoffering odds of 12-1 on Germanforeign-language Oscar contender: Downfall (Der Untergang), but the film, about the final days ofHitler's regime is already a winner at the international box office.
  • Constantine converts Asian cinema-goers


    A weekahead of its domestic launch, Keanu Reeves title Constantine opened invarious Asian territories including Hong Kong and South Korea for the Lunar NewYear holiday.
  • Roundabout wins UK animation chart battle


    The UK saw two animations - Pathe's The MagicRoundabout and UIP's TheSpongeBob SquarePants Movie - go headto head over the crucial first half-term weekend.
  • UK set for Roundabout vs Spongebob battle


    It will be Europe versus USin the children's market at the UK box office this weekend as French-UKco-production The Magic Roundabout takes on The SpongeBob SquarePantsMovie for the first weekend of the school half-term holiday.Both titles are based on hittelevision shows adored by legions of pre-teens and stoner students and areevenly matched going into the weekend ...
  • INTERNATIONAL 11 February


    MeetThe Fockers easily retained the international box officelead at the weekend, thanks to strong holdovers including the UK and six newterritory launches led by Spain's $4.7m (Euro 3.6m).Otherlaunches came in Sweden, Denmark and Taiwan (all $0.4m), Israel ($0.3m) andCroatia ($43,000). The UK has given the film a phenomenal $29.2m ...
  • Fockers maintains international box office lead


    MeetThe Fockers easily retained the international box officelead at the weekend, thanks to strong holdovers including the UK and six newterritory launches led by Spain's $4.7m (Euro 3.6m).Otherlaunches came in Sweden, Denmark and Taiwan (all $0.4m), Israel ($0.3m) andCroatia ($43,000). The UK has given the film a phenomenal $29.2m ...
  • Momentum celebrates biggest UK opening


    Jumping the gun on theupcoming schools half-term holiday, UK independent distributor MomentumPictures has bred a champion with family pick-up Racing Stripes.
  • UK/IRELAND 18 January


  • Int'l Box Office: Alexander conquers Europe


    Oliver Stone needn't haveworried about the US critical reaction to Alexander having an adverseeffect on European box office. Opening in key European territories includingSpain, France and the UK this week Alexander flew in the face ofcritical reaction to lead the international table with a powerful $18.7mweekend.
  • Polish cinema admissions soar by 40%


    Poland has recorded aphenomenal box office increase of 43% during 2004 - from $103.4m (Zlotys324.3m) in 2003 to $148m (Zlotys 464.2m) last year.
  • UK/IRELAND 11 January


    Mirroringits strong openings in Canada and the US, Entertainment Film Distributorslaunched supernatural thriller White Noise into the lead at the UK boxoffice.Grossingan excellent $3.3m (£1.8m) from 314 sites the Canadian-British co-productioneasily beat the wide release of Martin Scorsese's The Aviator ...
  • Leigh's Vera Drake scores for Momentum in UK


    Vera Drake has given MikeLeigh his biggest UK opening to date through distributor Momentum Pictures.Thecritically-lauded drama, which is favourite to win the best actress BAFTA nextmonth for Imelda Staunton, opened on $496,850 (£266,010) from 65 screens for astrong $7,645 location average.Other ...
  • UK box office hits record high in 2004


    The UK box office in 2004 was the highest on record,according to final figures compiled by Nielsen EDI.
  • Twenty one films cross $100m mark at international box office


    Twentyone films crossed the $100m mark at the international box office in 2004,according to Screen International research.TwoWarner Bros titles, Ocean's Twelve and The Polar Express passedthe $100m mark in international markets over the New Year's weekend.Thefigures ...
  • Spotless Mind shines in BAFTA shortlist


    Fifteenfilms have been selected to go through to BAFTA's second round of voting forthe best film category - including four British pictures and threeforeign-language titles.
  • Incredibles regains international chart lead


    A dearth of wideinternational launches meant that holdovers were left to do battle over the NewYear weekend. BVI's TheIncredibles regained the chart lead over the final weekend of the 2004 boxoffice year (Dec 31-Jan 2) and is fast approaching the $300m mark.It ...
  • Turkey in good spirits heading into Christmas


    Agreat year for local product in Turkey in 2004 was capped by comedy smash G.O.R.A.which now ranks as the highest grossing film of the last 20 years in theterritory having grossed $17.4m (TKL 24.5bn).Fiveof the year's top six releases were local productions with only Troy, inthird place, preventing a clean sweep. It proved ...
  • Oceans Twelve marches to top of int'l chart


    Ocean'sTwelve opened inanother 22 territories in its second week on international release, helping itsteal pole position from The Incredibles.StevenSoderbergh's film is now playing in 27 territories and claimed number ones inmost new territories for a $28.9m weekend. The original film grossed $267.3mfrom international markets, 59% of the worldwide total.Anexception to the Ocean's Twelve number ...
  • Shrek 2 rolls into Italy for box office top spot


    Shrek2 made itsinternational debut way back in May and this weekend saw the year's topgrossing film back on form as it opened in its final territory - Italy.DreamWorks Animation's smash hit sequel, handledinternationally by UIP except in Hong Kong and South Korea, grossed $4.1m (Euro3.1m) in Italy over the weekend (Dec 17-19) for the top spot.Theopening was not as strong as that of The Incredibles four ...
  • INTERNATIONAL 16 December


  • Once more with Passion


    Christ will rise again inthe UK at Easter next year. UK distributor Icon Film Distribution has announcedthat Mel Gibson's 18-certificate blockbuster film, The Passion Of The Christ,will receive a theatrical re-release in the UK on March 25 (Good Friday), 2005.
  • Incredibles rules international box office chart


    TheIncredibles is looking unstoppable at the top of theinternational chart with its latest weekend gross nearly double that of thesecond placed title.Lastweekend saw a number one debut in Germany gross $5.7m (Euro 4.3m) from 751,000admissions adding to holdover territories and taking the animated film past$150m internationally.
  • UK/IRELAND 14 December


  • UIP promotes Spielberg's War around the world


  • UIP promotes Spielberg's War around the world


    Few films come with as big names or expectations as nextsummer's The War Of The Worlds.
  • Incredibles, Bridget cross $100m international mark


    The Incredibles and Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason joinedthe ranks of $100m international grossers last weekend, making them the 16th and 17th films topass the mark in 2004.
  • Odeon unveils Phantom Eurostar deal


    The UK's Odeon Cinemas, the territory's biggestexhibitor, is partnering with train operator Eurostar to offer audiences forthe film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom Of The Opera a chance toget two-for-one rail tickets to Paris where the musical is set.FromDec 10, when the film debuts across the UK, anyone purchasing two tickets forthe film at an Odeon cinema will receive a Eurostar ...
  • Incredibles shoots to top of international chart


    The Incredibles shot to the top of the international table with astunning $44.3m gross last weekend on the back of openings in 10 territoriesincluding France, Italy and Spain, as well as a nationwide release in the UKfollowing a single-week London platform. The film took top positions in mostterritories for Buena Vista International (BVI).
  • INTERNATIONAL 1 December


  • Bridget continues reign as Castle dominates Japan


    Animation legend HayaoMiyazaki's latest film, Howl's Moving Castle, broke all records for aJapanese film in Japan last weekend selling 1.1m tickets and leapt straightinto second place on the international chart. Miyazaki's previous film, theOscar-winning Spirited Away, grossed $265m internationally and remainsthe highest grossing Japanese film of all time and the only film ever to grossover $200m from a single international territory.
  • UK/IRELAND 23 November


  • Fox wraps up Robots European Roadshow


    20th Century Fox has just concluded its 'EuropeanRobots Roadshow' to promote and showcase Chris Wedge's early 2005computer animated title Robots.
  • Bridget Jones catapults to top of international box office


    Havingalready enjoyed a week on the chart through previews alone Bridget Jonessequel The Edge Of Reason topped the international chart in its officialopening week with ease.Arecord opening for the UK's Working Title in its home territory ($13.2m excludingpreviews) was complimented by number one launches in all of the romanticcomedy's ...
  • INTERNATIONAL 17 November


  • UIP on top as Shark Tale, 7 Dwarfs lead pack


    Itproved another great weekend for UIP at the international box office as thecompany's animated hit, Shark Tale, held the top spot narrowly ahead ofGerman comedy smash 7 Dwarfs, a UIP pick-up.Thedistributor also claimed the highest new entry for the week from a filmtechnically yet to open anywhere in the world. Bridget Jones: The Edge OfReason played two full days of previews in the UK taking $4.7m, enough toplace it ...
  • UK/IRELAND 9 November


  • German comedy tops international box office chart


    For the first time since its launch in April, Screen'sexclusive international box office chart is headed by a non-US producedfilm.Germancomedy 7 Dwarfs topped the chart, led by its $11.7m (Euro 9.2m) openingon its home turf. It also receivednumber ones in Austria and Switzerland.Itwas the third highest ...
  • Shark Tale passes $100m internationally


    Having already celebrated becoming the first studio toproduce two $100m animated hits in a single year in North America, DreamWorksAnimation can cheer again this week as SharkTale passed $100m internationally.
  • INTERNATIONAL 28 October


  • Int'l Box Office: Fahrenheit 9/11 passes $100m


    Albeit off thechart, Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11became the first documentary to achieve $100m from international markets duringlast week. The film added $392,745 over the weekend with Japan and recentlaunch territory Hong Kong currently providing the highest numbers. The filmhas taken $100.8m and may get some boost still from next week's US Presidentialelection.
  • UK/IRELAND 26 October


  • INTERNATIONAL 21 October


  • Shark Tale maintains international lead


    Thetop two international titles eased passed $50m this weekend as Shark Taleheld the lead and Collateral climbed back to fourth following a host ofnumber one launches for both films.DreamWorks Animation's latest hit opened in multipleEuropean territories spearheaded by number one positions in the UK ($13.6mincluding previews, $9.1m without), France ($4.2m) and Germany ($3.5m).
  • Shark Tale makes a splash at int'l box office


    Collateral's reignat the top of the international chart may have been short-lived but neither UIPnor DreamWorks will be too concerned as it was succeeded this week byDreamWork's latest animated hit SharkTale.
  • UK/IRELAND 12 October




    Thefive week reign of BVI's The Village over the international chart endedthis week as UIP's Tom Cruise starrer Collateral moved to the head ofthe pack.Aseries of new number one bows in Europe, including France, Belgium, TheNetherlands and Poland boosted Collateral into the lead. Collateral launchedinternationally ...
  • Collateral damages Village reign


    Thefive week reign of BVI's The Village over the international chart endedthis week as UIP's Tom Cruise starrer Collateral moved to the head ofthe pack.Aseries of new number one bows in Europe, including France, Belgium, TheNetherlands and Poland boosted Collateral into the lead. Collateral launchedinternationally ...
  • UK/IRELAND 5 October


  • Shark Tale creates a splash on worldwide debut


    DreamWorks Animation's Shark Tale got off to a strong start at the weekend as it divedinto the international marketplace with openings in Australia and New Zealandthrough UIP.
  • Spider-Man 2 eyes $400m international gross


    A number one launch in Italy,its final major territory, saw Spider-Man 2 spinning back into theinternational top 30 to take third position. The strong launch brings thesequel's international cumulative gross to $391m and it looks assured ofpassing the $400m in the next week.
  • UK/IRELAND 14 September


  • Spain laps up Amenabar's Sea


    Alejandro Amenabar'sacclaimed The Sea Inside (Mar Adentro) got off to a superb internationalstart in the director's home-territory, Spain, at the weekend.
  • BVI masterminds King Arthur comeback


    Itwas a great week for Buena Vista International (BVI) at the international boxoffice last weekend as King Arthur and The Village claimed thetop two positions.Sixweeks after its international debut King Arthur took the international boxoffice crown boosted by a handful of new openings - led by a number one debutin Germany with $3.1m (Euro 2.5m).Weeksof ...
  • UK/IRELAND 24 August


  • Local titles fend off Hollywood fare


    Despite a great performance from The Bourne Supremacy the highest screen average for the week wasagain reserved for a local film playing in South Korea. Fighter In The Wind (Paramui Paito) placed thirteenth. The film isbased on a comic book based on the life of legendary Korean martial artist ChoiBae-dal during the Japanese occupation of Korea in the 1930s. Yang Dong-guenstars as Choi in director Yang Yun-ho's film.
  • Horror rocks Korean box office


    The top eight positions may have remained unchanged fromlast week but there was still plenty going on in the international market. I, Robot cemented its lead with a hostof massive openings led by the UK, Germany and Russia that saw its weekendearnings nearly three times its nearest rival.
  • Local title is hot in Chile


    In a summer marked by local box office successes across ahost of international territories, Latin American country Chile has not beenleft out.


  • UK/IRELAND 10 August


  • SWITZERLAND 6 August


  • International box office has a new champion


    As predicted by ScreenDaily.comlast week a new international chart champion was crowned this week.


  • UK/IRELAND 3 August


  • Sci-fi spoof shakes up international rankings


    Stellar openings in three territories saw sci-fi spoof comedy (T)RaumschiffSurprise - Periode 1 gain second place on the international chart - thehighest placing a non-Hollywood film has achieved since Screen Internationallaunched its exclusive international chart at the end of March this year.


  • UK/IRELAND 28 July


  • Spider-Man 2 finally dethrones Shrek 2


    The Asian marketplace onceagain showed its strength this week while the Hollywood blockbuster sequelscontinued to battle for pole position.
  • UK/IRELAND 21 July


    Spider-Man2 easily claimed the lead at the UK box office taking$13.5m (£7.2m) over the Fri-Sunday weekend, a 22% improvement on the original2002 film's first three-day take.Thesequel benefited from a PG certificate compared to its predecessor's 12 certificate.Theholdovers ...
  • Strong showing for UK box office in first half of 2004


    The first six months of theatricalbusiness in the UK saw a 5% rise year-on-year thanks largely to a stellarperformance in June. Box office revenues compiled by Nielsen EDI showUK/Ireland figures stood at $728.5m (£393.02m) as of July 1, up from $691.8m (£373.2m)for the same period last year.
  • Surging Korean industry powers into int'l chart


    The strength of the South Korean market is well reflected in this week'sinternational box office chart.
  • UK/IRELAND 14 July


  • Fahrenheit fires up European box office


    Michael Moore's Fahrenheit9/11 received a mighty international debut this weekend in Europe.
  • Shrek 2 crosses $250m international mark


    Shrek 2 added approximately $50.5m this weekend, despiteadding only one new territory, to pass the $250m international mark.A week of stellar holdovers saw thefilm take $49.1m from UIP territories over the weekend. UIP also opened theanimated hit in the Czech Republic where it grossed $354,795 from 26 screens.
  • UPI president calls for DVD discipline


    "The DVD successstory is really just beginning, but we are goingto have to be very intelligent about how we manage this story," said PeteSmith, president of Universal Pictures International, giving the keynoteaddress at Screen International's DVD: The Home Cinema Summit in Londonyesterday (July 8).Smith's speech, TheFuture Of ...
  • SPAIN 7 July


  • Shrek 2 sparkles in UK


    Shrek 2 added $76.7mto its international gross last weekend headed by record-breaking performancesin the UK and Spain.
  • Potter, Shrek 2 continue international reign


    Family titles Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban and Shrek 2 continued to reign internationally this week.
  • UK/IRELAND 30 June


  • Mighty weekend for Shrek 2


    Shrek 2 saw anothermighty weekend for UIP as it rolled out in five new territories claiming numberone positions and records as it went.
  • Shrek 2 has powerful B.O.


    Shrek 2 canalready proclaim itself the biggest film of the year and biggest animated filmof all time in North America ($379m). However, the original 2001 film performedbetter in North America than internationally, a rarity for animated hits - andsomething which may not be repeated by the sequel.
  • Potter magic still keeping Shrek 2 at bay


    While Shrek 2 hit araft of new territories last weekend, claiming records for best animatedopening ever in most (see, June 23) including Mexico,Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, it is not yet on enough screens or in enoughterritories to topple Harry Potter.
  • Tomorrow, Troy feast at international box office


    It was no surprise that 20th CenturyFox's The Day After Tomorrow swept across the box office landscape thisweekend as it saw the biggest ever simultaneous release for a non-sequel.


  • Potter smashes UK opening record


    Harry Potter And ThePrisoner Of Azkaban has smashed opening day records in the UK.
  • Troy, Van Helsing await Tomorrow's deluge


    Despite a slew of new entries no impact was made against the one-twointernational punch of Troy and Van Helsing this week.


  • Kill Bill Vol 2 holds on to international lead


    Despitemassive drop offs in some territories (including Australia (63%), Germany(61%), Sweden (57%)) Kill Bill Vol. 2 held up well in its second weekendat the international box office. The film added seven more territories to the20 it launched on a week before and saw a 40% slip overall.


  • Bill is international Passion killer


    The eightweek reign of The Passion Of The Christ ended this week as theinternational marketplace bowed to Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol. 2.
  • Passion faces up to post-Easter decline


    Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ retained its lead over the international chart for the post-Easter weekend, largely because it played so wide across the international marketplace
  • BELGIUM 21 April


    Warner Bros' Taking Lives swiped the lead spot from The Passion Of The Christ just one week after Mel Gibson's international hit launched. The psychological thriller, which sees Angelina Jolie as an FBI agent called in to aid Montreal police track down a serial killer, claimed pole position opening on 43 screens.
  • UK/IRELAND 21 April


    New releases had little impact on the UK/Ireland chart this week as the top three remained unchanged from last week.
  • Momentum celebrates as Translation crosses£10m mark in UK


    Independent UK distributor Momentum Pictures had cause to celebrate this weekend as its long-running hit Lost In Translation became the company's first sterling eight figure earner.
  • Two Brothers earns box office stripes


    While The Passion Of The Christ continued to lead the international box office over the Easter weekend (and crossed the $150m mark), it was Pathe's Two Brothers that really impressed.
  • Passion passes $100m from 44 international markets


    Current global box office king The Passion Of The Christ held onto the top international position last weekend as its international cumulative passed the $100m mark.


    Having struggled to find an audience in many territories Robert Benton's drama The Human Stain has proved particularly popular in Turkey.


    Turkey, the latest territory addition to's World Box Office service, boasts two local productions in its current top 10.
  • Passion tops UK, thanks to extra previews


    Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ launched in the UK this weekend to see churches block-booking screenings and offering tickets to interested parties for free in some areas of the country.


    It was a complicated picture this weekend for the UK and Ireland chart as three films vied for the lead while BVI saw vastly different receptions for two new releases.


    Three new films impressed in the UK this week while three more were left out in the cold. It was little surprise after it opened top in the Republic of Ireland and took $2.6m (£1.4m) in UK nationwide previews last weekend that Starsky & Hutch would top the table this week. Opening wide at 450 locations BVI's comedic remake of the cult '70s cop show boasted a stunning site average of more than $11,000.
  • UK exhibitors talk up prospects for 2004 box office


    A marked optimism for cinema's prospects in 2004 wasevident among UK exhibitors and distributors who attended last week's 7thNational UK Cinema Industry Conference in London (March 18).


    While the UK chart saw a new leader in Columbia TriStar's Mona Lisa Smile this week and surprisingly strong support from second-placed UIP romantic drama Honey, it was limited releases that held most sway.
  • River swells on back of Oscar glory




    While UIP's romantic comedy Along Came Polly held onto the top spot in its second week with a respectable 30% slip from its launch it was Icon's drama 21 Grams that proved the real triumph in the UK last weekend.


    French comedy Ruby & Quentin (Tais Toi) saw a strong bow at sixth place in the Czech Republic last weekend. The film, which stars Jeno Reno and Gerard Depardieu, sold over 3,500 tickets more than US title The Rundown despite playing on five less screens. It also demolished Richard Linklater's School Of Rock, which finished a dismal 13th on its opening weekend.


    While local hit Nigdy W Zyciu continued to dominate the Polish chart in its third week local distributor SPI Poland were pleased with their second week figures for Sofia Coppola's Oscar-winning Lost In Translation, which slipped just 3% from its launch weekend.


    UIP's Along Came Polly saw a stunning launch in the UK and Ireland last weekend slipping easily into first place with a $4.2m gross.
  • Potato Men digs its way out of critical mauling


    Despite some of the most negative reviews ever experienced by a film in the UK, Entertainment Film Distributor's comedy Sex Lives Of The Potato Men escaped a complete mauling at the box office over the weekend.


    The second (and final) weekend of the February school half-term holiday inevitably proved a boost for children's and family fare. The Haunted Mansion slipped just 7% from its opening weekend, while excluding previews. Cheaper By The Dozen (23%), Looney Tunes: Back In Action (57%) and Tooth (81%) all saw rises week-on-week against their launches.


    A slew of new openers bombarded the Belgian box office this week but neither diverse US fare including Brother Bear, 21 Grams and Jeepers Creepers 2 nor big-budget French western actionner Blueberry could match the might of Belga's Podium.


    The February half-term school holiday is a key date in the UK calendar and last weekend saw four children's titles launch in time for the lucrative session.


    Little seen thriller No Good Deed (aka The House On Turk Street) has found a surprise audience in Bulgaria.


    While only placing 17th in the UK/Ireland chart Gus Van Sant's 2003 Cannes Palme D'Or winner Elephant drew a heavyweight screen average during its strong bow in the territory last weekend.


    Algerian-born French director Alain Chabat scored another hit in Belgium last weekend with French comedy RRRrrrr!!!


    Despite only playing its third weekend in Bulgaria The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King has already lost its box office crown.

    29-Jan-2004's latest territory chart addition, Czech Republic, enjoyed strong local input last weekend as two new home-made comedies claimed the second and third chart positions behind Return Of The King - in its second week in the territory.


    The UK finally saw a new box office champion last weekend as Scary Movie 3 ended the five week reign of The Return Of The King.


    The UK truly came down with Scarlett fever this week. Not only did Monday morning BAFTA nomination announcements reveal that actress Scarlett Johansson had secured two of the five nominations in the best actress category but the two films she was nominated for were doing stellar UK business over the weekend.


    The UK saw a strong start to 2004, despite a lack of new openers willing to go up against Return Of The King, with results for the first weekend of the year up 17% against the first weekend of 2003.
  • King cashes in at European box office


    Early estimates for key European territories on New Line Cinema's The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King show the expected rise against the previous instalment has been borne out.


    After a strong first three quarters of the year for local films (when Dutch films boasted a 13% market share on the way to a projected 14.5%), recent months have seen a series lacklustre performances from local titles such as Grimm and Kees De Jongen.


    Dutch director Alex van Warmerdam's Grimm may have proved slightly too dark a comedy for local audiences this weekend but its 16 print release was enough to see it lay a trail of breadcrumbs to tenth place on the Netherlands' chart.
  • UK on course for 2003 admissions slump


    The UK could see its first fall in admissions since 1998 this year, with latest figures suggesting that upcoming releases may be too little too late to claw the territory past last year's record box office results and 30-year admissions high.


    With two major wide releases following West End platforms and five new entries in the top 25 it was no great surprise that weekend takings jumped 13% week-on-week in the UK and Ireland last weekend. However, total box office was still 6% down on the same weekend last year when Die Another Day and Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets were riding high.


    While the Belgian chart was dominated by new openers Finding Nemo and Master And Commander another, less internationally well received, opener made an impression further down the chart.


    Life at sea proved attractive in the Netherlands last weekend as hit animated film Finding Nemo and seafaring adventure Master And Commander all but drowned local family title Kees De Jongen.


    Local hit The Alzheimer Case (De Zaak Alzheimer) reclaimed the lead in Belgium from two-week usurper The Matrix Revolutions last weekend after a paltry 4% week-on-week slip in its sixth weekend.


    Dutch family title Pipo And The P-P-Pearl Knight (Pipo En De P-P-Parelridder) looks unlikely to follow in the successful footsteps of this year's The Skippers Of The Kameleon.


    While the box office was dominated by UIP's romantic comedy Love Actually last weekend - which claimed $11.3m (£6.6m), including previews of $1.7m (£1m), from 775 prints at 477 sites - two others prepared for an onslaught to claim the lead this weekend.
  • Love Actually storms UK box office


    Richard Curtis' directorial debut Love Actually took the UK by storm this weekend, opening at number one and grossing a massive $11.34m (£6.7m) from 477 locations.
  • Universal looks to spread Love around Europe


    Universal will be looking to spread Love Actually around major European territories this weekend, in a bid to repeat the film's excellent $2.2m number one launch in Italy last weekend.


    Roger Michell's British drama The Mother saw a good start in the UK this week, which saw few openers in the wake of last weekend's Matrix release.


    Jim Sheridan's In America held up well against the onslaught of Warner Bros' The Matrix Revolutions thanks to an increased presence in the UK and sustained strength in the Republic of Ireland.


    With the onslaught of Warner Bros The Matrix Revolutions helping Dutch box office to a 52% rise week-on-week it was local drama Cloaca that held up best.
  • The Matrix Revolutions - Day 2


    With official first day figures in and second day figures starting to be reported The Matrix Revolutions looks set to follow previous instalment Reloaded with international earnings out performing domestic revenues.
  • Matrix Revolutions gets off to storming start


    The global day-and-date release of The Matrix Revolutions got off to a storming start yesterday (Nov 5), according to unofficial early estimates compiled by


    Landing at fifth place in the chart for the German-speaking region of Switzerland, German title The Miracle Of Bern saw a strong launch in the territory.


    Landing at fifth place in the chart for the German-speaking region of Switzerland, German title The Miracle Of Bern saw a strong launch in the territory.


    The Halloween weekend was ably represented in the UK last weekend when the remake of 1974 horror classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre launched into second position with $2.3m (£1.4m).


    Several French-region launches caught attention in Switzerland last weekend. It was little surprise that these were led by French language action comedy Tais-Toi which, with $148,085 (SFR 193,695) taken from 16 screens over the four-day weekend, was the number one film in the French-speaking region. Tais-Toi is released in the German region on Jan 29, 2004.




    Despite being listed in a recent UK poll of the top 100 books of all time, the film adaptation of Louis Sachar's best selling children's title Holes made little impact on the UK/Ireland box office.


    Eight new openers in the marketplace could not prevent local hit The Alzheimer Case from claiming its rightful place at the top of the Belgian box office chart last weekend.
  • UK box office edges close to record year in 2003


    Despite a slow start to the year, the UK could once again see its annual box office record broken in 2003.


    Focus Features opened Sylvia, a biopic about the troubled poet and suicide Sylvia Plath, in 45th place last weekend on $57,819. Christine Jeffs' film stars Gwyneth Paltrow and averaged $19,647 from three venues - by far the biggest of the top 60.


    Irish co-production Song For A Raggy Boy got off to an excellent start in Ireland at the weekend. The $147,000 (Euros 126,512/ £88,324) opening weekend was enough to get the drama 11th place in the UK/Ireland chart despite playing on just 36 prints in the Republic Of Ireland.


    Local title The Alzheimer Case (De Zaak Alzheimer) saw a massive response in Belgium over its five-day opening for Kinepolis Film Distribution/RCV.


    While Edko Films' Korean title The Classic continues to hold a top ten position in Hong Kong after 10 weeks on release and a cumulative gross of $686,689 (HK$5.4m), a new Korean title performed less well upon opening last week.
  • UK Spellbound by new releases


    The UK saw a quartet of hugely successful openings this week from an eclectic mix of titles. A low budget horror; a documentary about a highly competitive US spelling competition; a computer animated fish tale; and a rip-roaring rampage of revenge sought out audiences in different sectors of the market and helped the UK/Ireland box office to a 37% rise over the same weekend last year (when UIP opened Red Dragon).
  • Kill Bill smashes house record in London...


  • BVI enjoys bumper UK weekend...


    BVI enjoyed a stellar weekend in the UK this week with seven films in the top 15, Kill Bill, Volume 1 setting records at the UCI Empire Leicester Square (see separate story) and animated hit Finding Nemo crushing all competition to lead the box office with a $12.3m (£7.4m) opening.


    The Netherlands saw a dramatically different reception for two local releases last weekend. A-Film Distribution scored a hit with second placed Phileine Says Sorry which grossed $547,334 (Euros 463,592), including previews of $120,472 (Euros 102,040), over the four-day weekend.


    Redbus Film Distribution scored its biggest opening since April 2002's Bend It Like Beckham last weekend when it launched Eli Roth's Cabin Fever.




    Media Asia Films' local prequel Infernal Affairs II is riding high in Hong Kong. At the end of its first full week on release (it opened on Oct 1 to play one day the previous week) it had taken $1.5m and $2.2m over the eight days since its debut.


    French romantic comedy Je Reste! cycled to success on a small eight screen release in Belgium last weekend. The film claimed $37,042 (Euros 31,856) for a strong $4,630 average for Alternative Films - which was the best screen average for any opener this week and the third best of the weekend behind chart leaders American Pie: The Wedding and The Italian Job.
  • Bugs! swarms over UK Imax theatres


  • Bad Boys II has explosive UK launch


    Columbia TriStar's explosive blockbuster Bad Boys II crashed onto UK screens last weekend to hijack the top spot with an impressive $5.3m (£3.2m) from 383 sites. This included $700,338 (£420,203) of previews from 350 sites on Thursday Oct 2.
  • UK proves perfect platform for Finding Nemo


    In an exclusive digital presentation at just two cinemas in the UK, Buena Vista International's (BVI) Finding Nemo has platformed to stunning figures in the territory.


    Stephen Fry's directorial debut Bright Young Things met with a mixed reception from critics in the UK - but its box office launch reflected the faith distributor Icon Film Distribution put in the film.
  • foreign language hits benefit from French exposure


    This year's two leading foreign-language releases at the international box office are both enjoying a major boost in France - where local films have been suffering of late.


    It was family fare versus slasher horror at The Netherlands box office last weekend as BVI's Freaky Friday squared off against RCV's Freddy Vs Jason.


    Record-breaking Swiss comedy Ready, Steady, Charlie! proved unstoppable in the German region of the country in its second week. The film actually rose 14% from its launch weekend, when it became the biggest local opener of all time, after adding six more screens to its run. Charlie has taken $2m (SFR 2.6m) after just 11 days on release.


    Warner Bros' release of British thriller Young Adam saw a good turnout last weekend when it claimed the eighth spot in the UK/Ireland chart from 133 locations. It was an ambitious gamble for the distributor, which financed David Mackenzie's adaptation of Alexander Trocchi's novel, which appears to have paid off.


    Independent distributor Upstream saw a strong turn out for Aki Kaurismaki's The Man Without A Past when it opened on a mere 13 screens.
  • Calendar Girls back on top


    A host of new releases disappointed this week in the UK and Ireland leaving BVI's Calendar Girls unchallenged and able to sweep back to the top of the chart.


    Francois Ozon's thriller Swimming Pool proved another hit in The Netherlands for independent distributor Cinemien.


    Mike Eschmann's teen-comedy Ready, Steady, Charlie! (Achtung, Fertig, Charlie!) became the all-time biggest local opener in Switzerland when it took the lead on an unprecedented 49 prints in the German region of the country attracting over 70,000 admissions after a large wide-spread marketing and media blitz.
  • Lenin! eyes landmark box office haul


    Wolfgang Becker's Good Bye, Lenin! - which was named as Germany's contender for the Oscar foreign language section this week - continues to prove an international box office sensation as it nears the $50m international cumulative mark.


    German blockbuster Good Bye, Lenin! and local co-production Labyrinths (Dedales) scored strong openings this week in France.
  • Calendar Girls' first date with UK is strong, but not spectacular


    This weekend saw a new champion at the top of the UK/Ireland chart. Buena Vista International's Calendar Girls dethroned stablemate Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl to take the lead with $2.8m (£1.76m).


    Buena Vista International scored a hit in the German region of Switzerland this weekend with its release of UK film Calendar Girls. The first territory outside the UK to receive the film (on the same weekend it went wide at home) Switzerland proved a good start for the comedy which placed third behind Hollywood blockbusters Pirates Of The Caribbean and American Pie: The Wedding.


    Optimum Releasing saw a strong debut for its Oscar-winning Japanese animated feature Spirited Away this weekend. Hayao Miyazaki's blockbuster fantasy opened in 13th place in the UK/Ireland top 20 with a good $4,800 (£2,990) average.
  • Scott prepares to embark on Crusades epic


  • Calendar Girls date with Odeon pays off


    Buena Vista International's Calendar Girls has put in a highly impressive performance since it opened last Wednesday (Sep 3) for an exclusive run at London's Odeon Leicester Square.


    Stephen Frears' critically acclaimed Dirty Pretty Things performed particularly well in the Belgian capital of Brussels over its five-day launch. The drama, which stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Audrey Tautou and Sergi Lopez, placed sixth in the capital city with a $15,914 (Euro 14,434).


    Buena Vista International's Calendar Girls saw a stunning platform debut at the weekend in an exclusive run at London's Odeon Leicester Square. The cinema boasts the biggest auditorium in the country, able to seat nearly 2,000 people, and brought in $117,512 (£74,150) since the film's launch on Wednesday September 3. Calendar Girls goes wide on 500 prints next weekend.


    Distributor X-Verleih scored another local comedy hit this weekend with Learning To Lie (Liegen Lernen). Hendrik Handloegten's film, which tells the story of a West German man between 1982 and 1998 and his inability to forget his first love, sold 88,016 tickets over the weekend for third place and the second highest screen average of the week.


    David Mackenzie's acclaimed beat adaptation Young Adam received its world box office debut this week in The Netherlands.


    BVI's animated hit Finding Nemo spent its second week at the top of the New Zealand chart this week despite only opening on Sep 4. The Pixar film managed to take the top spot the previous weekend (Aug 28-31) off previews alone. This week's official launch saw it gross more over the weekend than the rest of the top 20 put together.


    With Pirates Of The Caribbean retaining the lead for a third consecutive weekend the new releases were left to fight it out further down the Belgian chart. Bruce Willis title Tears Of The Sun led the way taking second place and an impressive $8,135 average for Columbia TriStar.


    With cold, wet weather arriving at the weekend in Switzerland box office was up 61.7% in the territory, thanks to a massive 99% week-on-week rise in the German-speaking region of the country.


    Limited releases were the toast of the UK/Ireland box office this week with releases in London's West End and the Republic Of Ireland scoring the best averages of the weekend.


    Lars Von Trier's Dogville impressed in The Netherlands over the weekend claiming the second highest screen average, behind chart leader Pirates Of The Caribbean. The drama played on just 15 prints for A-Film Distribution, the country's biggest independent distributor.




    Francois Ozon's Swimming Pool made a splash in the UK this week. A strong average of over $5,000 per location saw the director give its distributor UGC Films another hit following last year's 8 Women.
  • American Pie: The Wedding takes large slice of UK box office


    The UK and Ireland embraced UIP's American Pie: The Wedding this weekend as the comedy marched up the aisle into pole position.


    A return of the high summer temperatures affected a lot of films in the UK this weekend, but Columbia TriStar's Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines rode the heatwave with a massive $9.8m (£6.1m) gross from 478 sites playing 762 prints.
  • BVI's Pirates strikes gold in the UK


    Buena Vista International enjoyed its second highest opening of the year, after Bruce Almighty, in the UK and Ireland this weekend as Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl sailed into the lead position.
  • Heatwave melts UK box office takings


    The UK box office was hit over the weekend by a heatwave which saw the country record its hottest ever temperature on Sunday.
  • Oz marches to Wedding tune


    The third instalment in Universal's American Pie franchise had a stellar international launch in Australia through UIP this weekend.
  • Tomb Raider sequel sparkles on Euro debut


    Paramount's action sequel Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life received its European debut this weekend, launching in pole position in The Netherlands.
  • Arnie heats up the UK box office


    A return of the high summer temperatures affected a lot of films in the UK this weekend, but Columbia TriStar's Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines rode the heatwave with a massive $9.8m (£6.1m) gross from 478 sites playing 762 prints.
  • Tomb Raider 2 tops Hong Kong box office


    Paramount's Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life received a strong outing in its firstmajor international territory, Hong Kong, over the weekend.
  • France helps propel English box office haul


    Working Title's Johnny English continued to demonstrate Rowan Atkinson's audience-pulling power in Europe last week when it launched in France through Mars Distribution, it's final European territory.
  • UK says Hello! to Good Bye, Lenin!


    While the UK's top three films remained unchanged this weekend and children's films stormed cinemas, a German comedy was making waves on limited release.
  • Tomb Raider sequel enjoys robust Asian debut


    Paramount's sequel Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life may have seen disappointing results in North America over the weekend but it got off to a stronger start internationally.
  • London Imax release reloads Warners coffers


    The BFI London Imax is providing Warner Bros' summer blockbuster The Matrix Reloaded with an extra lease of life in a large screen format.
  • Limited releases and holdovers make The Hulk somewhat green


    Ang Lee's The Hulk topped the UK/Ireland chart this week but had a less spectacular opening than might have been hoped.
  • Italian Job gets to work in Italy


    With 2003's sequel-saturated summer showing that, in some cases, sequels are not proving as successful as hoped, another staple of production schedules, the remake, is witnessing a Hollywood-style makeover.
  • UK prepares for Hulk onslaught


    UK eyes will be on UIP's The Hulk this weekend after previews for the Ang Lee film were hit by soaring temperatures in the territory last weekend.
  • Limited releases keep their cool as temperature soars


  • Angels take UK lead thanks to previews


  • De Jong sails Kameleon to Dutch success


    Director Steven de Jong's new film, The Skippers Of The Kameleon (De Schippers Van De Kameleon) swept into Dutch cinemas last weekend with a $414,743 (Euros 362,900) opening gross.
  • Almighty opening gives Carrey career best UK launch


    Buena Vista International (BVI) celebrated its biggest opening of the year so far with a huge launch weekend for Jim Carrey comedy Bruce Almighty. The film claimed the third highest three-day opening of the year so far, behind Warner Bros' The Matrix Reloaded and 20th Century Fox's X2: X-Men United.
  • Sequel rolls out fast and furious across Europe


    UIP's 2 Fast 2 Furious screeched into 15 European territories over the weekend taking $19m from 2,282 venues.
  • 2 Fast, two French ride into UK cinemas


    Following four weeks under the reign of The Matrix Reloaded UK audiences finally elected a new box office champion this week with 2 Fast 2 Furious taking pole position. The fast-paced UIP action vehicle helped rev up the total box office for the UK/Ireland top 15 by 12% on the previous week.
  • My Little Eye opens in crowded markets


    UIP launched horror title My Little Eye into four European territories last weekend to varying success amongst crowded markets.
  • Chalte Chalte makes impression at UK's Bollywood box office


    Bollywood distributor Eros International enjoyed a substantial hit in the UK this weekend with Chalte Chalte.
  • UK box office 50% down despite 5 new films


    Despite dropping off over 50% each and facing competition from five new chart entries, UK top 15 leaders The Matrix Reloaded and Anger Management easily retained their one-two positions.
  • Columbia's Anger manages Sandler's biggest UK opening


    Teaming with Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson proved as beneficial in the UK as it did in the US for Adam Sandler as Anger Management scored the comedian's biggest UK release.
  • Beckham scores with $60m worldwide gross


    British hit BendIt Like Beckham has surpassed$60m in worldwide revenues with plenty more theatre time before the finalwhistle. Last weekend its North American gross surpassed its UK gross after 12weeks on release and it is still playing in the top ten.
  • Nowhere In Africa gets somewhere in America


    German Oscar winner Nowhere In Africa (Nirgendwo In Afrika) has become the highest grossing subtitled film in North America this year, overtaking City Of God (Cidade De Deus).
  • Buena Vista's comedy can't bring down The Matrix


    In a lacklustre weekend, affected by good weather, Buena Vista International's comedy release Bringing Down The House was unable to unseat Warner Bros' The Matrix Reloaded from its lead position.
  • Ozon's Swimming Pool has a splashy start


    Two of this year's high-profile Cannes competitors, Francois Ozon's Swimming Pool and Lars Von Trier's Dogville, may have come away lacking awards but both have shown they don't lack audiences as they launched in multiple French-speaking territories last weekend.
  • Matrix sequel reloads UK opening record


  • Secretary whips up Metro Tartan's biggest UK opening


    Despite six new entries taking up residence in the UK's top 15 chart this week nothing could come close to challenging 20th Century Fox's X2: X-Men United.
  • The Eye opens wide in Italy


    Italian distributor Eagle Pictures scored a superb release over the weekend (May 16-18) for its Hong Kong-Thailand co-produced pick up The Eye.
  • French Toast: Gallic hits show international strength


    Cedric Klapisch's comedy L'Auberge Espagnole managed a rare feat this week when it knocked Hollywood blockbuster X2: X-Men United off the top of a chart after just one week - in Poland.
  • Back to school: new releases can't touch X2


    Despite four new entries hitting the UK top ten this week none were able to come close to 20th Century Fox's X-Men sequel, X2. With a vast lead the comic-book title took $4.9m (£3.1m) in its second weekend, a 48% drop from its opening.
  • UK gives X2 its biggest international opening


    As X-Men fever swept the globe over the weekend, the UK was no exception to 20th Century Fox's mammoth success. Indeed X2: X-Men United's $11.3m (£7m) four-day opening from 449 UK sites gave the distributor its highest international opening for the film.
  • 3D Ghosts to get special screening


  • Cameron's 3D Ghosts to obtain special screening


  • Clooney's Confessions welcomed in Italy


    After a series of generally low-key limited releases George Clooney's directorial debut, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, received a boost to its international box office last weekend with a number one bow in Italy.


    Three major new openers in the UK were no challenge for homegrown hit Johnny English last weekend (April 25-27), which saw the comedy drop off a mere 10% to lead for a third consecutive week. The UIP distributed film claimed another $3.6m (£2.3m) over the three-day weekend and has already grossed $21.8m (£13.7m) in the UK after 17 days on release.
  • New releases give UK box office a welcome boost


    Working Title/UIP hit Johnny English held strong, dropping off just 26% in its second weekend, to retain the top spot against powerful competition from 20th Century Fox's Phone Booth and UIP's own How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.
  • UK box office lagging despite English boost


    The combination of Working Title hit Johnny English and Disney animated sequel The Jungle Book 2 may have helped the UK box office to a 50% week-on-week rise last weekend, but figures were still down for the comparative weekend in 2002.
  • Johnny English laughs its way to $20m opening weekend


    A wideday-and-date international launch for UIP/Working Title's Johnny
  • Local films help buck doward admissions trend


    With cinema attendance down in the three leading European territories for the first quarter of 2003 ( April 7) and figures showing that Belgium and Switzerland have followed suit, some of the smaller European territories are defiantly bucking the trend.
  • Nowhere In Africa scores somewhere in the UK


    Buena Vista International's The Recruit held strong at the top of the UK chart for a second week, seeing off three new challengers over the weekend.
  • Jungle Book sequel gets German boost


    Buena Vista International's belated sequel to 1967's animated classic The Jungle Book scored a strong launch in Germany last weekend to take that country's top chart position.
  • BVI recruits four top slots for CIA thriller


    Buena Vista International scored a strong weekend for its CIA thriller The Recruit over the weekend with number one openings recorded in four European territories. The UK, Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands all awarded the film, which stars Al Pacino and Colin Farrell, with a lead position.
  • CIA thriller recruits UK core audience


    Buena Vista International's CIA thriller The Recruit expanded from one to 381 sites in its second weekend on release in the UK and swept straight to the top of the chart with $1.4m (£920,472).
  • Lord Of The Rings beats Lord Of The Rings


    In the same week that Universal announced Peter Jackson would be directing a King Kong re-imagining for release in 2005, the second of the New Zealand director's epic The Lord Of The Rings trilogy surpassed the international cumulative gross of its predecessor.
  • Escapist viewing benefits from war fatigue


    While there appeared to be some evidence in the US that the war on Iraq affected box office figures last weekend, the effect in Europe seems more on viewing choices rather than numbers.
  • Just Married celebrates at the top over a slow weekend


    A lacklustre weekend at the UK box office saw new release Just Married take over the top spot from two week leader and fellow romantic comedy Maid In Manhattan.
  • Triple whammy as Gangs, Ring and 8 Mile pass the $100m mark


    Three films crossed the much sought after $100m international box office mark this week, led by Oscar contender Gangs Of New York.
  • Maid cleans up again, Gale blows into second place


    Columbia TriStar's hit romantic comedy Maid In Manhattan held strong in the UK this weekend to take the top spot for the second week running. The film kept a host of new releases at bay, including UIP's death row drama The Life Of David Gale which claimed second place.
  • The Ring packs them in across Europe


    Horror remake The Ring enjoyed a host of powerful openings across Europe last weekend grossing over $14m from the 21 international territories currently playing it.
  • The Ring remake lords it over the UK box office


    The UK/Ireland box office chart saw a new champion over the weekend as UIP's The Ring made a strong debut with $3.5m (£2.2m) from 396 sites - including previews of $478,046 (£300,213) from 311 locations.
  • Pearl & Dean launch charity initiative for 50th anniversary


    UK cinema advertising company Pearl & Dean, has announced a new charity initiative to celebrate its 50th Anniversary.
  • Rom-com holds off Daredevil in the UK


    Romantic comedy Two Weeks Notice proved the big winner in the UK over Valentine's Day weekend despite the launch of 20th Century Fox's potential blockbuster, Daredevil.
  • Red Dragon passes $100m international gross


    The third instalment in the Anthony Hopkins/Hannibal Lecter franchise, Red Dragon, has passed the $100m international box office mark after a strong debut last weekend in Japan.
  • Two Weeks Notice charms UK audiences


    Three major new openers stormed the UK box office this week, led by Warner Bros' romantic comedy Two Weeks Notice. The strong combination of the three debutantes, a host of other new titles and continued strength of holdovers, such as Catch Me If You Can, led the box office for the top 15 titles to a 10% jump on last week.
  • Catch Me If You Can runs up European revenues


  • Taxi 3 gets off to flying start


    The third instalment in French action-comedy franchise Taxi got off to a racing start in three European territories this weekend.
  • Catch Me flies into the UK


    UK audiences flocked to safe reliability and flirted with controversy amongst this week's openers as Catch Me If You Can landed the top spot and Irreversible played a solid limited launch.
  • Catch Me starts running in Europe


    Steven Spielberg's latest film Catch Me If You Can received a strong positive reception in Spain this week, where it started its European roll out ahead of a mass launch next weekend.
  • Schmidt points to flying start for Entertainment


    Having narrowly missed out on being the top performing UK distributor of 2002 to 20th Century Fox, Entertainment Film Distributors is off to a flying start in 2003.
  • 8 Mile dethrones The Lord Of The Rings


    The UK box office chart saw a new champion this weekend as UIP's 8 Mile knocked The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers from its four-week reign. Launching with a superb $7.2m (£4.4m) from 423 sites the Curtis Hanson film, which marks the feature debut of US rap star Eminem, scored a location average of $16,986 and easily claimed the top spot.
  • UK leads host of strong openings for 8 Mile


    A stunning $7.2m launch for 8 Mile in the UK and Ireland is the latest box office triumph for US rapper Eminem's acting debut.
  • Gangs Of New York storms the UK


    Entertainment Film Distributors enjoyed a mighty double-headed victory at the UK box office this week with The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers and new release Gangs Of New York in the top two positions.
  • Coming soon in 2003: a sense of deja vu


    Anyone who thinks that a sequel heavy 2002 will pave the way for a year full of original film-making in 2003 is very much mistaken. The likelihood is that 2003 will see more of the same - plus a deluge of comic-book adaptations.
  • Star Trek's 10th outing opens well but is no Nemesis for Rings


    The latest title in the Star Trek film franchise opened well in the UK over the first weekend of the new year, taking second place with $3.1m (£1.96m) - including $536,135 or previews.
  • Warner scores its biggest ever international year with $1.6bn in 2002...


  • The Two Towers continues record-breaking int'l run


    The records continued to fall to The Lord Of The Rings as the second week of The Two Towers theatrical run came to a close.
  • Chicago explodes on a single print


    Although The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers maintained incredible strength in its second week and many other films saw percentage rises from last week, the UK weekend truly belonged to Buena Vista International's Chicago.
  • Spielberg can't catch $200m Rings


    The heady box officecombination of director Steven Spielberg and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and TomHanks was not enough to topple The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towersfrom the top spot this weekend (Dec 27-29).
  • Spielberg can't catch Rings


  • Butch Cassidy director George Roy Hill dies at 81


    Oscar-winningdirector George Roy Hill has died at the age of 81.
  • Christmas crackers: DiCaprio can't catch Rings


    Christmas Day in North America saw a mighty battle shaping up for the weekendwith the launch of Steven Spielberg's Catch Me If You Can trying itsluck against New Line's The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers.
  • Rings rules but Kaante and Alabama show there's room for alternatives


    The UK was no exception to The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers box office take over this weekend, with the sequel taking $13.7m (£8.6m) over the three-day weekend and $20.9m (£13.1m) from its five-day launch.
  • Towering success: Lord Of The Rings sequel goes international


  • Two Towers runs Rings around competition


    Thesecond instalment of New Line's The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, TheTwo Towers, stormed to the top of the North American box office over thethree-day weekend (Dec 20-22) with an estimated $61.5m.
  • Dirty Pretty Things continues strong run of product for Buena Vista


    Buena Vista International scored with another strong limited release performer this week as Dirty Pretty Things grossed an impressive $225,541 (£141,865) from just 50 sites. The drama, from British director Stephen Frears, showed a strong per site average of $4,511, laying claim to seventh position in the chart.
  • The Santa Clause 2 spreads its reach


    The top three chart positions remained unchanged this week in the UK as The Santa Clause 2 took advantage of Harry Potter's 42% drop off, Pathe launched Brit-horror Deathwatch into fourth and Bond was neither shaken nor stirred from its hold on pole position.
  • James Bond: International hit man


    International distributor 20th Century Fox enjoyed another massive weekend for Die Another Day in its second week, taking an estimated $29m. The film's international cumulative score now stands at over $63m.
  • James Bond: international hit man


    Fox International's Die Another Day continued its record-breaking worldwide march over the weekend with a phenomenal $31.6m haul from 19 markets. After 13 days on release the twentieth James Bond instalment has grossed a powerful $65.4m internationally and $100.6m in the US for a $165.9m worldwide tally. In Germany it opened top of the charts with $8.9m from 871 theatres - beating 1995's GoldenEye for the best Bond bow ever in the territory and relegating Harry Potter ...
  • UK set for close-run race for 2002 distributor crown


    The UK box office looks set for a thrilling end-of-year race to establish the biggest-grossing distributor of 2002.
  • Bond regains control of the UK box office


  • Columbine bowls over international audiences


    The past two weeks have seen two box office behemoths unleashed into the international market. Two consecutive weekends of nearly $60m in international grosses have marked a huge start for Harry Potter sequel The Chamber Of Secrets and a $25m-plus debut last weekend marked a triumphant return for James Bond in Die Another Day.
  • Bond and Potter generate $22.5m weekend between them from 66% of the nation's screens


    The entry of James Bond title Die Another Day and the continued might of Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets at the UK box office this weekend caused a massive downturn in the fortunes of most other current releases.
  • Bond opens to record figures internationally


  • Bond stirs up box office on UK release


    The latest James Bond film Die Another Day has grossed a mighty $1.9m (£1.23m) on its first day of release in the UK.
  • Netherlands leads latest revival of local film industries


    For the first time in Dutch film history five local productions took up top 20 positions in the Netherlands box office chart at the weekend (Nov 14-17).
  • Potter's record opening has little impact on UK holdovers


    Despite the record-breaking openings recorded by both Warner Bros' Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets and Momentum Pictures' Bowling For Columbine (see separate Screendaily stories) the rest of the UK chart saw relatively small percentage drops from the previous week.
  • Bowling For Columbine strikes note in UK as BO record falls


    The second Harry Potter film was not the only new release breaking records in the UK over the weekend. Proving that there is a strong market for alternatives to studio blockbusters, Momentum Pictures' Bowling For Columbine launched on just 28 screens for a stellar $249,444 (£157,898).
  • Brit horror enjoys impressive international debut


    British horror title Deathwatch received a stunning international box office debut last weekend in Hong Kong.
  • Europe wakes up to Insomnia


  • Spread betting begins on winter blockbusters


    With high profile franchise instalments Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, James Bond's 20th official outing Die Another Day and The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers all released in the next five weeks much speculation surrounds their box office potential and how they might effect each other.
  • Potter-proof Rabbit leads art house success


    The spectre of Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets previews loomed large over the UK box office holdovers this weekend, however several of the previous week's openers, led by 28 Days Later, held up valiantly. Meanwhile Buena Vista International's Rabbit-Proof Fence led this week's openers in a strong week for the art house and limited release circuit.
  • Box-office records fall to Potter a week before launch


    The second instalment in Warner Bros Harry Potter franchise, The Chamber Of Secrets, got off to a magical start at the UK box office this weekend, despite not officially opening until Nov 15.
  • Boyle-ing hot: Fox's 28 Days Later triumphs in the UK


    British director Danny Boyle's latest film, horror title 28 Days Later, swept to the top of the UK box office with the speed of the film's fictitious virus. The film grossed a mighty $2.35m (£1.5m) from its 318 sites for a powerful average of $7,382 per location. These figures include preview figures on Thursday (Halloween) of $281,379 (£179,801) from 265 sites.
  • Marketing campaign raises awareness of 28 Days Later


    A savvy marketing campaign came up trumps in the UK this week as 20th Century Fox launched British director Danny Boyle's latest film 28 Days Later. The horror title defeated all comers in the country including Hollywood heavyweights XXX and Lilo & Stitch and fellow wide openers Changing Lanes and Mr Deeds.
  • The Magdalene Sisters make an impact in Ireland


    Peter Mullan's critically acclaimed feature The Magdalene Sisters saw a mighty opening in the country where it is set, Ireland, last week for distributor Momentum Pictures.
  • Red Dragon scares up international box office revenues


    UIP's Red Dragon launched in 10 new territories over the weekend taking $7.1m - towards its total weekend gross of $8.9m from its current 17 markets.


    Despite six out of seven new releases entering the top 15, the top four titles in the UK chart saw no change from the previous week.
  • Asian reception boosts I Am Sam past $50m at Int'l box office


    New Line Cinema's I Am Sam has passed the $50m in international box office grosses after receiving a mighty launch in South Korea at the end of its run.
  • Diesel fuels hot UK box office opening


    Latest action icon Vin Diesel enjoyed his biggest UK opening yet with Columbia TriStar's XXX at the weekend. The film, intended to be the first in a franchise for which part two is already scheduled for a 2004 release, took a mighty four-day opening gross (Oct 17-20) of $5.3m (£3.4m) from 435 sites.
  • Box office gets red hot as Dragon flies to the top


    Proving that UK audiences have not lost their appetites for Hannibal Lecter, UIP's Red Dragon stormed to the top of the chart at the weekend with a mighty $4.96m (£3.2m) haul from 428 sites, including $1.05m (£674,621) of previews from 385 sites.
  • Lilo stitches top slot, but My Little Eye sparkles


    A wealth of new releases launched in the UK at the weekend, with five of the six films debuting in the territory's top 10.
  • The Pianist strikes a chord at the box office


    Last weekend saw both a host of new European openings and a return to the top in Poland for this year's Cannes' Palme D'Or winner The Pianist. The Roman Polanski film launched in France and Belgium on Sept 25 and Switzerland on Sept 26 to strong scores.
  • Perdition goes wide but doesn't make it to the top


    All eyes were on 20th Century Fox's Road To Perdition this weekend as it expanded nationwide following a strong 32 site London platform release a week ago. But while Sam Mendes' drama took a strong $2.05m (£1.3m) from its 369 sites, showing a good average of $5,548, it had to settle for third place in the chart, unable to displace either BVI's Signs or Entertainment's My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
  • Russian film breaks local opening box office record


    According to local reports Russian film The Oligarch (Oligarkh) has recorded the most successful opening for a local title ever in Russia.
  • Asterix on a Mission at international box office


  • Box office giants square off for round 2


    As the summer season draws to a close, industry eyes are now turning to the other bastion of bumper box office: the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. And based on previous performance, the big hitters will run a close race for the ultimate box office glory - with the outcome determined by the results in just one territory.
  • Greek Wedding woos UK weekend audiences


  • Wedding makes big fat impression at UK box office


    The UK box office continued to be dominated by Buena Vista International's Signs last weekend but saw two high-profile entries vying for audience attention as My Big Fat Greek Wedding launched nationwide and Road To Perdition debuted in London.
  • Signs points to strong UK gross for Gibson


    Mel Gibson enjoyed his biggest opening to date in the UK at the weekend when M Night Shyamalan's Signs claimed a massive $5.9m (£3.8m) from 443 sites - including $481,566 of previews at 375 locations.
  • On the road to success' - Perdition launches in Europe


    Sam Mendes' Road To Perdition debuted in several European territories this week, following its Venice festival screening, giving solid - though hardly overwhelming results.
  • Bourne identified as UK chart leader


    The UK's new 12A certificate came into full effect this week as UIP released The Bourne Identity and Columbia TriStar re-released Spider-Man.
  • Dragonfly takes surprise flight in Spain


    After an uninspiring US performance ($30.1m) and a generally lacklustre international performance to date (approximately $22m) Buena Vista International's supernatural romantic thriller, Dragonfly is causing a stir with a strong performance late in its international run, in Spain.
  • BVI's Insomnia wakes up UK box office


    Buena Vista International (BVI) scored a hit this weekend with its Alaskan-set thriller Insomnia. Opening with an impressive $1.8m (£1.16m) over the three-day weekend, the film saw off all comers to claim the number one slot in the chart.
  • Insomnia wakes up UK box office


  • One Hour Photo develops snappy int'l debut


    An impressive debut in Spain last weekend bodes well for the international box office potential of Mark Romanek's One Hour Photo.
  • The Guru levitates to the top of UK chart


    Working Title and UIP scored yet another hit at the weekend as comedy The Guru claimed $2.3m (£1.5m) to take the UK number one slot away from three-week leader Men In Black II.
  • Lantana


    Ray Lawrence's critically-acclaimed second feature, Lantana, continued to take Europe by storm at the weekend opening on a platform 16 prints in the UK this week with a resounding $142,409 (£92,566) for distributor Winchester.
  • My Little Eye director, producer plan 'musical verite'


    After receiving a strong positive reaction for their horror title My Little Eye at an audience screening at the 56th Edinburgh Film Festival, director Marc Evans and producer Jon Finn (Billy Elliot) revealed that their next project will be world's apart from the one they are promoting in Scotland.
  • Parker steps back from the Wilde side


    Oliver Parker, in Edinburgh for the UK premiere of his latest Oscar Wilde adaptation The Importance Of Being Earnest on Wednesday (Aug 21) and a Script Factory masterclass on Saturday Aug 17, revealed his next project will be a step away from the Wilde side of his career.
  • Edinburgh: Irreversible director Noe lays down challenge to UK censors


    Aware that the UK has the most restrictive regulations in Europe on the screening of sexual violence, Gaspar Noe director of scandal film Irreversible challenged the UK censors to ban the film or leave it well alone.
  • Edinburgh: Cinema Extreme winners named


    Young film-makers Dwayne Hopkins and Jens Jonsson were named as the first recipients of funding from the UK's Cinema Extreme scheme, it was announced at the Edinburgh festival.
  • vfrea


    Edinburgh: Irreversible director Noe lays down challenge to UK censors
  • Eight Legged Freaks


    Warner Bros scored a surprise hit in the UK this week as its tongue-in-cheek mutant-spider romp Eight Legged Freaks grossed a mighty $1.6m (£1.03m).
  • MIIB storms French box office


    Columbia TriStar saw a massive first day opening in France for its latest summer blockbuster Men In Black II on Wednesday Aug 7.
  • Lost In La Mancha finds favour in London


    Although the chart was dominated by the launch of Columbia TriStar's Men In Black II the talking point of the UK weekend box office was Optimum Releasing's Lost In La Mancha.
  • Sums begin to add up as UIP spreads Fears in Europe


    Paramount's latest Jack Ryan title The Sum Of All Fears received a promising, if somewhat subdued, European launch at the weekend in France and Belgium.
  • Goldmember adds even more heat to the weekend


    Despite facing fierce competition from the hottest weekend in the UK so far this year, the day-and-date launch of Austin Powers In Goldmember gave a smouldering performance at the box office.
  • Stuart appears littler than his predecessor


    Although it has performed respectably Columbia TriStar's Stuart Little 2 was not the runaway success that studio might have hoped given the success of its predecessor and Columbia's strong summer 2002 run to date with Spider-Man and Men In Black II.
  • Game of Dog and Mouse at UK box office


    With school holidays now officially underway the UK box office saw a battle for the key children's market at the weekend as Columbia TriStar launched Stuart Little 2 into direct competition against Warner Bros chart-topping holdover Scooby-Doo.
  • Devdas falls short of UK Bollywood opening record


    Distributor Eros International enjoyed its biggest success in the UK at the weekend with the much anticipated release of Devdas.
  • Can this summer's blockbusters break the pattern of 2001's one-week wonders'


    Two more blockbusters passed the US domestic $100m mark this week. However, this summer is in danger of following last year's pattern of providing a couple of early pace setters followed by a series of 'one-week wonders'.
  • Sci-fi action-thriller boosts Cruise & Spielberg's report card


    Sci-fi action-thriller Minority Report received a host of strong international openings this weekend - including the UK and Hong Kong - to gross $12.7m over the weekend, its third on international release. 20th Century Fox's film has taken $22.3m internationally so far and has yet to open in eight of the top ten international territories. In the US, the film has grossed $97.1m after three weeks.
  • Alternative offerings lead to dampened Spirit


    As 20th Century Fox's Minority Report stormed to the top of the UK box office with an impressive opening weekend take of $5.9m (£3.9m) - see separate story - the week's other major opener, UIP's Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron, saw a disappointing performance.
  • Major result for Minority Report


    Sci-fi action-thriller Minority Report has delivered an impressive opening in the UK this weekend for 20th Century Fox.
  • UGC slashes the price of its UK cinema loyalty card


    UGC Cinemas UK has announced that its cinema loyalty card is to undergo a massive price reduction in a bid to attract more cinemagoers - at the same time bringing it in line with its continental European equivalents.
  • Spirited opening for Japanese animation on Korea


    Hayao Miyazaki's record-breaking Japanese animated hit, Spirited Away, received a strong reception in South Korea and its capital city of Seoul at the weekend which could see it becoming one of the biggest Japanese successes ever in the country.
  • Lawless Heart woos discerning UK audience


    A host of new openers were unable to dislodge Columbia TriStar's Spider-Man from the top of the UK chart this week. Now in its third week on release the blockbuster dropped off 39% from its previous weekend taking $3.97m (£2.6m) from 507 situations. The film faces stiffer competition this coming weekend from Steven Spielberg's Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell.
  • Can DreamWorks' Spirit run free at the international box office'


    DreamWorks SKG's latest animated effort, Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron, made its European debut in Germany this week, its first major international territory, but can the 2D-film finally give the company an international triumph over rival studio, and animation giant, Disney'
  • Europeans proving faithful to Gere thriller


    20th Century Fox's adult thriller Unfaithful is enjoying success as counter-programming to the chart storming blockbuster fare, Spider-Man and Star Wars: Episode II.
  • Spidey meets his match in UK soccer fever


  • Spider-Man swings past Episode II's international revenues


    Despite performing below expectations, Spider-Man's UK opening gross helped the Columbia TriStar blockbuster swing past the $200m international box office mark at the weekend.
  • Cannes prizes boost international box office performance


    Several of last month's Cannes Film Festival prize-winners are reaping the box-office benefits of the prestige and, more importantly, the free publicity generated by the high-profile event.
  • Entertainment is UK distribution champion


    Entertainment Film Distributors has had the largest share of the UK box office for the first five months of 2002, a sustained domination never before achieved by a UK independent.
  • Spider-Man sets yet more international records


    The release of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man set yet more records following a host of new openings.
  • Fox takes double top at UK box office


    20th Century Fox scored double top at the UK box office this weekend with two films counter-programmed to draw in different audiences.
  • Good Spanish opening doesn't mean Snipes' drama will be undisputed hit


    Wesley Snipes latest film Undisputed received its debut this week in Spain, four months prior to its US launch. However, just how the film will perform internationally is hard to gauge as despite achieving a second-placed chart position in Spain, behind Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones, the figures do not necessarily paint as positive a picture.
  • UK openers affect but can't dethrone Episode II


    Two major openers made a huge dent in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones' UK box office this weekend but failed to dethrone the blockbuster.
  • Two blockbusters pass $100m international gross on same weekend


    The two first undisputed summer blockbusters, Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones and Spider-Man, both crossed the $100m mark at the international box office over the weekend.
  • Hollywood Ending gets good beginning in France


    Woody Allen has always seen a strong following in France. Indeed when he made the unprecedented decision to present his latest film, Hollywood Ending, at this year's Cannes Film Festival in person he told reporters, "The French were my first supporters and have always been immensely generous toward me."
  • Bollywood release triumphs in the shadow of Star Wars' attack


    Five new openers launched into the UK chart this week but were unable to make much impact on the box office of chart leader Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones.
  • Send in the Clones: UK box office under attack


    It came as no great surprise last weekend when 20th Century Fox opened the latest film in the Star Wars saga, Episode II - Attack Of The Clones, to massive results and the number one spot in the UK.
  • Star Wars: Episode II gets off to a flying start


    The opening day (May 16) of George Lucas's Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones has achieved predictably strong results in several major territories for 20th Century Fox.
  • Counter programming exploits blockbuster fatigue


    As the international box office anticipates the swollen revenues delivered by Spider-Man, Attack Of The Clones and the rest of the summer blockbusters, local and foreign titles are taking advantage of the counter programming and kick-back business during this heavy cinema-going period.
  • Foreign language films triumph at UK box office


    Two new releases grabbed all the attention at the UK box office this week despite opening outside the top 10 and featuring no Hollywood stars.
  • Winning combination guarantees hot international summer


    The continued jaw-dropping success of Spider-Man, combined with widespread and eager anticipation for Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones, has made irrelevant any speculations about whether Summer 2002's international box office will beat that of 2001.
  • Ali G gets high in Netherlands chart


    UK hit Ali G IndaHouse debuted outside its home territory last weekend, storming straight to the top of The Netherlands' chart.
  • Boy doesn't give in to Panic at UK box office


    UIP continued to reign at the UK box office over the weekend with About A Boy dropping off just 28% from its opening weekend. With three-day figures of $3.3m (£2.2m) from 448 sites, the Hugh Grant title also scored the highest site average of any film on release this week, $7,329. About A Boy's ten-day total stands at $11.2m
  • Spider-Man: flash in the pan or franchise in the making'


    As the world waits for this weekend's release of Spider-Man, the question of whether it will outperform last year's $68.1m opening for The Mummy Returns, will soon turn into whether it will deliver a sustainable and lucrative franchise. looks at the legacy of comic-book adaptations.
  • Frailty shows potential strength on international debut


    Actor Bill Paxton's directorial debut, Frailty, showed strength as it launched on the international circuit this week. Starting out in sparsely-populated Iceland, the thriller opened on just one screen for local distributor Myndform, grossing $3,869 (ISK 362,300). Its admissions of 645 outperformed Hollywood releases including John Q and Blade II, which both played more screens - John Q played two screens with admissions of 504 over the weekend; Blade ...
  • UK celebrates another home-grown success


    UIP celebrated another successful campaign at the weekend as About A Boy, starring Hugh Grant, opened to strong figures of $5.4m (£3.7m), including $938,688 of previews. Opening at a massive 446 sites, second only this year to Monsters, Inc.'s 503, the film recorded the third-highest opening of the year so far after Monsters, Inc. ($13.4m for BVI) and Warner Bros' Ocean's Eleven ($7.4m from 433 sites).
  • Ice Age heats up international box office


    20th Century Fox saw its computer-animated hit, Ice Age, pass the $100m mark in international box office at the weekend. With a total international gross of $104.3m, Ice Age is only the second film release on the international circuit this year to pass the watershed. The first was A Beautiful Mind, which now stands at $110.8m.
  • Lord Of The Rings sinks Titanic in Denmark


  • Beckham shows strong legs in UK and kicks Scorpion


    Local hit Bend It Like Beckham saw off fierce competition from UIP's The Scorpion King at the weekend to hold the top spot at the UK box office.
  • Almodovar's Talk reaches international audiences


    The latest film from Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, Talk To Her (Hable Con Ella), has seen a strong launch in international territories outside its homeland. Opening in France this week for Pathe Distribution, the film, which was produced by El Deseo, sold an impressive 355,412 tickets, equivalent to $1.7m, in five days from 268 screens. Taking third position in the French chart and boasting a screen average of 1,326 admissions, the film rivalled first placed Le Boulet's ...
  • Bend It Like Beckham scores home goal


    He may, or may not, have been rendered unfit for the first of the World Cup qualifying matches, but David Beckham has scored a winning goal at home - at least in the form of a British movie named after him.
  • Bend It Like Beckham scores home goal


    He may have been rendered unfit for the first of the World Cup qualifying matches, but David Beckham has scored a winning goal at home - at least in the form of a British movie named after him.
  • Fox enjoys international Joyride


    20th Century Fox scored a hit in Spain at the weekend, taking the top spot in the chart with their thriller Joy Ride. The film, which is the latest from director John Dahl, took a three-day gross of $1.1m (Euros1.2m). Playing on 230 prints the film scored a strong average of $4,612 - by far the highest of any film in the Spanish top 20.
  • Holdovers benefit in week of weak openers


    Britney Spears vehicle Crossroads, distributed by Momentum Pictures, benefited over the weekend from a slew of underachieving openers at the UK box office.
  • Oscar winners celebrate a beautiful box-office


    The first weekend since the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences handed out this year's statuettes, it was best picture winner A Beautiful Mind that reaped most benefits internationally.
  • Entertainment's Blade II cuts through UK crowd


    UK distributor Entertainment saw yet another success this week with Wesley Snipes action sequel Blade II taking over the top spot in its opening weekend.
  • E.T. phones in just $6.6m from 26 markets


    At a time when Hollywood is supposedly embracing re-releases, UIP's 20th anniversary edition of Steven Spielberg's E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial took just $6.6 million from 26 international territories over the Easter weekend.
  • Talk To Her leads European resistance


    Although the European box office has seen a host of high profile US product take top spots in several territories at the weekend, including the European launch of DreamWorks SKG's The Time Machine in The Netherlands, a raft of local productions, led by Spain's Talk To Her (Hable Con Ella) are fighting back.
  • Swiss film scores at local box office


    Swiss comedy Ernstfall In Havanna claimed the top spot in its home country with a strong four-day opening (March 14-17) of $292,603 (SFr 484,551). Playing on 31 screens in Switzerland's German-speaking region the film beat several high profile Hollywood titles including A Beautiful Mind at number two in its third week ($253,663), Monsters, Inc. at three ($245,721) in its seventh week and Spy Game at four - which also opened in the German region this ...
  • Tenenbaums receive royal reception in UK


    Director Wes Anderson's latest comedy The Royal Tenenbaums has recorded impressive figures on its opening weekend in the UK. Grossing $997,187 (£700,025) over its first three days, the film took fourth place in the chart. However playing at 159 sites, the least of any film in this week's top 10, Tenenbaums managed a powerful site average of $6,272 - the highest of any film on general release at the weekend.
  • Promising international debut for Monster's Ball


  • Gibson's soldiers go fourth in the UK


    Mel Gibson's Vietnam War film, We Were Soldiers, opened in the UK this week but met with a surprisingly average result. Playing at 384 sites the fourth-placed title grossed $1.077m (£757,760) for an okay screen average of $2,807 - the lowest average amongst the top five.
  • Ali takes on international contenders


    Michael Mann's Muhammad Ali biopic, simply titled Ali, took on a host of major international territories this week with inconsistent results.
  • Mothman leads openers, Ocean's goes top


    The UK box office chart saw a battle of holdovers this week as only one new film, Helkon SK's The Mothman Prophecies, received a wide opening. Mothman, a thriller purportedly based on true events, opened in fifth place with a gross of $1.1m (£762,516) from 286 sites - including $53,692 (£37,853) of previews from 183 sites on Thursday. Starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney, previously seen together in Gregory Hoblit's Primal Fear, The Mothman Prophecies ...
  • Howard's Mind gets beautiful reception


    After taking home two BAFTA awards last weekend and boasting eight Academy Award nominations, not to mention the amount of press Russell Crowe alone seems to generate, it is no surprise that A Beautiful Mind has enjoyed a host of strong international releases this week. However, the Ron Howard film, which has already grossed a massive $132.7m in North America, has not reached the hearts and minds of all major territories.
  • Charlotte Gray struggles to find box office gold


  • Rings sets new Polish box office record


  • Monsters, Inc. fights off Ali and Ocean's 11


    The UK chart saw two strong openings over the weekend but neither could challenge computer-animated holdover Monsters, Inc. for the top spot.
  • UK cinema admissions continue to rise


    Having recorded the highest admissions last year (156 million) since 1972, the upward trend in UK cinema attendance and box office takings looks set to continue in 2002.
  • Monsters, Inc. scares up UK box office record


    Nothing could stand up to the might of Buena Vista International's Monsters, Inc. at the UK box office over the weekend with the animated hit claiming first place with a massive $13.0m (£9.2m), including previews of $3.8m (£2.7m). BVI's biggest opening to date, Monsters, Inc. played at 503 sites including three digital presentations at the Odeon Leicester Square, Warner Village Star City Birmingham and FilmWorks Manchester.
  • Buena Vista UK records biggest-ever opening


    Buena Vista International recorded their biggest opening weekend of all time in the UK with the release of Monsters, Inc. The latest production from Pixar Animation Studios opened on Friday (Feb 8) to record a three-day gross of $13.1m (£9.2m) - including $3.8m (£2.7m) of previews.
  • Gosford Park charms the box office


    UK audiences turned out in force at the weekend to greet the latest local production, Gosford Park. The film, which won director Robert Altman the best director Golden Globe last month, opened at just 156 venues to record an impressive $1.2m (£837,589) taking fourth place in the national chart. This resulted in a screen average of $7,594 - the highest for any film on release over the weekend. With a stellar ensemble cast of mostly British actors, including Dame Maggie Smith, ...
  • The Son's Room has slender US opening


    Despite winning last year's Cannes Palme d'or and being the Italian submission for this year's best foreign language Oscar, Nanni Moretti's acclaimed family drama The Son's Room had a disappointing opening for Miramax Films in North America last weekend, taking $4,887 from one New York screen.
  • Vanilla Sky dethrones The Lord Of The Rings


  • Ocean's Eleven moves on international market


    Steven Soderbergh's ensemble heist caper Ocean's Eleven has started its international roll-out to strong receptions. His follow up to Traffic, which earned Soderbergh an Academy Award for direction last year, Ocean's Eleven ousted The Lord Of The Rings from top spots in Australia and Switzerland.
  • Last Orders opens with limited taster


    Pathe's Rat Race was the winner amongst this week's melee of new releases in the UK but was still unable to topple The Lord Of The Rings or Harry Potter from their one-two chart positions. The best average recorded by an opener this week was for Metrodome's limited release of Last Orders. Going out on just 25 sites the UK title, which features Michael Caine and Bob Hoskins, recorded $145,739 (£100,560) for an average of $5,830 and taking position 13 ...
  • Mr Bones breaks more South African records


    Local comedy sensation Mr Bones continues to break records in South Africa. Earning over $1.75m (Rand 20m) at the South African box office so far the film is already the highest grossing local film of all-time. On release less than five weeks Mr Bones can also claim the record as the fastest film in South African history to pass the R20m mark.
  • Beauty & The Beast scores on the large screen


    Buena Vista International scored a sizable hit at the UK box office this week with its large screen format release of 1991's Beauty And The Beast.
  • Amelie takes Oz foreign-language record


    French-language phenomenon Amelie, which has already grossed over $100m worldwide, has set a new foreign-language record on its opening in Australia.
  • Bollywood UK: Sometimes Happiness Sometimes Sorrow


    Indian films got a dramatically varied reception at the UK box office this week as Yash Raj Films' Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (K3G) established a new record for a Bollywood opening, while Eros International's Bollywood Calling, managed only a dismal response at the turnstiles.
  • Amelie on course for 19 million admissions


    Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Oscar-tipped French-language title Amelie is proving as much of a success abroad as it was at home. As of Dec 14 the crowd-pleaser has already sold over 17 million tickets in the 25 countries in which it has opened - equivalent to approximately $100m in box office gross. International sales company UGC International predicts the film will have passed 19 million admissions by the end of the year.
  • Bollywood 'K3G' takes UK box office by storm


    Bollywood received its latest boost at the UK box office this week with the Yash Raj Films release of the most expensive Indian film ever: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (K3G) to record figures.
  • European audiences discover Atlantis


    In a box-office world held under the spell of a boy wizard, Disney's latest animated effort has still found audiences across Europe despite mixed reviews and a lack of traditional sing-along songs.
  • Local witch-doctor outperforms Potter's wizard


  • Spy Game, Heist no match for Potter's Mettle


    The phenomenon that is Harry Potter continues to exceed expectations in the UK, dropping a mere 13% on its second weekend and becoming the second highest earner of the year so far with its $41m to date. To put the film's astonishing results into context: in just 10 days Potter has already grossed more than another 2001 kids favourite Shrek, which has taken $40.8m after 22 weeks on release.
  • Europeans appreciate Training Day


    Denzel Washington is proving his star appeal once again across Europe with his latest film Training Day. The crime drama in which Washington plays against type as a corrupt Los Angeles cop, opened this week to strong figures in Italy and Scandinavia as well as continuing to perform with gusto in France and Spain.
  • Pie 2, Cats & Dogs join international $100m club


  • Ghost World penetrates Potter's Universe


    Although no film could be expected to compete against the might of Warner Bros' Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, which demolished all UK box office records with its $13.6m (£9.6m) three-day opening gross (not including previews), there were several films that successfully staked their own claims on other audience segments.
  • Potter rewrites UK box office record book


    As expected Warner Bros' highly anticipated children's title Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone has laid waste all previous box office records in the UK taking a massive $13,714,811 (£9,600,368) over its opening three-day weekend. This shatters the previous record of $10.8m taken by Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace in 1999.
  • Piano Teacher plays up against Potter-mania


    The weekend grosses for most films in the UK chart were severely effected this week by the two-day preview screenings of Warner Bros' Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone - which would easily have claimed top position, if previews were included in box office charts prior to the actual opening weekend.
  • Potter is top 2001 UK opening - a week early


    Few people can have avoided the hype that has been building around Warner Bros' Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, one of the most eagerly anticipated films of recent years. Now the children's adventure film is proving it can live up to the hype, at least in the UK. This weekend saw two-day previews, Saturday Nov 10-Sunday 11, of the film play to mostly sell-out houses at 490 UK sites.
  • Krabbe and Kidman in box office Heaven


    After a staggered platform release director/actor Jeroen Krabbe's The Discovery Of Heaven has pulled its way to the top of The Netherlands box office chart in its third week on release. The English-language Dutch film, Krabbe's second directorial effort after 1998's Left Luggage, opened on Oct 18 to a resounding $37,654 (fl 91,764) from just four sites for a stunning screen average of $9,414. Heaven then widened to 41 screens in its second weekend and leapt 693% ...
  • Kidman back on top with an Others film


    Antipodean actress Nicole Kidman reclaimed the crown at the UK box office this week, four weeks after her musical hit Moulin Rouge relinquished the top spot to American Pie 2, as The Others knocked the comedy sequel from its perch following a three week reign.
  • Asoka opens well, Amelie shows legs


    Last weekend heralded the arrival on UK shores of an Indian film expected by critics to be the Bollywood film that would achieve the crossover to a wider audience that has so far eluded previous films in this market.
  • Spirited Away conjures $200m in Japan


    Japanese animation sensation Spirited Away has crossed the mammoth $200m mark in Japan, the first non-US feature ever to do so and, still going strong at the top of the box office, is on track to overtake Titanic's all-time box office record of $213 million (Y26bn).
  • Jeepers Creepers leaps into UK box office


    UK distributor Helkon SK scored a hit with its horror title Jeepers Creepers at the weekend as it claimed $2.2m (£1.5m) from 307 sites in the UK. The film, which stars Justin Long and Gina Philips, scored the best site average of any of the openers with $7,134 per venue. Directed by Victor Salva, whose previous films include 1997's Powder which took just $122,241 on limited release for BVI, Jeepers Creepers opened at number three in the chart after receiving mostly ...
  • The Pledge shows international promise


    Sean Penn's latest directorial effort, The Pledge, saw strong openings in several key territories this week and continues to find solid success in others. Opening in Germany and Switzerland on Oct 11 and the UK on Oct 12 the drama, which features an all-star cast headlined by Jack Nicholson, showed impressive performances from limited releases.
  • UK welcomes second helping of Pie


  • Moulin Rouge regains UK box office crown


    Audacious Australian musical Moulin Rouge reclaimed the top of the UK chart this week from two-week champ A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Now in its fifth week on release Baz Luhrmann's film dropped off just 20% from its previous weekend, its largest fall so far, taking a three-day gross of $1.6m (£1.1m) from 397 sites. The film has already amassed $18.4m (£12.5m) at the UK box office and looks to keep going strong for some time although its ability to retain the top spot ...
  • Amelie takes the UK box office by charm


    UK distributor Momentum Pictures is celebrating a triumphant weekend for its French pick-up Amelie as it stormed into the UK charts, taking fifth position, with a massive $832,000 (£560,768) from its 82 print release, including previews of $64,731 (£43,629) from 67 sites.
  • UK openers score well at home


    British films were the toast of the town in the UK this weekend as Enigma and Mike Bassett: England Manager battled it out with holdover The Fast And The Furious and fellow opener The Score to claim top five positions. While unable to pose any threat to Steven Spielberg's fantasy A.I. Artificial Intelligence, which held the top spot in its second weekend on release, or 20th Century Fox powerhouse Moulin Rouge, the two local titles ably proved ...
  • Local films fly the flag in Ireland and France


    A string of high profile Irish and French productions, both in recent weeks and upcoming, are showing strength in their respective local markets.
  • A.I. tops UK box office chart


    Warner Bros. scored another hit in the UK at the weekend when A.I. Artificial Intelligence took the top chart position with $3.3m (£2.3m) from 428 sites, including previews of $424,616. With a site average of $7,819 the Steven Spielberg film had a strong opening weekend, the distributors second highest of the year so far, after Cats & Dogs' $5.4m (£3.7m) over the August 3-5 weekend.
  • Warner's double international hit


    Warner Bros had cause to celebrate this weekend in the international market as two of their titles carved up the box office. While Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence crossed the $100m barrier, even before opening in many key European territories including France, Spain and the UK, Swordfish secured top level entries from several new openings. Japan accounts for $77m of A.I.'s international take to date.
  • The Fast And The Furious races into the UK


    Rob Cohen's action drama The Fast And The Furious roared into the UK at the weekend taking a three-day gross of $2.6m (£1.76m). However the film, which centres on the Los Angeles street-racing scene, was not able to dethrone last weekend's opener Moulin Rouge from its number one spot. Furious played at 414 sites for an impressive average of $6,253. It stars Pitch Black's Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, last seen in Cohen previous effort The Skulls.
  • Bridget Jones's Diary crosses $200m worldwide


  • The Hole attracts Italian audiences


    UK production The Hole is turning heads at the Italian box office where it continues to perform well despite strong competition from Hollywood fare including Jurassic Park III, Heartbreakers and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
  • French revolution at international box office


    Regular scrutinisers of the box office charts will discover that the majority of this week's international territories contain a common feature: French productions.
  • French revolution at International box office


    Regular scrutinisers of the box office charts will discover that the majority of this week's international territories contain a common feature: French productions.
  • Pearl Harbor takes international box office crown


    Critically mauled World War II epic Pearl Harbor, the latest from producer Jerry Bruckheimer, had the last laugh when it crossed $430m in worldwide box office gross to win the summer blockbuster war and claim the title of most successful film worldwide for 2001 so far.
  • A Knight's Tale gallops into UK Box Office


    FilmFour's Lucky Break failed to come back from a disappointing start last weekend, falling 35% in its second weekend as Columbia TriStar's A Knight's Tale charged into the UK box-office.
  • Brazil sees Rouge, French go Ape


    20th Century Fox had good cause to celebrate this week as two of its films, Planet Of The Apes and Moulin Rouge took control of the international box office.
  • Shaolin Soccer kicks Rush Hour 2 into touch


    Despite a high-profile marketing campaign, Hong Kong's hottest star, Jackie Chan, was unable to outperform local competitor Shaolin Soccer on their mutual home ground.
  • Bridget Jones's Diary records $100m


    On a weekend that saw a sharp disappointment for UK box office hopeful Lucky Break, UK mega-hit Bridget Jones's Diary passed the $100m international box office mark, having debuted in several territories, including Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Finland.
  • UK Box office


    Studio revenues in India are predicted to double over the next five years as the territory begins a period of rapid growth, both in terms of cinema infrastructure and production investment.
  • Dutch box office on the increase


    Cinema admissions in The Netherlands were up year-on-year for the first six months of 2001. Rising 5.7% from 10.6m in the first half of 2000 to 11.2m for the same period this year, ticket sales in the territory continue to show positive growth aided by strong performances from Bridget Jones's Diary ($4.7m to date), Pearl Harbor ($4.5m so far) and local hit Costa!, which grossed more than $3.9m (FL 9.3m) for distributor Amsterdam Film Distribution since opening on ...
  • International box office


    Having long since disappeared from most territories The Mexican has made a late summer comeback with a wave of impressive international openings in several major European countries over the weekend (August 16-19). The romantic action comedy, which grossed $66.8m during its domestic run for DreamWorks SKG, opened in Germany and Switzerland on Thursday Aug 16 and Spain on Friday Aug 17.
  • Rush Hour 2 jams Asian box office


  • Apes lead the pack at UK box office


    The massive opening of 20th Century Fox's Planet Of The Apes, the third biggest for the distributor in the UK after Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace and Independence Day, and the continued success of Warner Bros' Cats & Dogs, UIP's Jurassic ParkIII and several other high profile releases continue to help the UK towards a bumper year at the box office.
  • Apes swing into UK box office record books


    With an opening salvo of $7.87m in the UK over the weekend, 20th Century Fox's release of Tim Burton's Planet Of The Apes became its third biggest UK opening of all time behind 1999's The Phantom Menace ($13.8m) and 1996's Independence Day ($10.1m), and edged out Batman & Robin to take 10th position in the top 10 UK openings of all time.
  • Pearl Harbor and Shrek hit $400m worldwide


    Buena Vista International (BVI) had major cause to celebrate this week as its World War II epic Pearl Harbor crossed $200m in international box office gross, taking it to over $400m worldwide. Harbor, which was BVI's big hope in the summer blockbuster season, became the second film, which debuted in 2001, to pass the massive $400m mark worldwide, after The Mummy Returns which has grossed $415m to date. However hot on Harbor's heels computer-animated hit Shrek ...
  • Parole Officer checks in at the UK box office


    UK TV comedian Steve Coogan launched himself on the big-screen at the weekend with The Parole Officer. Pulling in a strong $1.3m (£902,028) from 288 sites, the comedy saw a site average of $4,468 - better than either Jurassic Park III or Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
  • Amelie gets push from Momentum for UK record


    Having already established a cult profile by opening the Edinburgh Film Festival, UK distributor Momentum Pictures is hoping to propel Amelie From Montmartre into the UK record books by supporting its 78-print October release with a p&a budget in the region of $853,000 (£600,000).
  • Online cinema ticketing takes off


    US online ticketing service has announced that it has sold over 2 million online movie tickets since the service launched in spring 2000. The company, which sells tickets for leading theater chains throughout the US and Canada, represents approximately 80% of North America's online movie screens. It is also the leading provider of at-home movie ticketing, with over 50% of's affiliated theaters currently offering print-at-home ticketing and the market ...
  • Fox and Nokia take Apes mobile


    20th Century Fox International has agreed a deal with Nokia, the mobile communications company, to promote the international release of Tim Burton's Planet Of The Apes. The deal will offer owners of Nokia mobile phones in Germany, the UK and Italy unique screensavers and film logos on their phones via the Club Nokia website.
  • French audiences smitten by Kiss Of The Dragon


    The latest Jet Li martial arts thriller Kiss Of The Dragon high-kicked its way into the French charts this week. Released by Europa Distribution, the film, which also stars Bridget Fonda and Tcheky Karyo, achieved 506,000 admissions in its first seven days from 612 screens. Dethroning last week's top spot winner Scary Movie 2, Dragon faces hot competition over the next week from monster hit Jurassic Park III. Boasting Luc Besson as both a writer and producer, ...
  • Reigning Cats & Dogs at UK box office


    Warner Bros' latest family release Cats & Dogs has proved a big hit at the UK box office opening last Friday (August 3) to take an excellent three-day gross of $5.3m (£3.7m) from 452 sites, including previews of $793,401 (£555,381) from 303 sites. With a site average of $11,717, the film becomes Warner Bros.' third best opener after Batman & Robin and Batman Forever.
  • Lucas announces new Star Wars title on the net


    George Lucas has used the internet to announce the title of his hotly-anticipated next Star Wars film. The official site, revealed that the title, "harking back to the sense of pure fun, imagination and excitement that characterized the classic movie serials and pulp space fantasy adventures that inspired the Star Wars saga", will be Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack Of The Clones .
  • Sequel scares up business


  • Shrek passes $100m mark in international run


    DreamWorks SKG's animated blockbuster Shrek is repeating its storming North American performance in the international markets. The film, which has opened at number one in the majority of the territories that have received it, has now passed the $100m international box office mark.
  • UK films earmarked for product placement


    Already an established feature of Hollywood blockbusters, product placement remains a largely neglected revenue stream from UK film productions. But that seems finally set to change with the rising number of product placement companies focusing on film. The latest to join the fray is Earmark, which will compete with the likes of BFG, the film division of Prop Portfolio, for a slice of what it says is a growing market.
  • Bollywood beats the summer heat


    Only a few years ago, the arrival of an Indian film in the UK box office charts was big news - now it is an increasingly common occurrence.
  • Apes start taking over the planet again


    20th Century Fox's Planet Of The Apes re-imagining, under the direction of Tim Burton, opened day and date in Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand to massive box office figures.
  • Dinosaurs tear into UK, as Bollywood hit sings on


    Still in the UK top fifteen after five weeks on release, Bollywood crossover Lagaan passed the £500,000 ($710,000) mark at the box office over the weekend, making it the sixth highest-grossing Bollywood production in the UK. 1998's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, distributed by Yash Raj Films, remains the best performing Bollywood film in the territory, with a total gross of £1.75m ($2.5m).
  • Jolie raids France and Germany with Original Sin


    Just as her starring turn in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider sees Angelina Jolie swinging to the top of most international territories, another film featuring the Oscar winning actress starts its roll-out in Germany and France. Original Sin, co-starring Antonio Banderas, took sixth position in Germany, with a three-day take $315,821 (DM 725,126) from 204 screens, and seventh in France, showing seven-day admissions of 103,524 (equivalent to $621,144) from 219 screens.
  • SHREK retakes top spot at UK box office


    Despite five openers making an entry in the UK top 15 chart at the weekend the battle for the top position was between two holdovers. Last week's leader Lara Croft: Tomb Raider dropped off 41% from its opening weekend to take $3.2m (£2.3m) from 446 sites in its second. This resulted in the UIP release relinquishing the number one spot to its stable-mate Shrek, which held the position prior to Tomb Raider's release. The computer-animated film dropped off just 14% ...
  • Local films boost Euro box office bumper year


    Screen Daily's analysis of international box office results for the first half of 2001 reveals that all major European territories are enjoying an unexpectedly robust year so far. Even more encouraging is the revelation that, in almost all markets surveyed, it has been local films that have fuelled the upward trend.
  • Betting on box office could affect your wealth


    Every cinemagoer has an opinion about how a film will perform at the box office. We've seen the trailers, read the reviews, been lambasted by immense marketing campaigns and bought a burger chain tie-in meal.
  • Amelie resists the US blockbuster onslaught


    It comes as no surprise that it's the studio blockbusters that are dominating the international box office during the summer season with Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Shrek and Pearl Harbor fairly evenly carving up the international territories.
  • Ladies Day: Lara & Bridget rule UK


    Who says there are no good roles for women' Films with female leads dominated the box office in the UK at the weekend. Computer-game icon Lara Croft demonstrated her pulling power taking $5.4m (£3.8m) in her first big screen venture: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.
  • UK box office down, but still looking up


    Despite a year-on-year increase in UK box office receipts during four of the first six months of 2001, total revenues for the first half are down 0.9% to $439.5m (£313.8m) However, this is almost entirely due to the exceptional performance of one film last year: Toy Story 2.
  • Shrek laughs all the way to the bank


    US mega-hit Shrek took the UK box office by storm at the weekend when it opened with $6.6m (£4.7m) from 470 sites, an average of $14,023 per site. Although this figure included preview figures of $1.3m (£902,736) it wouldn't change its claim to the top spot in the UK chart and as the fourth highest opener of the year so far, behind Hannibal, The Mummy Returns and Bridget Jones's Diary.
  • Hollywood legend Jack Lemmon dies


    American film icon Jack Lemmon has died in Los Angeles aged 76, his publicist has announced. Lemmon, a two-time Academy Award winner, died at USC Norris Cancer Hospital on Wednesday night (June 27, 2001).
  • Lara Croft continues UIP's hot streak


    After a lacklustre domestic performance, just $32.3m in its first three weeks, sci-fi comedy Evolution has surprised many at the start of its international roll-out by scoring a $2.7m (£1.9m) opening weekend in the UK. Directed by Ivan Reitman, most famous for 1984 smash hit Ghostbusters, and starring David Duchovny, Orlando Jones and Julianne Moore, the film recorded an impressive site average of $6,166 off 437 sites and took the top position away from Pearl Harbor. ...
  • UIP leads international summer race


    UIP's Shrek and Bridget Jones's Diary have entered the summer races in the international markets against early leaders, fellow UIP release The Mummy Returns and BVI's Pearl Harbor, although these two behemoths still hold many of the major territories.
  • Indie Get Over It takes on studio heavyweights


    Although still led by seasonal behemoths Pearl Harbor and The Mummy Returns the UK box office is coming under attack from strong releases from independent distributors such as Momentum's Get Over It. Taking advantage of audiences looking for an alternative to the summer blockbusters, both major and independent distributors are putting out a swath of titles. Last week's releases included Get Over It, UIP's Chris Rock starrer Down To Earth, Artificial ...


  • Pearl Harbor hit at UK box office


    It may have seen off the opposition comfortably, but it was not all plain sailing for Buena Vista International's (BVI) Pearl Harbor on its opening weekend in the UK, its first major international outing since its US debut a couple of weeks ago. The film, which proved critic-proof on its Stateside opening, shows signs of having been hit by the vitriolic media broadsides in the UK, where it took $3,694,177 (£2,611,783) from 457 sites over the three-day weekend and $4,349,571 (£3,075,147) ...
  • Mummy still overseas king, but pretenders in sight


  • Bridget still weighty, The Hole penetrates well


    While the top three performers at the UK box office remained unchanged this weekend four new releases managed to make some impact on their opening weekend.
  • Bridget Jones breaks UK opening record


    Handled by UIP, Bridget Jones's Diary achieved record opening figures in its crucial UK home market.
  • Oscar hopefuls exploit the hype


    With the 73rd Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, this year's Best Picture candidates are taking full advantage of their nominations to build their box office before one of them walks off with all the glory.Chocolat and Traffic in particular have seen a host of last minute pre-Oscar openings. Lasse Hallstrom's latest saw massive screen averages of $8,014 and $9,003 over its four-day openings in Switzerland and Germany. The film has opened in all Nordic territories, the ...
  • Audition attracts attention, but Enemy rules


    The UK/Ireland box office discovered an Enemy At The Gates at the weekend (March 16-18) as Pathe's epic Stalingrad drama besieged the chart, claiming the top position previously held by the seemingly unconquerable Hannibal. The film, which stars Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes and Oscar nominee Ed Harris took $1,478,060 (£1,033,164) from 356 sites for a strong site average of $4,152.Although the Pathe film was joined in the chart by BVI's Thirteen Days it was Metro Tartan's ...
  • Traffic


    After taking best movie cast and best actor awards at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards last weekend, multi-Oscar nominee Traffic is proving that it has box office clout as well. The film, which has taken more than $115m worldwide so far, added several strong openings over the weekend.


    A dearth pf strong openers in the UK left the top six virtually unchanged over the weekend leaving Hannibal unchallenged at the top of the chart. Despite falling 40% on the previous weekend, the thriller's $1,774,915 (£1,208,717) was easily enough to hold the top spot for a fourth week. The films' reign is unlikely to last much longer, however. Even if it holds out against Pathe's Enemy At The Gates and BVI's Thirteen Days next weekend, the film will then have to ...
  • UK audiences show taste for Chocolat


    Despite the best efforts of four new entries, UIP's Hannibal continued its reign at the head of the UK box office for the third week runnin. The film, which took $2,989,577 (£2,026,933) in the three-days March 2-4, has now accumulated a massive total gross of $25,097,574.
  • Holiday pics lead, Traffic and Dragon strong


    Over a weekend during which just one opener broke into the Top 15; children's fare gained from the end of the half-term holiday and Gladiator took the BAFTA award for best picture, Ridley Scott's other box office behemoth, Hannibal, continued its reign at the top of the UK box office.
  • Mandolin to play first in UK


    Universal has moved Captain Corelli's Mandolin from its April release date in the US back to August. The romantic drama, starring Nicolas Cage, was scheduled to open on April 27 in North America, before commencing its international roll-out in the UK on May 4.
  • Hannibal takes a large bite out of the UK


    Despite Hannibal taking a large bite out of the UK box office over the weekend, four other openers faired well, no doubt owing a debt of gratitude to sell-out screenings of the UIP monster, which turned hungry audiences toward other titles. As reported on yesterday, Hannibal became the highest grossing 18-certificate opener ever in the UK and the fifth largest opener of all time. The behemoth commanded the top spot with ...
  • Hannibal devoured by UK audiences


    Despite Hannibal taking a large bite out of the UK box office over the weekend, four other openers faired well, no doubt owing a debt of gratitude to sell-out screenings of the UIP monster, which turned hungry audiences toward other titles. As reported on yesterday, Hannibal became the highest grossing 18-certificate opener ever in the UK and the fifth largest opener of all time. The behemoth commanded ...
  • UK audiences devour Hannibal


    UIP's Hannibal opened to phenomenal receipts over the weekend to become the UK's biggest 18-certificate opener of all time. The previous record, held by Columbia TriStar's Snatch (£3,180,002), was obliterated by Hannibal's three-day gross of £6,402,540 ($9,292,511), more than double that of the Guy Ritchie-directed feature.
  • UK prepares to devour Hannibal


    UIP is looking forward to this weekend's UK opening of Hannibal after seeing record takings from its Valentine Day's preview on Wednesday night. The sequel to 1991's The Silence Of The Lambs took an massive $1,129,313 (£708,355) from the 358 sites participating in the preview screening. The figure is the highest single night preview recorded by UIP and only serves to increase expectations for its three-day opening weekend. The film is released in the UK on Friday at 425 ...
  • Women stays on top; Rocky opens well


    Icon Film Distribution's What Women Want easily retained the number one spot in the UK over the weekend with a three-day gross of $3,635,896 (£2,512,404). The romantic comedy dropped just 26% from its opening weekend pulling in a site average of $8,890 from 409 sites. The film's closest challenger was 20th Century Fox's Dude, Where's My Car' which opened on 270 sites and took second place with $1,365,329 (£943,442). While the Mel Gibson-starrer saw no real competition ...
  • Women gives Gibson his biggest UK opening


    Icon Film Distribution's What Women Want clocked up $4,956,132 (£3,375,126) over the weekend, giving star Mel Gibson his biggest ever opening in the UK, beating all four of his Lethal Weapon action films and BVI's 1997 thriller Ransom (see chart below).
  • Traffic speeds up at UK box office


    Steven Soderbergh's critically-lauded Traffic opened on a high this weekend to take second position at the UK box office. The Entertainment release, which features celebrity couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, as well as Golden Globe winner Benicio Del Toro, scored an impressive three-day gross of $1,813,539 (£1,244,088) for a site average of $7,494. This gave Traffic the highest site average of the weekend beating both Cast Away and Crouching Tiger, ...
  • Crouching Tiger breaks UK foreign-language record


    Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon set yet another box office record Wednesday night as it became the highest-grossing foreign-language film ever released in the UK.
  • Cast Away hangs on to UK box office crown


    Tom Hanks, who won the Golden Globe for best actor on Sunday night, continued to reign at the UK box office over the weekend as Cast Away held first position in its second week. The UIP film took $3,527,590 (£2,402,289) from 393 sites for an impressive three-day site average of $8,976. None of this week's openers were able to overtake the desert island drama and awards success should help it to sustain strong receipts. Cast Away faces tough opposition next week however ...
  • Cast Away sweeps number one spots across Europe


  • Crouching Tiger rides Cast Away storm


    UIP's Cast Away swept into the top position in the UK this weekend, but Columbia TriStar's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon posted the market's best screen average.
  • Unbreakable proves indestructible in Hungary


  • The Grinch, Angels thrive at UK box office


    In a repeat of recent events at the US box office, Dr Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas held on to pole position in the UK this weekend, seeing off the opening of Buena Vista International's 102 Dalmatians which came in at number three. Both first and second places remained unchanged with Columbia TriStar's Charlie's Angels also continuing to pull in the crowds in its third week on release.
  • Grinch steals pole position from Charlie's Angels


  • Smith, Coltrane join all-Brit Harry Potter cast


    Warner Bros has confirmed that Maggie Smith, Robbie Coltrane, Fiona Shaw, Richard Griffiths and Ian Hart will star in its adaptation of JK Rowling's Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone. They join previously announced child actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson in the film's cast (Screendaily, August 18).