John Adams has partnered with John Williams’ Vanguard Films and struck a deal with Warner Bros to render a live-action and animated feature of Adams’ documentary series and intellectual property The Future Is Wild.

Adams is joined in the venture with his commercial partners Gerhard Sieber and Ettore Botta. The partners are currently out to directors.

The Future Is Wild was originally conceived as a documentary series for US cable network Animal Planet in 1996 and projects how the planet might develop over the next 200million years.

The property has evolved into a global brand encompassing children’s animation, publishing, Manga adaptations, educational programmes, toys, games, CD-roms and theme park ride licences.

“Producer John H Williams has truly shared our vision of taking the property and making a motion picture, which we all hope will be the start of a big screen franchise to match that of our television series,” Adams said. “We are delighted that we’ve set the film at Warner Bros, who have bought into the property with great enthusiasm and imagination.”

“In all of my experience, I can’t recall having been so excited by the possibilities that The Future Is Wild provides – especially at a time when technology has just about caught up to John’s scientifically based imagination,” Williams added. “The creative executives at Warner Bros have completely embraced the property and the next step is to bring a visionary director on board.”