Sarajevo features

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    On the road to success


    South East Europe has seen a boom in production in recent years, with regional hits such as The Parade, but the exhibition and distribution sectors still have to catch up.

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    Sarajevo means business


    The rising stars of south-eastern European cinema will be showcased at this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival (July 22-30) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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    Sarajevo preview: Filmmakers join forces


    As south-eastern Europe’s film-makers join forces with each other and with producers and financiers from outside the region, Vladan Petkovic explores their rising ambitions and the key role of the Sarajevo Film Festival (July 23-31)

  • Snow

    The long road back


    The six territories formed after the break-up of Yugoslavia still face plenty of challenges in terms of film distribution and exhibition, but Vladan Petkovic sees signs of optimism on the eve of the Sarajevo Film Festival in Bosnia (Aug 12-20

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    The triumphant transformation of Sarajevo


    As the Sarajevo Film Festival (August 12-20) grows in stature, so does its importance as a launch pad for international films into the region. Mike Goodridge reports