A constellation of nominees express humility, gratitude on the day of the Academy Award nominations.

Amanda Nevill, BFI CEO – “It’s fantastic to see the Academy putting the UK’s vibrant and thriving film industry firmly in the international spotlight. Britain’s world-leading studios and VFX facilities take centre stage in the spectacular Gravity, and the ability of our visionary directors to bring true stories to life with extraordinary effect is seen so vividly in Stephen Frears’ BFI and BBC Films-supported Philomena and Steve McQueen’s Film4-backed 12 Years A Slave.

“With Oscar recognition for on- and off-screen British talent across so many categories, these nominations help remind us that the UK’s film industry is something we can all be hugely proud of. All of these brilliant, talented people are winners in my eyes and I wish them all the luck in the world.”


Producers Charles Roven and Richard Suckle, best picture – “It is the ultimate honour to be counted among this year’s magnificent motion pictures and to be so appreciated by one’s peers. We can’t say thank you enough to the Academy. So many talented people gave their passion and absolutely everything they had to this film, both in front of and behind the camera, and we’re grateful that their achievements are being recognised.”

David O Russell, best director, best original screenplay (with Eric Warren Singer) “It was really meant to be. Movies get made when they’re supposed to get made. I wanted to make Silver Linings before The Fighter but I couldn’t get it made and I didn’t have the heat to get it made. Everything had this enormous momentous force leading us to make [American Hustle] at this moment. The story was coming together. I love to write. I am always writing because that’s who I am – I’m happiest when I’m living in a story. I wanted to see Amy [Adams] create a character I had never seen her do; the same with Christian, Bradley, Jennifer, Jeremy, Bob. Every single one of them had to create momentum and affinity for it. We all jumped in and were very excited to be there together with each other. That was very exciting for the actors. I feel pleased it happened on this picture.”

Amy Adams, lead actress – “I’m very honoured to be nominated alongside such inspiring actresses. Congratulations to the cast and crew of American Hustle and Her, two films that I’m incredibly proud to be a part of.”

Judy Becker, production design – “I am so proud to have been acknowledged in this way by my peers in the Academy. I am grateful to our director David O Russell for being such a collaborative partner, and to every single person who worked on American Hustle, most especially my incredible team.” 


Executive producer Tessa Ross, controller of film and drama at co-financier Channel 4 – “This is a very exciting day – Steve is already acclaimed as one of the worlds’ leading contemporary visual artists and is now being recognised as a truly visionary feature film-maker on the international stage. It’s also wonderful to see such a range of British talent being recognised in today’s nominations. Warmest congratulations from all of us at Film4 – we’re immensely proud of Steve, of the film and of all of our colleagues.”

Steve McQueen, directing – “I’m extraordinarily happy for all the cast and crew of our 12 Years A Slave family. This has been an amazing ride and to receive nine nominations from the Academy is a testament to all of the hard work. And for that I am truly grateful.”

John Ridley, adapted screenplay – “It feels very special, but I just really appreciate how people have responded to Solomon Northup’s story and his life. I’m just so happy for the whole crew and cast who brought Solomon’s memoir to the screen. It’s been a great year for film, and for people to consider 12 Years A Slave to be among the best is more humbling than you can imagine.”

Chiwetel Ejiofor, lead actor – “At no point during filming, in the sweltering heat of New Orleans, did any of us ever foresee the journey this film would take us all on. Steve McQueen created an entire family to tell one man’s tale and I am delighted that so many of this family have also been recognised today. I am hugely grateful to the Academy for this great honour and of course to Solomon Northup, for sharing his story through his breathtaking book.”

Lupita Nyong’o, supporting actress – “I am thrilled beyond words that the Academy has recognised my performance in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave and I am deeply proud to be in the company of my fellow nominees. This celebration of such an important film is simply extraordinary, and I am so pleased to be able to share it with the rest of the 12 Years A Slave family. I feel truly blessed.”

Michael Fassbender, supporting actor – “[I am] really chuffed with the Oscar nomination especially being recognised alongside such great actors. It’s a real honour.”


Alfonso Cuarón, best picture (with David Heyman), best director and best editing (with Mark Sanger) – “Thank you Academy for this incredible recognition. These nominations are not just about single achievements, but rather the collective effort of hundreds of dedicated artists who made this dream a reality. On behalf of everyone involved with Gravity I want to express our deepest gratitude to the industry, the exhibitors and the public for embracing this film so passionately. A special thank you to our friends and collaborators at Warner Bros for staying on board this journey for more than four years. I am particularly moved by Sandy’s nomination. She is the heartbeat of our film. She immersed herself in the part. And I thank her for her grace, her trust and her dedication to finding the truth of this character.”

David Heyman, best picture (with Cuarón) – “When you’re working with Alfonso, you are going to be part of something that is extraordinary. He settles for nothing less. It is a privilege to work with him.”

Sandra Bullock, lead actress – “I had already felt overwhelmingly blessed to have had the creative once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I did on Gravity. The life experience I garnered on this journey is something for which I will forever be grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Academy for including all of us amongst nominees that have left us in awe with their work this year.”

Emmanuel Lubezki – cinematography – “When I began this project more than four years ago, I could not have imagined the challenges it would present. In approaching every challenge, I was fortunate to have the trust and collaboration of Alfonso and the support of a terrific team including Sandra Bullock. I want to thank them and the Academy for their recognition.”

Mark Sanger, editing (with Cuarón) – “I was thrilled to be involved with a team of artistic collaborators on Gravity who designed new technologies and creative innovations to achieve Alfonso’s unique vision. I am honoured to be nominated amongst them now, but also truly humbled to be named in a category alongside those who have inspired me throughout my career.”

Neil Corbould, visual effects (with Tim Webber, Chris Lawrence and Dave Shirk) – “We are up against some tough competition this year but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Gravity was one of those once-in-a-lifetime movies and I am so happy to have been a part of it.”


Producers Robbie Brennar and Rachel Winter, best picture – “We were going in between screaming, crying in disbelief, in utter joy and accomplishment. A myriad of emotions one can go through. At one point I was channeling Matt thinking, ‘Right on, right on, right on.’”

Matthew McConaughey, lead actor – “I am honoured and grateful for this nomination. I love working in an industry and craft that inspires me daily and allows me to tell stories that translate humanities and move people. I share this with the entire Dallas Buyers Club family of film-makers, cast, and crew – and the real-life Ron Woodroofs and Rayons who continue to fight and live with dignity. Thank you.”

*Jared Leto, supporting actor – “I am absolutely blown away by this incredible nomination. I never in my life thought I would have the opportunity to even write these words. Today you not only honour me but also all those around the world living with AIDS and all those we have lost to this disease. Thank you for recognising them and recognizing their struggle through Dallas Buyers Club. This was a fascinating story told by a group of incredibly passionate and committed filmmakers who wanted to create something special and shine a light on a unique and important story.”

Jean-Marc Vallée (director, did not earn a nomination) –  “What a beautiful way to end the incredible adventure that has been Dallas Buyers Club. My collaborators and I have had an amazing time making this film. Today we all share a collective sense of pride as we have had the opportunity to spotlight a part of history that’s both beautiful and sometimes painful to remember, and been able to tell a story which has touched the hearts of many.” 


Philomena Lee– “For decades, I kept the story of my son mine and mine alone. To be able to share it today with the world, with no less than the beautiful, brilliant actors and film-makers I had at my side, is truly a blessing. My heartfelt thanks goes to the entire team who made this movie a reality, and to those who helped to nominate it…what a humbling acknowledgment.”

Gabrielle Tana, best picture – “Thank you so much to the Academy. I cannot tell you how honoured and thrilled I am to be nominated. This film has been a privilege to be a part of throughout and I have been lucky enough to work with such wonderful talent. I’m so proud of this movie, and the story that it tells, that for it to be recognized like this, is absolutely wonderful. (The real) Philomena is here with me today and I know that this means the world to her too.”

Judi Dench, lead actress – “This is just the loveliest news. I’m so happy for everybody involved, and so proud to have been part of the wonderful experience that Philomena has been.”

Alexandre Desplat, original score – “The film is such a gem. Philomena Lee’s story, beautifully conveyed by Judi Dench and Steve Coogan is universal, and it deeply moved me when I first saw it. Stephen Frears is such a master at directing drama with a subtle touch. I have been extremely lucky to work with him several times beginning first with The Queen. I am very proud of being part of Philomena’s creative team.”


Producer Emma Tillinger Koskoff, best picture – “It feels great. It’s like the greatest day of my life with the exception of the birth of my daughter. I am thrilled.”

Martin Scorsese, directing – “It’s a great honour to receive this nomination from the Academy. I had a great team on The Wolf Of Wall Street and we all worked together to give the picture the special energy that it needed. I could never have done it without them and I think of this nomination as a way of recognising the whole group and what they achieved… I’m so pleased to see the picture recognised by the Academy, along with all the hard work, by so many talented people, that it took to bring it to the screen.”

Leonardo DiCaprio, best actor – “I am deeply humbled by this honour and even happier to share today with Marty, Jonah, Terry as well as this entire cast and crew. The Wolf Of Wall Street has been a passion project of mine, and I found the role  to be one of the most challenging and rewarding of my career.  Congratulations to all of my fellow nominees and thank you to the Academy for this extraordinary recognition.”

Terence Winter, adapted screenplay – “Despite the fact of what I do for a living, I am having difficulty finding the words to express how honoured I am to be nominated. Martin Scorsese is the reason I wanted to become a screenwriter in the first place. Having my name is included with his on this list is more than I could ever have hoped for. I’m equally thrilled for Leo, Jonah, and our entire cast and crew who’ve been honoured with a best picture nomination for their incredible work.”


Meryl Streep, lead actress – “I am so happy for our film that Julia and I have been nominated. We are both so proud of August: Osage County. This honour from the Academy, for which we are truly grateful, will help bring attention to our film from audiences across the country, which is thrilling.”

Julia Roberts, supporting actress – “This was certainly a once in a lifetime experience and the recognition from it is an absolutely thrilling bonus. I simply could not be more excited right now.”


Barkhad Abdi, supporting actor – “I am truly honoured to have been nominated by the Academy this morning. This has been a life changing experience for me.  I would like to congratulate all of the nominees this morning, especially the team from Captain Phillips who were recognized.  My performance is a testament to the vision of our incredible director Paul Greengrass, and our other Captain - the generous, amazing, and inspiring Tom Hanks.”


Thoman Newman, best score – “It’s never a bad feeling. The first time I was nominated I couldn’t even believe it.”


John Williams, original score – “I’m so pleased to learn that the score from The Book Thief has been nominated by the Academy music branch. Working with director Brian Percival and his brilliant cast was an absolute joy, and I’m gratified that the Academy has chosen to recognise this very special film.”


Philippe Le Sourd, cinematography – “Thank you Academy. I’m so thrilled about this nomination. It’s amazing news for the film. I’m very proud of the collaboration with Wong Kar Wai during this most beautiful journey, shot over three years in China.  Kar Wai gave me the opportunity to express a visual language with a lot of passion and respect.”


Thomas Vinterberg, director of Danish best foreign language nominee – “It rocks. I’m really excited and proud.”


U2, best song – “We are humbled and honoured that Ordinary Love has been nominated for an Oscar… it was a privilege to be asked to write a song for this extraordinary film, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, and to help tell this extraordinary love story. We have been working for this great man since we were teenagers and for our song to be recognised in this way by the Academy is beyond our wildest teenage dreams.”


Pharrell Williams, best song – “I am so grateful to the Academy. This is such a huge honour and surprise. I love animated films …I have since I was a kid, and working with Chris Meledandri, the Illumination team and Universal Pictures was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had. What can I say… I’m happy!”


Kristine Belson, producer of best animation nominee – “Wow… WOW! I’m so thrilled and so grateful to the Academy. But mostly, I’m so very proud on behalf of our incredible team of artists who crafted this film, our amazing voice cast, and most of all of our writer-directors Chris and Kirk. They made a movie that was both hilarious and moving and I feel damn lucky to be part of this remarkable team.”

Kirk DeMicco, co-writer, co-director, producer – “Today’s Oscar nomination is without a doubt the icing on the cake of an eight-year labor of love. We set out to make a film that everyone in the family – especially fathers –  can relate to: a story about the power of change. You’d think as an Oscar hopeful I’d be up at 5:30am glued to my television, but instead I was in the nursery of my 10-month-old twins experiencing the real power of change – that of diapers. This film has taken the work of over 300 talented artists at DreamWorks Animation to produce and on behalf of our entire crew, I send a huge thank-you to the Academy and raise a bottle baby in toast to our fellow nominees.”


Joshua Oppenheimer, director of best documentary nominee – “This nomination is an honour for us as film-makers, but for the survivors and victims it is a crucial first step in their country’s acknowledgement of a moral catastrophe – the horror of the genocide and the ongoing regime of fear and corruption built by the killers. May it also be a first step toward healing.”


Jeremy Scahill, director of best documentary nominee – “As I watched the announcement of our nomination, I was flooded with memories of all of the people who risked their lives to make this film: from Somalia to Yemen to Afghanistan and beyond. And I remembered the humility and humanity of the victims of US drone strikes and night raids who welcomed us into their homes to share their painful, harrowing stories with us. Richard Rowley and I are deeply honoured by this nomination and our hope is that it will enable us to fulfill our promise to the people who live under the bombs and missiles to tell their stories to the world.”


Zachary Heinzerling, director of best documentary nominee – “I am overcome with gratitude. After spending five years with the Shinoharas, I feel privileged to have brought their unique love story and their inspiring artistry to the screen. Thank you to the Academy for this incredible recognition, which I share with Ushio and Noriko without whom none of this would have been possible.”


Star Johnny Knoxville on the film’s make-up and hairstyling nomination – “What an honour that Stephen Prouty got nominated for best makeup and hairstyling for Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. Am I as stunned as everyone else we didn’t get the nod for best picture? Well of course, duh, but I won’t let that take away from my happiness for Steve, Tony Gardner, and our whole makeup team. Wahoo!”


Max Long and Jan Lachauer, co-directors of animated short film – “This is incredible. We tried not to think about the possibility of getting nominated and kept telling each other, this won’t happen… and now… it really did happen. We would like to thank the Academy in the name of the whole team that worked incredibly hard on making this film. This nomination means a lot to us and we’re so happy our film made it this far.”


Shuhei Morita, director of animated short film – “It is a godsend. We are so glad that Possessions has been nominated and will be seen by a lot of people.”