Beta Cinema has taken on world sales for new films featuring the award-winning German actresses Hannah Herzsprung, Nina Hoss and Julia Jentsch.

Herzsprung, who came to wider recognition through her performance in another Beta title Four Minutes and received a Silver Lola for her role in Alain Gsponer's Life Actually last month, is currently appearing opposite Marie Baumer, Sebastian Blomberg, Anna Loos and Filip Peeters in Nicolai Rohde's second feature Der Lotse (literally, The Air Traffic Controller).

The screenplay by Rohde with authors Soenke Lars Neuwoehner and Sven S. Poser was inspired by the real-life case of the Swiss air traffic controller who was murdered by a grieving father after the collision of two aeroplanes in 2002.

Producer Sigrid Hoerner of moneypenny Filmproduktion stresses, though, that Der Lotse is 'purely fictional' despite the real-life background, while Rohde explains that he is 'interested here by the chain reaction which was triggered off by the air crash and the ensuing events. That fateful aspect is what fascinated me.'

Meanwhile, the Munich-based sales outfit is continuing its working relationship with producer-distributor Constantin Film after the success of Hermine Huntgeburth's The White Massai and Oliver Hirschbiegel's Downfall by adding Huntgeburth's new feature Effi and Max Farberbock's Anonyma - A Woman In Berlin to its sales lineup.

Based on an autobiographical bestseller by journalist Marta Hiller and set in Berlin at the time of Germany's capitulation in spring 1945, Anonyma stars Nina Hoss who was the winner of this year's Best Actress Silver Bear at the Berlinale for her performance in Christian Petzold's Yella.

Finally, Julia Jentsch (Sophie Scholl), who was seen last week on prime-time television in the German version of Richard Curtis' The Girl In The Cafe, plays the lead role in a new version of the Theodor Fontane novel Effi Briest which is set among Prussia's upper classes of the late nineteenth century. Shooting at original locations in Berlin and Brandenburg will begin on Sept 3.