UPDATED JULY 28: Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes reached the international box office summit at the weekend as a confirmed $54.8m from 12,247 screens in more than 61 markets dethroned Transformers 4.


UPDATE: Now on $186.7m, Apes can enjoy at least one week at the top before Disney unleashes Guardians Of The Galaxy. The apes opened top in Mexico on $12.9m from 2,230 and top in Brazil on $9.2m from 873.

Latin American heft also manifested itself in Colombia on $2.4m from 280, Peru on $1.9m from 243 and Central America, Ecuador, Bolivia and Uruguay on a combined $1.9m. 

Holdover business was strong. The UK generated $6.3m for $28.9m, Russia $3.4m for $17.6m, South Korea $2.8m for $29.4m to rank as Fox’s third biggest ever release.

Dawn added $2.2m in Spain for $9.8m, $1.7m in Australia for $14.5m and $1.4m in Argentina for $3.6m. The film arrives in a further 11 markets this week including France, Italy and Belgium.

DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon 2 flew delivered $24.4m from 59 markets to soar to $260.4m. with debuts still to come in China, Spain and Italy in August.

The family film opened in second place in Germany on $5.9m from 1,074 screens and top in Austria on $1.m from 163. It opened in the non-fox market of South Korea on $7.4m from 828 screens.  

The UK drove a $1.7m holdover for $25.8m, while Venezuela generated a number one hold on $1.2m for $4.3m. Dragon 2 added $1.3m in France for $20.5m after four sessions.

The Fault In Our Stars added $3.6m for $135.4m and X-Men: Days Of Future Past has reached $510.4m.


UPDATE: Paramount’s Transformers: Age Of Extinction brought in a further $36.9m to reach $730m overall and $301m in China..

Transformers 4 stands at $966.4m worldwide, while stablemate Hercules from Paramount and MGM grossed an estimated $28.7m from 3,364 venues in its first 265 territories.

The Dwayne Johnson adventure scored a career-high for its star in Russia, where $12m from 930 sites secured number one.

Australia delivered a number one $3.5m result from 222, while the UK produced $2.5m from 438 and Malaysia and the Philippines generated mighty chart-topping debuts – $1.5m from 110 and $1.2m from 134, respectively.

In two other notable number one results, Hercules delivered $1.3m in Taiwan and $1.1m from 27 in Singapore.

The worldwide Imax haul amounted to $4m from 347 screens, of which international accounted for $2m from 114. Russia generated $1m from 35 Imax screens.

Transformers 4 produced $2.1m from international Imax screens and $1.4m from China for a $36m running total.


Continent grossed $33m to reach $45m, while The House That Never Dies added $8.7m for $48.5m and Tiny Times 3.0 $7.2m for $73.5m. The Magical Brush opened on $3.8m.


Yoon Jong-bin’s period epic Kundo: Age Of The Rampant took $20m to stand at an early $21.1m.


UPDATE: Godzilla stomped into Japan through Toho on a number one $6.7m from 427. The film’s overall international running total is just shy of $300m. Blended added $4.3m for $66.2m. Edge Of Tomorrow stands at $264.2m.


UPDATE: Sex Tape grossed $6.2m from 18 territories to reach an early $10.3m, fired up by a number three $2.6m Russian debut on 961 screens.

The comedy opened in Spain in second place on $913,698 from 348 and has reached $4.5m in Australia after two sessions.

22 Jump Street added $2.2m from 46 for $92.7m and opened in third pace in Italy on $237,806 from 124. The UK remains the top market on $31m, followed by Australia on $20.9m and Russia on $9.5m.

Deliver Us From Evil grossed $1.3m from 27 to reach $7.9m and opened in Australia on $939,688 from 152.


In the week when Maleficent crossed $700m worldwide, the fantasy added $5.2m from 45 territories to reach $482.9m.

China is the lead on $47.6m, then Mexico on $46m, Japan $39.3m, Russia $37.5m, Brazil $32.7m and the UK $31.1m.

Planes: Fire & Rescue opened in France and several smaller markets, grossing $6.9m from 30 to stand at an early $21m. Mexico is the lead markets on $3.3m, followed by Brazil on $2.6m, Spain and Argentina on $2.1m apiece and Japan on $2m.


UPDATE: The Purge: Anarchy generated $6.1m from 1,552 theatres from 23 territories to climb to an early $6.8m.

The film opened in third place in the UK and scored the biggest horror/thriller debut of the year-to-date on $2m from 382 sites.

It arrived at number three in France on $1.6m from 200, number two in Italy on $1.1m from 248 and number three in Spain on $626,000 from 230.

There was a $312,000 number seven debut in Argentina on 57 and a number seven launch in the Netherlands on $252,000 from 50.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’ Movie added $2.6m from 616 dates in three Universal territories for $25m. It opened in second place in Australia on $1.8m from 237, arrived at number two in New Zealand on $467,000 from 81 and ranked number nine in the UK on $384,000 from 298 for $22.8m after five sessions.

Step Up All In, which Universal is distributing in 18 territories, grossed $1.2m from at 323 venues in France and French-Switzerland for $4.5m. 

Neighbors has amassed $107.4m and opened top in Belgium on $495,000 from 30.

Boyhood, which Universal distributes everywhere except France, Belgium the Netherlands and the US, is playing in five territories and stands at $5.6m. The UK has generated $2.4m after three weekends and Germany $2.5m after eight.

A Million Ways To Die In The West has reached $42.8m.