FEBRUARY 23 UPDATE: Universal’s Fifty Shades Of Grey reached a confirmed $405.1m worldwide and closed out the weekend as the leading film at the global box office for the second consecutive session.


UPDATED: The S&M romance added a confirmed $63.2m from 10,323 venues in 58 territories for $275.9m to rank number one internationally and top the tables in more than 50 territories. It also ranks number one in North America where it has amassed $129.1m.

Comparative results are already delivering impressive scalps as the film overtook the $263m final international total of Sex And The City and stayed on course to pass the $283m achieved by The Hunger Games on Monday.

A string of productive holdovers saw the film vault to $38.8m (£25.6m) in the UK, $26.3m in Germany, $20.3m in France, $18.8m in Brazil, $18.3m in Italy, $15.3m in Spain, $15.5m in Russia, $13.4m in Australia, $12.8m in Mexico, $7.4m in Poland and $6.3m in Argentina.

Fifty Shades Of Grey opened top in Trinidad on $292,000 from 16 sites for the biggest February and R-rated debut in history and Universal’s second biggest launch.

The film is due to open this week in South Korea, followed by select Middle Eastern markets on March 11 and India on a date that remains unset. 

The Theory Of Everything crossed $100m worldwide to reach $104.1m as a further $2.7m from 46 territories boosted the international haul to $69.9m. North America stands at $34.1m.

After seven weeks the film, whch earned Eddie Redmayne the best lead actor Oscar on February 22, has produced $30.1m (£19.9m) in the UK. There are 10 territories to go including Russia and Denmark this week.

Legendary’s Seventh Son stands at $59.7m, rising to $85.2m including $25.5m from China via Legendary East.

Unbroken has grossed $45.6m from 36 and opens in Colombia on March 5 and Hong Kong on March 26. Ouija stands at $48.9m, Boyhood $23.7m, Legendary’s Blackhat $9.6m and The Boy Next Door $3.1m.


UPDATED: Kingsman: The Secret Service brought in a further $33.4m from 5,940 screens in 59 markets to propel the running total to $86.8m.

The spy caper took advantage of Chinese New Year to became the biggest non-Korean R-rated film in South Korea as $8.9m from 728 in the second weekend boosted the tally to $17.8m.

Debuts in France and Taiwan delivered $3.3m from 497 for number three and $3.4m from 125 for number one, respectively. Malaysia’s opening weekend of $2.3m from 300 produced Fox’s third biggest debut in history.

Kingsman grossed $2.2m from 1,049 in Russia to stay top in the second session and reach $6.6m; $1.8m from 615 in the UK to rank fourth and reach $20.4m after four; and $1.7m from 251 for number two in Australia for $9.2m after three weekends.

DreamWorks Animation’s Penguins Of Madagascar grossed $5m from 1,321 screens in 36 markets for $277.1m and opened in Hong Kong on $1.4m from 82.

Taken 3 haa reached the cusp of $200m internationally as a $4.3m weekend haul from 2,687 screens in 54 markets this weekend pushed the running total to $199.2m.

The thriller is blazing a trail in Latin America and stands at $9.8m in Mexico after four, $1.9m in Colombia after three, $4.2m in Argentina after four, $6.9m in Brazil after five and $2.7m in Peru after four. Italy has generated $1.6m after two.

Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb added $4.4m from 1,730 screens in 30 markets to reach $229.4m. France delivered the result of the weekend with a $1.6m hold from 630 for $7.9m after three sessions. Exodus: Gods And Kings stands at $203.3m.

Oscar best picture winner Birdman boosted its status by $2.3m from 1,342 screens in 46 markets to $38.7m. The film has reached $4.3m in Australia after six weekends, $4.2m in Spain after seven, $2.8m in Italy after three, $2.6m in Germany after four and $1.3m in Brazil after four.


A lucrative Chinese New Year session saw Dragon Blade gross a further $33m to reach $50m. Jackie Chan stars alongside South Korea’s Choi Si-won, John Cusack and Adrien Brody in Daniel Lee’s speculative action story about a Roman legion that travels to China in 48 BC.

Investors include China’s Sparkle Roll Cultural Media, Huayi Brothers, Home Media & Entertainment Fund, Shanghai Film Group, China Film & TV Capital, Tencent and Alibaba.

Wong Jing’s From Vegas To Macau II starring Chow Yun Fat took $29m to boost the early running total to $39m. The first instalment opened a year ago and grossed $85m in mainland China.

3D fantasy adventure Snow Girl And The Dark Crystal from directors Peter Pau and Zhao Tianyu took $17m for $26.5m.

Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Mongolia-set Chinese-French co-production Wolf Totem added $14m in China via China Film Group for an early $27m running total. Bill Kong produced with China Film Group and Annaud’s longtime French producer Xavier Castano. Wild Bunch handles European sales and Kong oversees Asia, the US and Latin America.

Hong Kong TV adaptation Triumph In The Skies from directors Wilson Yip and Matt Chow and produced by Media Asia and Shaw Brothers grossed $10m to reach an early $14m.

Showbox’s South Korean crime sequel Detective K: The Laborer’s Daughter added $12.5m for a $23m tally.


The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water added $21.9m from 44 territories to reach $76m and was fired up by three major debuts.

The children’s animation opened at number two in Germany on $5.3m from 503 sites, arrived in France in fourth place on $3m from 634 and debuted at number six in South Korea on $1.4m from 348.

In other debuts, Austria delivered $681000, the UAE $493,000, Poland $409,000, Sweden $261,000 and Norway $220,000.

Russia produced the top holdover result on $2.1m from 1,300 locations for $6.4m after two weekends. Brazil generated $2m from 477 for $13m after three sessions and Mexico $844,000 from 577 for $14.8m after four.

After three weekends SpongeBob stands at $4.5m in Spain, $3.5m in Venezuela, $2.5m in Peru and $2.2m in Argentina. The film arrives in Italy this week and reaches the UK on March 27 and Australia on April 2.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stands at $292.6m internationally and added $714,000 from 331 in the third weekend in Japan to reach $7.4m.

Project Almanac earned $1.3m from 10 markets for an early $5.4m, buoyed by a $1.3m UK debut from 385 including previews. The time travel sci-fi opens in France, Australia and Mexico this week.


UPDATED: American Sniper crossed $100m following a $21.8m session from 54 markets that elevated the running total to $109.6m and the global haul to $428.1m.

Clint Eastwood’s war film starring Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper opened top in France on $6.3m from 411 screens including previews for an Eastwood record.

In three further new Eastwood records, Spain delivered $3.2m from 380, Mexico produced $2.6m from 1,457 for number one and Brazil generated $1.8m from 173 for number three.

American Sniper arrived top in Japan on $2.8m from 333 for Eastwood’s second best launch behind Letters From Iwo Jima.

Australia has produced $14.2m after five weekends, Italy $23m, the UK $19.7m and Taiwan $4.2m. The film opens in Germany this week.

Jupiter Ascending grossed $8.6m from 5,860 screens in 67 markets for $74.6m and opened in third place in Australia on $1.6m from 415.

After three weekends the sci-fi stands at $8.5m in Russia, $5.9m in both France and the UK, $5.3m in Brazil, $4.5m in Germany, $3.7m in Mexico, $2.5m in Spain, $2.4m in both South Korea and Malaysia and $2.2m in Italy. It opens in China on March 6 and Japan on March 28.

Warner Bros’ local co-production Traumfrauen opened at number three in Germany this weekend on $3.9m from 597 screens. The film is a Hellinger/Doll, Warner Bros Ent and Decker Bros co-production.

Due to Chinese New year, results for The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies in China are expected on Wednesday.


Oscar nominee Big Hero 6 added $11m from 27 territories to reach $326m after 18 weeks of release. The family release climbed to $6.9m in France after two weekends and $24.8m in the UK after four.

Japan remains the lead market and is nearing the end of its run on $72.1m. Russia has delivered $20.2m, South Korea $19.5m, Australia $17.4m and Mexico $17m.


The Wedding Ringer grossed $2.5m from 870 screens in 38 territories to stand at an early $8.1m. The comedy arrived in fifth place in the UK on $1.6m including previews.

Annie added $1.8m from 1,840 screens in 31 territories to reach $43.8m, of which $38.2m comes from Sony markets and the $5.6m balance via Village Roadshow.

The family release opened in Peru on $360,000 from 90 screens, Argentina on $250,000 from 85 and Chile on $125,000 from 42.

Japan has generated $10.1m after five, Spain $2.9m after four. Annie opens in France this week.

Sony’s local production and WWI drama Batalion opened at number two in Russia on $2.5m from 989 screens.


Shaun The Sheep crossed £10m ($15m) at the weekend as $3.7m (£2.4m) boosted the total to $15.6m (£10.3m).

Paddington stands at $56.9m (£36.9m) in the UK and more than $227m worldwide, while The Imitation Game has reached $24.9m (£16.2m).


Mortdecai grossed $2.3m from 37 markets to haul the running total to $22.7m. The caper opened in fourth place in Italy on $864,000 from 284 screens and arrived in South Korea on $470,000 from 256. Japan remains the lead market on $5.1m after three sessions.