Frozen grossed an estimated $24m from 47 territories through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International over the weekend to reach $545.1m.

The Disney release crossed $900m at the worldwide box office to rank as the 28th biggest release in history, the fourth biggest animation globally and the fifth biggest internationally.

The film now ranks as the biggest non-sequel animation based on an original property of all time globally, internationally and in North America.

It is the biggest animation release in South Korea and Denmark, the biggest Disney or Pixar animation in more than 20 territories including Russia and Brazil and Walt Disney Animation Studios’ biggest release in more than 45 territories including the UK.

  • Chinese epic The Monkey King added $21.5m to reach an early $118m. Dad, Where Are We Going? added $12.5m for $81.5m and The Man From Macau grossed $23m for $45m.
  • MGM and Columbia Pictures’ Robocop earned an estimated $20.2m to raise the early running total to $28.7m. Sony Pictures Releasing International’s (SPRI) share was $10m for $18m while MGM licensees contributed $10.6m over the weekend.

The thriller remake ranked number one in 10 markets and opened through SPRI in Australia in second place on $2m from 225, Italy at number four on $1.3m from 358, the Philippines at number one on $1.1m from 163, UAE at number one on $775,000 from 51 and Venezuela at number two on $530,000 from 77.

Turning to the MGM markets, Robocop arrived in the UK in second place on $3.7m from 418 screens, debuted at number one in France on $3m from 423 and Germany in second place on $2m from 472.

Robocop generated $1.5m from 87 IMAX screens in 29 countries for an impressive $17,000-lus average.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 added $3.5m form 27 markets for $145.8m and opened in France on $1.6m from 600 in fifth place and arrived in the Netherlands at number three on $825,000 from 151.

American Hustle grossed $1.9m through SPRI for $8.4m and opened at number five in Brazil on $1m from 106.

  • The Lego Movie grossed $18.m through Warner Bros Pictures international in 34 markets to bring the global tally after the first weekend to $87.2m. The family title delivered notable number one results, led by Mexico on $4.1m from 1,850 screens, Spain on $2m from 427, Brazil on $1.8m from 587 and $982,000 in Hong Kong from 62. The Lego Movie arrives this week in the UK.
  • The Wolf Of Wall Street, which Universal Pictures International is distributing in nine European territories, added $9m from 1,715 sites in nine for $86.8m.

The dark comedy ranks number two in Germany as $3.1m from 538 raised the running total to $24.1m and third in the UK where $2.8m from 477 elevated the tally to $29.4m. It ranks as the third highest R-rated film of all time in both markets. Wolf places second in Spain on $1.4m from 279 for $12.9m. The film has reached $3.9m after two weekends in Japan through Paramount Pictures International (PPI) and remains top.

Russian 3D fantasy adventure Viy held firm at the top in its second weekend in Russia on $6.8m from 1,036 for $28.5m.   

47 Ronin took $4.4m from 31 territories to reach $99.8m and is expected to cross $100m on Monday. Mexico and Germany have generated $4.4m and $3.4m respectively after two weekends.

Last Vegas, which Universal is releasing in 13 territories, took a further $1.9m from seven for $22.8m. The Australian debut produced $1.6m from 238 for number three.

The Physician (Der Medicus) stands at $45.3m from four and has delivered $39.9m in Germany after six sessions. Lone Survivor has grossed $2.7m after two weekends in the UK.

  • 12 Years A Slave grossed $6.7m through 48 Lionsgate International licensees to reach $61.2m.
  • Mr Peabody & Sherman opened at number one in the UK through Fox International on $6.6m including previews.

The Book Thief added $3.4m from 27 markets for a $29m running total. Reliance Big and BBC Earth’s Walking With Dinosaurs stands at $87.2m.

  • PPI too brass reported that Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit added $5.4m from 58 territories for $70m and stands at $5.2m in the UK after three weekends and $1.4m in Spain after two. The spy thriller opened in Brazil on $633,000 from 251 sites.Anchorman 2 stands at $44.1m.
  • Studiocanal opened Robocop in the UK on $3.7m.

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