Warner Bros/New Line/MGM’s fantasy stands on the cusp of $189m through Warner Bros Pictures International after its first week in release and is expected to dominate the weekend session.

The Middle Earth saga added $19.5m on Wednesday (19) after Monday and Tuesday hauls of $14.7m and $15.8m, respectively.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is set to open this weekend in Russia and Ukraine.

Universal Pictures International opens Les Miserables in its first global market of Japan on Dec 21. The musical arrives in North America, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Spain on Dec 25 followed by Australia on Dec 26 and Hungary on Dec 27. 

The remaining international markets open in 2013 including the UK and Ireland on Jan 11.

Paramount Pictures International opens the latest Tom Cruise action vehicle, Jack Reacher, day-and-date with North America in Singapore, Hong Kong and five other Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

Rise Of The Guardians opens in India and stands at $128.6m.

Fox International opens Life Of Pi in around 36 markets including the UK, Mexico, Brazil, Italy and Sweden. The fantasy adventure has raced to a magnificent $134.3m from a handful of markets.

Huck Finn arrives in Germany. The Sessions opens in Spain.