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‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’

JUNE 25 UPDATE: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom remained top of the international pile and came in above weekend estimates by some $5m, adding $111.9m for $567m as the film surged past $200m in China. 

Pixar’s Incredibles 2 scored a Pixar-record $21.2m debut in China as the global haul closed in on $500m, and Fox’s Deadpool 2 crossed $400m.


UPDATEDCombined with the $150m estimated number one North American launch, the tentpole stands at $715m worldwide. Fallen Kingdom stayed top in China and added $34.1m to reach $204.4m.

Universal Pictures International sources said Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opened at number one in 16 of its 17 new markets. Mexico led the way on $12.2m for the third highest June debut and Universal’s fifth highest opening weekend in history, followed by Brazil on $9.3m for the industry’s eighth highest opening weekend, and Australia on $8.2m in Universal’s widest ever release in 304 locations, and the studio’s fourth highest weekend debut.

Elsewhere the dinosaurs stomped into Argentina on $2.5m for the industry’s eighth highest opening weekend, Central America on $2.1m for the second highest June debut and Universal’s fourth highest opening, Colombia on $1.8m in the studio’s fifth highest debut, and Peru $1.7m for the for the third highest June debut and Universal’s fifth highest opening.

In other number one debuts, Fallen Kingdom produced $1.6m in Chile, $1.3m in New Zealand, $1m in the Czech Republic, $809,000 in Ecuador, $451 in Bolivia, and $448 in Slovakia.

The summer hit has opened at number one in 67 international markets to date and pushed the franchise past $4.4bn. In third weekend holdovers, the UK generated $4.3m for $41.4m, $3m for $43.4m in South Korea, $3.1m for $19.3m in Germany, $2.5m for $19.9m in France, and $1.5m for $11.7m in Malaysia.

Rounding out the weekend highlights are $1.6m for $18.4m in Spain, $1.4m for $17.3m in India, $1.5m for $18m in Taiwan, $1.2m for $17.4m in Russia, $1.1m for $10m in Italy, $1.1m for $6.3m in Netherlands, and $1.2m for $9.9m in Hong Kong.

IMAX sites generated $19m worldwide for a $46m running total. Some $4.3m of the weekend IMAX haul came from the international arena and $4.2m from China.  Approximately 53% of all global ticket sales for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom have come from the 3D format. Some $380m has been generated by total 3D ticket sales, of which $105m come from RealD ticket sales.

The Blumhouse horror thriller Truth Or Dare added $1.5m for $50.1m and stands at $90.8m worldwide. It opened in Italy in second place on $885, and Hungary in third on $149,000.

The comedy Blockers stands at $33.2m and $93m worldwide, while Pope Francis: A Man Of His Word has reached $1.4m from four territories. Germany leads the way on $1.2m after two weekends. Jason Reitman’s comedy-drama Tully on $900,000 opened in Spain on $125,000.


UPDATED: Pixar’s Incredibles 2 brought in $56.7m from 28 territories as the running total climbed to an early $134.6m and $485m worldwide. The China debut delivered a record Pixar opening on $21m, far exceeding the original which finished on less than $3m after it opened in January 2005.

An estimated $3.3m from India secured top spot and the highest industry animated opening weekend result and the family hit has already grossed more than any Pixar release before it.

Thus far Mexico ranks as the top territory on $23.7m, followed by China, then Australia on $14.6m, Russia on $10.4m, Argentina on $6.7m, and Colombia on $5.9m.

Solo: A Star Wars Story added $2.8m from 37 territories for $151.6m and $353.5m worldwide. Avengers: Infinity War grossed $1.7m for $1.362bn and $2.031bn worldwide.


UPDATED: Ocean’s 8 took $27.6m from 60 markets on approximately and climbed to $71.3m as the worldwide haul reached $171.6m. The all-female heist caper debuted at number one in the UK on $5.8m including previews, and opened top in Russia on $2.6m.

The film opened on $2m in second place in Germany, $1.2m in second place in Holland, and number one in UAE on $1.1m. South Korea led the holdovers, generating $2.4m for $8.6m after two weekends, while Australia produced $1.2m for $10.1m after three, and France $1m for $3.6m after two. Taiwan has delivered $3.4m after two, and Brazil $4.3m after three.

The comedy Tag grossed $1.2m from nine markets for an early $3.2m running total. Australia leads the way on $1.6m. Comedy Life Of The Party stands at $10m.


UPDATED: Deadpool 2 grossed $5.4m from 76 markets to reach $403m, while rom-com Love, Simon added $1.1m from 20 for $20m and opened in Spain on $189,718 and in Denmark on $119,353.


Horror smash A Quiet Place grossed $1.7m from 17 markets including France, where it opened in second place on $1.6m. The international haul stands at $141.4m.

Family animation Sherlock Gnomes has reached $44.3m, and stands at $11.1m in the UK after seven weekends.


UPDATED: Shailene Woodley-Sam Clafin survival drama Adrift added $435 from 25 markets to reach $2.3m.