Warner Bros’ R-rated DC Entertainment adaptation added $11.4m on Thursday to reach $191.5m outside North America.

Suicide Squad vaulted to $370.6m worldwide factoring in $179.1m from North America.

The comic book adaptation opened top in Argentina on Thursday on $426k from 314 screens for a 72% share of the top five.

That was enough to re-write the August opening day record books and secure a record debut for Will Smith, as well as the studio’s second biggest opening day behind Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and the fourth biggest opening day for a comic book adaptation.

The UK remains the lead market thus far on $23.7m, followed by Brazil on $17.2m, while $16.3m from Russia has overtaken the lifetime total of Batman v Superman.

Mexico has generated $15.3m where Suicide Squad has surpassed the final tally of Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Australia has produced $13.6m, South Korea $12.6m, France $10.6m, Spain $6.1m, Taiwan $5.2m and Indonesia $4.6m.