Marvel Studio’s Thor: The Dark World surged past the milestone on November 20 and has reached $504.2m, Disney executives have reported.

The occasion marks the third Disney release and the second Marvel Studios film to reach the box office threshold this year after Iron Man 3 and Disney Pixar’s Monsters University.

Thor: The Dark World has amassed $352.2m internationally and $152m in North America.

The film has overtaken the total global box office tallies for Captain America ($371m) and Thor ($449m), as well as the total international box office hauls of Captain America ($194m), Iron Man ($267m), Thor ($268m) and Iron Man 2 ($312m).

China has generated the top gross on $46.1m, followed by Russia on $33.6m, the UK on $28.3m, Brazil on $22.2m, Mexico on $20.9m, France on $19.9m, South Korea on $19.2m, Germany on $18.2m and Australia $17.9m.