BOX OFFICE: Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio head into the weekend eying a third consecutive period of international domination with The Wolf Of Wall Street perched on $231.2m worldwide.

The dark comedy, which crossed $100m in North America on January 29 through Paramount, has scorched up the charts internationally.

In its first week the film has taken $7.5m and 1.8m admissions in Australia through Roadshow and $6.8m in Italy through Andrea Leone.

Wolf has generated $23.4m and 2.7m admissions after five weeks in France through Metropolitan, $17.7m after two in the UK through Universal, $14.1m after two in Germany through Universal and $4.9m after four in Poland through Monolith.

After three weeks it has produced $5.2m in Holland and $3.4m in Belgium through Dutch Filmworks.

Frozen has amassed $475.5m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International and arrives this weekend in Sweden. There is the final debut for Thor: The Dark World, which has reached $429m and opens in Japan. Saving Mr Banks stands at $14.9m.

American Hustle has reached $53.8m through Panorama licensees and will soon overtake the $56.3m lifetime total of Silver Linings Playbook. David O Russell’s ensemble drama has grossed $18.5m after five weekends in the UK through Entertainment, $10.5m after seven in Australia through Roadshow, $9.5m after six in Canada through eOne and $1.9m after two in Mexico through Sony, $1.2m after five in Taiwan through Apex.

Sony Pictures Releasing International could cause a commotion this weekend when it launches the Robocop remake in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan two weeks ahead of North America.

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug has accumulated $597.1m through Warner Bros Pictures International and will certainly cross $600m, either before or after the launches in China and Japan on February 21 and 28. Gravity stands at $428.2m.

Fox International’s The Book Thief on $17.7m opens in seven including Brazil, while Devil’s Due on an early $5.8m ventures into Mexico. Twa-Tiu-Tiann opens in Tawian. Reliance Big and BBC Earth’s Walking With Dinosaurs stands at $78.5m including IM Global licensees.

Lionsgate International executives reported that 12 Years A Slave stands at more than $37.4m and arrives in a slew of Middle Easter markets and Poland. Tarzan 3D stands at $16m and Escape Plan $110.3m. The Hunger Games has reached $438.1m led by the UK on $54.9m, Germany on $43.2m, Australia on $36.7m, China on $27.8m, France on $27.5m and Mexico on $25.2m.