UK producers Punk Cinema are starting a shoot this week for Richard Bracewell's Cuckoo, his second film following acclaimed low-budget debut The Gigolos.

Richard E Grant, Laura Fraser, Antonia Bernath, Adam Fenton and Tamsin Greig star in Cuckoo, a thriller about lies and jealousy.

The story follows Poilly, a woman who thinks she's losing her mind, as she deals with a wild rocker boyfriend, a jealous younger sister and a meddling boss.

Bracewell also wrote the script. He produces alongside his brother Tony. Dan Hubbard did the casting. Nick Tanner and Raffi B Tanielian executive produce.

Cuckoo is shooting now in London and Norfolk, UK.

'Our central character - a woman under pressure - began to lose touch with conscious reality. Paranoia and mistrust of her friends, family and colleagues would follow. And all of it explored through the shifting soundtrack of her life,' Bracewell says. ' As her objectivity slips and the sounds become heightened the viewer's point of view will move from Polly, as we, like her, can no longer trust what we're hearing.'