The German outpost of Buena Vista International will also distribute the fifth film of The Wild Soccer Bunch franchise which begins shooting today at locations in Saarland and Munich.

With the working title of DWK5 - Die Wilden Kerle: Hinterm Horizont, the SamFilm production by Joachim Masannek sees the cast from the previous four films such as Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, Nick Romeo Reimann, Raban Bieling, Sarah Kim Gries, and Marlon Wessel reprising their roles with 'newcomers' Marvin Unger and Paula Schramm heading the rival gang.

Masannek hopes to appeal to younger and teeange viewers by adding a 20-year-old male model as the leader of the opposing vampire gang.

The franchise's last edition - The Wild Soccer Bunch 4 - was released by BVI on 600 prints at the beginning of February and is currently the most successful local release at the German box office so far, with 2.4m admissions and box-office receipts of $15.6m (Euros 11.5m).

The contract for an international sales agent has not yet been finalised, although Telepool handled all of the previous Wild Soccer Bunch films, selling the first three to over 25 territories.