EXCLUSIVE: LA-based sales company founders James Andrew Felts and Matthew Shreder head to the Croisette with a slate that includes drama Noble and dark comedy Friended To Death.

Noble stars Deirdre O’Kane, Brendan Coyle, Liam Cunningham and Sarah Greene in the story of philanthropist Christina Noble, who rose from humble origins to establish a charity in Saigon helping street children.

The film won the Panavision Grand Prize award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival earlier in the year and recently scooped the audience award at the Dallas International Film Festival.

Stephen Bradley directed the UK-Ireland co-production and Melanie Gore-Grimes produced. Michael J Hunt served as executive producer. Market screenings are May 18 and 20.

Continental Media’s dark comedy Friended To Death centres on a parking attendant who fakes his own demise in a bid to prove his Facebook popularity after he learns he is widely despised around the city where he works.

Sarah Smick directed from a screenplay she co-wrote with Ian Michaels. Ryan Hansen, Zach McGowan, Richard Riehle and Angela Bullock star.

Action thriller Tension(s) stars Louis Mandylor in the story of a former Boston police negotiator who finds himself at the centre of a political conspiracy when he is taken hostage. Vincent Lecrocq directed and Francois Mequer and Sean Moussavi produced.

Breakaway centres on a doctor who awakens in a room with an LED countdown on the wall and must solve the mystery to escape with her life. Bryan Binder directed the psychological thriller and produced alongside Shannon M Kendall.

Shake The Dust is a documentary about breakdancing and hip hop culture in third-world countries. Hip hop icon Nas serves as executive producer and Adam Sojberg directed. David Jacobson is the producer.

Rounding out the slate are Amariah and Obin Olson’s ticking bomb thriller Unknown Caller and terrorism thriller God’s Slave.