EXCLUSIVE: Madrid-based company takes world sales rights to feature adaptation of the cult zero budget British web series.

Madrid-based Kevin Williams Associates has taken world sales rights on new Brit horror pic Zomblogalypse, which is being put together by independent UK production outfit Coffee Films.

This is a comic but bloodcurdling yarn about three flatmates - inept survivors of the apocalypse, trying their best to ignore the destruction of civilisation by eating baked beans and drinking endless cups of tea.

Zomblogalypse is the feature adaptation of the cult zero budget British web series that has had almost three quarters of a million views across all platforms online. The aim is to make a trilogy. The first film will shoot in York, the second will take the characters to London and Europe and the third film will see them in the US and Russia.

Producer Steve Piper at Coffee Films is promising a “fresh approach to the zombie genre for the web generation combining black comedy, transmedia, regular and found footage.”

Currently in pre-production, the film is casting while finalising script and make up design. The filmmakers will work with the make-up team from World War Z, Batman franchise and Doctor Who.

Writer/director/leading actor trio Hannah Bungard, Tony Hipwell and Miles Watts are overseeing the new film.