The film commission also wants to support film-makers planning productions to mark the first centenary.

Location Flanders is in Cannes promoting its First World War locations to the international film-making community.

The film commission has launched in Flanders Fields, a scheme that aims to show film-makers which locations they can use to recreate one of history’s bloodiest wars. It also aims to provide support to film-makers and producers planning productions to commemorate the first centenary of the Great War.

It is also tub-thumping on behalf of The Location Bonus, a new financial grant of up to €2,500 (including VAT), given to the producer of a feature film or television series to be shot in Flanders. The grant covers the services of a professional location scout or location manager to work with the production. The entire amount of the grant must be spent in the Flanders region.

Two films that were shot in Ostend (one of the six member cities of Location Flanders) are being shown in this year’s Cannes: Copacabana by Marc Fitoussi (Critics’ Week), and IJsland (Iceland) by Gilles Coulier (Cinéfondation).

Location Flanders is supported by the Flanders Ministry of Culture (through the Flanders Audiovisual Fund) and the Flanders Ministry of Tourism (through the Flanders Arts Cities Initiative). It was launched in December 2008.