Eragon and Casino Royale enjoyed the lion's share of international businessover the holiday weekend as Fox International's fantasy adventure dominated themarket and Sony's 007 saga became the biggest in the franchise.

Eragon added an estimated $21.9mfrom 7,300 screens over three days for a $63.9m running total. The film openedtop in Paris and suburbs in France on $4.4m from 754, top in Belgium on$579,000 from 90, and second in Italy on $2.1m from 477. Results from the Dec25 Brazilian debut were unavailable at time of writing.

In second weekend holds, Eragonranked top in Germany and Spain as respective $1.9m from 746 and $1.7m from 495grosses raised the tallies to $6.8m and $6.5m. The film took $1.6m from 433 for$6m in the UK, $1.7m from 553 for $5.5m in Japan, and $1.1m from 479 for $3.8min Russia.

Meanwhile Night At The Museumgenerated a superb $6.3m from its first launches on 399 screens in two Asianmarkets, powered by a $5.4m number one opening in South Korea that producedFox's third biggest opening ever.

The family film took $844,000 from 42 for first place in Singapore, andgenerated a tremendous $1.6m on its first day in Mexico (Dec 25) that markedthe distributor's third biggest opening day ever behind X-Men and Ice Age 2. The Mexico result is not included in the weekend tally. Borat stands at $111.1m and will open in Singapore on Dec28.

Operating on 6,330 screens in 64 markets, Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational's (SPRI) Casino Royale added $15.4m from three days and $19.4m over four for $309.3m.Factoring in the domestic numbers the film breezed past Die Another Day's $431m global mark and is now the biggest Bondpicture worldwide on $454m. 007 opened in fourth place in South Korea on $3.8mfrom 347 screens, second place in Hong Kong behind Curse Of The GoldenFlower on $1.3m, and took $177,000from 105 in central America. All results were for four days.

Happy Feet tapped into a further$13.1m from 5,800 screens in 55 markets through Warner Bros PicturesInternational for an $80m overseas tally. Key drivers were a third consecutivenumber one weekend in the UK where the animated film added $4m from 466 sitesfor $20.7m without dropping, while three debuts generated $1.2m in South Koreaon 178 prints, $1.1m in Russia on 315 prints, and $422,000 in Hong Kong on 36prints.

The film stayed top for a fifth consecutive weekend in the Philippines and hastaken a robust $1.8m there, and held on to the top spot in its second weekendin Israel on $227,000 from 49 prints for $646,000. Latest figures put Spain on$6.5m, France on $5.8m, Germany on $5.2m, Italy on $5.1m, Mexico on $4.3, andBrazil on $3.6m.

Letters From Iwo Jima held on tothe top spot in Japan for the third weekend in a row on $2.6m from 322 printsfor an excellent $17.9m. Clint Eastwood's companion piece Flags Of OurFathers stands at $23m, ThePrestige has taken $28m, and TheDeparted stands at $112.8m throughall distributors.

Romantic comedy The Holiday took$11m from 2,900 sites in 40 territories through Universal/UIP for $46.8m.Including Dec 25 the impressive early tally rises to $48m, and executivesreported good debuts in Belgium, Brazil and Thailand that were in the region ofdirector Nancy Meyers' previous offering Something's Gotta Give and more than double that of the romantic comedy LoveActually.

The film ranked number two in its third weekend in the UK after $2.2m from 432sites raised the tally to $16.8m. The Holiday stands at $3.9m in Spain after three, $5.5m inGermany for third place after two, and $900,000 in Austria where it ranksnumber one after two weekends.

Children Of Men added $120,000from 350 sites in 19 Universal territories for a $27.5m running total and $32moverall. Mexico has yielded $2m after five weekends, while the UK stands at$9.2m, France $2.4m, Spain $2.2m, Italy $2.1m, Australia $2.1m, Germany $1.3m,and Russia $1.2m.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) thriller Deja Vu raised its overseas tally by $6m to $32.8m, fuelledby debuts in Sweden and New Zealand that delivered $306,000 and $145,000respectively.

The aforementioned Curse Of The Golden Flower, which BVI holds throughout Asia excluding China andJapan, generated $2.2m and opened top in all its Asian markets exceptSingapore, where it ranked number two behind Night At The Museum. Comedy The Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause added $2.9m for $21.3m.

Paramount/UIP had not reported at time of writing.