Cast to include Vincent D’onofrio, Andy Serkis.

Celsius Entertainment has pre-sold its forthcoming Down and Dirty Pictures to Poland (Monolith), Switzerland (Praesens), Carmen (Russia), Queen (Indonesia), MVP (Singapore), Odeon (Greece) and Jaguar (Airlines). Celsius is also fielding offers from France, Australia and The Middle East.

The film, adapted from Peter Biskind’s best-selling book, will star Vincent D’Onofrio as Harvey Weinstein, Andy Serkis as Bingham Ray, Toby Jones as Jeff Lipsky, Elias Koteas as Scott Greenstein and Matthew Perry as John Schmidt. The director is Ken
Bowser and the screenplay is by Dean Craig and Joshua James.

Here in Santa Monica, Celsius is giving first market screenings to Brian Yuzna’s Amphibious 3D, which
recently received its world premiere at Sitges.