Pint-sized UK comedian Lee Evans (Mousehunt, There's Something About Mary) is to star as Adolf Hitler's personal meteorologist in $8m comedy, I Was Hitler's Weatherman, being produced by Cyclops Vision with Little Mo Films.

The part of Hitler is under offer to Stanley Tucci.

The film is scripted by Stuart Silver and by Evans. The director is Stuart Urban (Our Friends In The North, Preaching To The Perverted, An Ungentlemanly Act). Producers are Urban, Addison Cresswell and Alan Jay. Shooting is due to begin later this year in Lithuana.

Told in flashback, the film is about a young Jew Max, who goes underground and assumes the identity of deceased Nazi meteorologist Ernest Deising. Unaware that Deising is alive, Max is picked up by the Gestapo and enlisted as the Fuhrer's personal weatherman.

Another new Cyclops Vision project, Stuart Urban's feature documentary Tovarish is to be screened next month at the Biografafilm festival in Bologna. The film tells the story of Urban's father, Gerri Urban, who endured the Holocaust and the Gulag. Labelled by the KGB as an 'international spy,' he returned to Moscow late in his life to recover his KGB file.