Founder Dylan Marchetti said the company has acquired experimental documentary General Orders No. 9,
Littlerock and The Weird World Of Blowfly.

“These films have almost nothing in common except that they’re fantastic,” Marchetti said. “One is a film that
communicates with poetic narration and stunning imagery, one is a meditation on the limits of communications and the ability of the young to transcend the language gap, and one features a 66-year-old who curses more than I could ever hope to, which says an awful lot.

“But all three films give you that thrilling rush of discovery while you’re sitting in the theatre and in the end that’s exactly what we’re looking for.”

General Orders No. 9 contemplates the signs of loss and change in the American South and hails from Robert Persons. The film will open at Brooklyn’s reRun Gastropub Theater on Jun 24 and expand into major markets

Littlerock from Mike Ott won the Someone To Watch Award at the 2011 Indie Spirits, among others, and presents a portrait of a quiet LA suburb as seen through the eyes of two Japanese tourists. It will open in New York’s Cinema Village theater on Aug 12 before expanding into major markets.

The Weird World Of Blowfly tells the story of Clarence “Blowfly” Reid, former lynchpin of the Miami soul scene whose profane recordings as “Blowfly” have shocked audiences for decades. It opens in September in New York, LA, Miami and additional markets day-and-date with the VoD, digital and internet launch.