Filmmaker and actor Joey Dedio of Active Fox Productions and Rob Lynch of Eammon Films have teamed up to handle the nationwide theatrical release on Tio Papi and 36 Saints.

Family comedy Tio Papi will star Dedio as a bachelor who suddenly has to care for six of his sister’s children. Fro Rojas directed from a screenplay by Dedio and Brian Herskowitz. Janet Carrus, Dedio, Herskowitz and Debbie Margolis-Horowitz produced and Richard Pleban served as executive producer.

36 Saints is a psychological thriller starring Franky G and Jeffrey DeSerrano as New York detectives in pursuit of a potentially cataclysmic serial killer. Eddy Duran directed and Dedio co-wrote the screenplay with Jeffrey De Serrano and produced. Richard Pleban served as executive producer.

Both films will be released separately in theatres through Active Fox on Sept 6.

“I love movies that touch the human condition… that make people see things differently than they ordinarily see them and there’s no better way to do this than through film and television,” said Dedio.

“While Tio Papi and 36 Saints are two completely different films, they both capture a range of emotions that allows audiences to not only feel for the characters but also feel with the characters in their plights.”