Adopt Films has acquired US rights to Paolo and Vittorio Taviani’s Caesar Must Die.

This is the company’s second Berlin competitor acquisition this year, after Ursula Meier’s Sister.

The Taviani Brothers previously directed films including Padre Padrone, Good Morning, Babylon, and Kaos.

The deal was negotiated by Catia Rossi representing RAI Trade and Adopt’s Co-Managing Executive Tim Grady.

The scripted, semi-documentary film is about prison inmates in Rome preparing a Shakespeare adaptation.

Tim Grady said, “As a long-time fan of the Taviani brothers we couldn’t be happier with this acquisition. Caesar Must Die is an incredibly poignant film. It portrays how art can liberate the soul and profoundly change one’s view of the world. But it also shows how such a change can reveal an abyss of loss and regret. The film should be an inspiration for many students previously unfamiliar with the accessible work of these masters as well as for long-time admirers of riveting Italian cinema.”