EXCLUSIVE: The distributor has announced from Berlin it has closed an all-rights North American deal for Chilean genre specialist Patricio Valladares’ action-comedy.

Artsploitation cut the deal at the EFM with producer and Valladares compatriot George Von Knorring of Chile’s Too Much Films.

Toro Loco: Bloodthirsty (Toro Loco: Sangriento) stars Francisco Melo as a vigilante who enlists the support of a young beauty, her geeky brother and a trigger-happy drag queen to avenge the murder of his son.

Valladares directed the notorious 2012 crime thriller Hidden In The Woods and the English-language remake starring Michael Biehn.

He is preparing to shoot the micro-budget English-language survival thriller Downhill in Chile this spring.

“Writer-director Valladares is an amazing talent,” said Artsploitation Films president Raymond Murray. “He imbues this fast-paced tale with memorable characters, imaginatively directed action scenes set within a modernised version of a Spaghetti Western and tops it off with a deft comedic touch.

“The film delivers on both the blood and the comedy and I am sure it will be received enthusiastically by genre fans.”

Von Knorring noted: “We are very excited to be working with Artsploitation. Ray immediately understood in our film; one that laughs at itself and plays with the viewer. Like a ‘Casserole Urban Western.’”

Artsploitation plans to premiered the film at a genre festival followed by an extensive festival run before an autumn release on DVD/Blu-Ray and VOD.