UK distribution company Bollywood Films has acquired international distribution rights to 7 Welcome To London, a romantic Bollywood/British thriller directed by Asad Shan.

The directorial debut of British Asian actor turned director Asad Shan, the film centres around the struggles faced by a young immigrant from India, who moves to London. Shan has also co-written the screenplay with Manju Iver, which aims to combine British and Bollywood styles.

Shan also stars in the film, alongside Sabeeka Imam, Tim Hibberd and Rob Thorne.

Joe Mirza, managing director for Bollywood Films said: “This film is set to break new grounds in home grown talent and caters to our solid Bollywood loving audience …  You guys will love this film. Get excited for a new era in British Asian talent.” 

Chris Dickens, who won an Oscar and BAFTA for his editing on Slumdog Millionaire, is the creative producer for the film.

Bollywood Films will release in the UK on March 9.