Cinema do Brasil’s Distribution Award will grant up to $25,000 to 19 distributors from 18 countries to be invested in the launch of Brazilian films in their territories.

Brazil’s support body increased its allocation amount in 2013 to $290,000 to accommodate a larger number of proposals.

There were 37 in all and the winners are Jonathas’ Forest (Germany), Amazon (France), Bruna Surfer Girl (Slovenia-Croatia/Serbia-Bosnia-Montenegro-Kosovo), Buddies (Chile), Colors (France-Japan), Once Upon A Time Was I, Verônica (Poland), Reaching For The Moon (Germany-Austria-Switzerland), Today (Chile), My Sweet Orange Tree (France), The Moving Creatures (France), Who Cares (Germany), Southwest (Portugal), Tabu (Japan), Tropicália (Portugal) and Xingu (US-Spain).

“The number of proposals from distributors submitted in the last two editions of the award – more than twice the number received in previous editions – demonstrates the significant increase in the interest on the distribution of Brazilian films by international companies, as well as a mature Brazilian production,” said Cinema do Brasil CEO André Sturm.

Amazon will represent Cinema Do Brasil at the Venice International Film Festival. Cinema Do Brasil will be in Venice to promote five Brazilian productions at the Digital Video Library and will also have a stand at the Venice Film Market.

The five films are Astro (Elo Company), Colors (Kinoosfera Filmes), Memories They Told Me (Taiga Filmes), We Are So Young (Elo Company) and Supernothing (Confeitaria de Cinema).

“The Venice Film Market, now in its second year and growing, has become a great opportunity for showing films and networking as it gathers distributors, sales agents and film festivals representatives from all over the world”, said Sturm,