Cinema Do Brasil on Monday [14] named the two companies as the winners of the first phase of its Distributors World Cup.

The Brazilian film promotion body announced the contest last November to encourage international distributors of Brazilian film to establish closer ties with local producers.

France’s Damned Distribution released Brazilian films Swirl and Artificial Paradises, while Portuguese distributor Alambique handled The Famous And The Dead and Estômago – A Gastronomic Story.

“The award recognizes an important work carried out by the two companies on behalf of the Brazilian cinema”, said Cinema do Brasil chairman André Sturm. “We will also [motivate] new businesses based on the meetings carried out during their stay in Brazil.”

The competition enters its second phase this yea with the prize of tickets to the 2014 World Cup awaiting three companies while the first two will also receive $30,000 to support the release of Brazilian films.