French technology firm UbicMedia’s platform will make its way to the North American market on Oct 21. The technology helps filmmakers to screen and monetise their work online.

A secure payment gateway will accompany each link the filmmaker shares through social networks, online destinations and blogs. Payments are deposited directly to the filmmaker’s Paypal account. The practice has been in use in France by the media and crowd funding companies.

“We’re excited to introduce PUMit to the North American film market,” UbicMedia president Alain Rosset said. “Since the beginning of modern filmmaking, control over a film’s release has been reserved for distributors.

“PUMit is a simple tool that empowers the independent filmmaker – giving them the ability to promote and screen their films directly to fans, and make money doing it.”

Key features include file security and high quality viewing, link tracking and data analytics, social network marketing and sales and a direct-to-buyer invite tool.