European distribution alliance to host a two-day session on VOD as part of its three-day workshop

Europa Distribution is hosting a two-day VOD session at the San Sebastian Film Festival (Sept 16 – 24) between September 18 – 20.

The VOD discussion, part of a three-day Europa Distribution workshop, will address how distributors use VOD to create new revenue streams and attract new audiences.

The session will combine market data on VOD, presentations of benchmark business models, distributors’ feedback on their VOD experiences and expert opinion on technical and legal aspects of VOD models.

Speakers will include Isabella Lindell from Non Stop Entertainement (Sweden), Frances Harvey from Soda Pictures (UK), Nicola Weissman from Frenetic (Switzerland), Juan Carlos Tous from Filmin (Spain), Cécile Despringres from the Society of Audiovisual Authors (Belgium) and Ania Jones from Vertice (Spain).

The discussion will be moderated by Pierre-Alexandre Labelle (under the milky way, France).