EXCLUSIVE: Goldcrest to bring comedy Taxonomy to AFM.

Oscar-nominated documentary producer and director Liz Garbus is to direct feature comedy Taxonomy, an adaptation of the Galt Niederhoffer novel, with Goldcrest bringing the project to the AFM.

Written for the screen by Amy Lippman (Masters of Sex), Taxonomy is produced by Niederhoffer (Infinitely Polar Bear) and by Amy Hobby (Secretary) for Tangerine Entertainment. 

The adaptation follows the Barnacle sisters—Bell, Bridget, Benita and Beth—who have been raised in New York in a gigantic apartment overlooking Central Park.

Their father Barry is Darwin obsessed, self-made and increasingly frustrated by the unending chaos of being surrounded by beautiful, teenage daughters and their adventures - hilarious and poignant  - in love and life.

To ensure the survival of the fittest Barry devises a test of wits and wills that should at long last address what is to Barry the most essential of all issues: nature or nurture?

Goldcrest’s Nick Quested and Pascal Degove will serve as executive producers. Goldcrest also co-reps US rights.

Production is due to begin in the spring 2015 in New York with the production in discussions with cast.

Goldcrest Post New York, under managing director Tim Spitzer, will be providing picture and sound post production services.

Pascal Degove, managing director Goldcrest Films commented: “Galt is a master when it comes to crafting entertainment properties that speak directly to her audience and Taxonomy does that brilliantly. To have such a commercial property in the hands of an award winning, talented director is very exciting.”

Goldcrest’s AFM slate also includes Slumber, a super natural thriller from The Tea Shop and Film Company, and US navy airmen adventure Against the Sun, starring Tom Felton.

The slate also includes Brooklyn Bridge with Daniel Radcliffe, Ben Kingsley and Brie Larson.