The ambitious digital distributor has taken all VoD, electronic sell-thru and PPV rights to the catalogue of more than 1,000 films from Mexico including US digital and VoD rights to more than 600 Spanish-language films and worldwide rights to more than 200 films.

The deal marks the first time the Latin Anywhere film library has been available for digital distribution. The majority of titles are comedies, action-adventure, drama and Mexican rodeo.

“The Hispanic demographic in the United States is growing four times faster than the overall population and boasts over $1 trillion in buying power,” GoDigital CEO Logan Mulvey said. “We know that having this library of films will ensure that we stay current with the desires of domestic and international audiences. We are very excited to be the first to bring this substantial library of films to consumers.”

”We drafted GoDigital as our quarterback for VoD because of its unique ability to concurrently push this large library through its multiple digital pipelines, including its very valuable distribution arrangement with Lionsgate,” Latin Anywhere CEO Richard Hull said.

“This allows us to get our content into the marketplace faster. Particularly as tablet computers have become drastically more affordable over the past few months, US Latino audiences have been dashing to digital platforms, and they’re desperate for those platforms to supply them with familiar Spanish-language films.”