USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage recounts the story of a rescue mission to salvage a terrifying weapon on board the stricken US battleship.

The script is out to directors and Hannibal Classics chairman and CEO Richard Rionda Del Castro and fellow producers Patricia Eberle, Richard Salvatore and Douglas Miller are exploring casting options.

Del Castro and Hannibal’s Cam Cannon co-wrote the screenplay and Tim Cavanaugh serves as executive producer. Jeffrey Andrick’s fund London Pacific Finance is on board as financier.

“Our film is an action-oriented homage to the brave crew of the USS Indianapolis,” Del Castro said. “It is a testament to their will to survive in the face of certain death. It is very much in the vein of Black Hawk Down with spectacular action and cutting edge special effects.

“Its focus is on the men once the ship sank. We tell the sailors’ story, and are not interested in exploring Captain McVay’s court martial and subsequent exoneration.”