The distributor will open Giorgio Moroder’s version of Fritz Lang’s classic in more than 20 markets before it launches on Blu-ray and DVD on Nov 15. The official title will be Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis.

In 1981 the Oscar winning composer Moroder began a three-year labour of love to restore the sci-fi film and stoked the fires of controversy when he gave it a contemporary score and added songs from Pat Benatar, Freddie Mercury, Bonnie Tyler and Adam Ant, among others.

A new HD transfer was created from one of the few remaining prints and Kino Lorber will release this version.

“I began a three-year endeavour to restore Metropolis with an eye towards introducing it to new audiences,” Moroder said. “It was 1981, and by then Metropolis had almost disappeared from circulation. Now, my good friends at Kino Lorber have created a new digital transfer, from one of the few existing prints, in order to present Metropolis to you as it was seen in 1984.”
“I’m a huge fan of classic science fiction,” Kino Lorber’s vp of home entertainment sales and distribution Eric D Wilkinson said, “… and Giorgio Moroder’s version of Metropolis was my introduction to this historic silent film.”