Film based on true events prompted controversy at Sundance this year.

Paris-based Memento Films International has picked up international sales rights on Craig Zobel’s provocative thriller Compliance, one of the most controversial pictures at Sundance this year.

Following the unfolding of a sexual assault by a manager on a member of staff at a fast food restaurant, the film was inspired by real events as well as the infamous Milgram experiments at Yale, which measured participants willingness to torture. The film was at the heart of a fierce Q&A following its premiere at Sundance.

“I feel that this film reflects not on just one specific circumstance, but a larger aspect of our nature as humans,” Zobel commented. “I’m more than excited to partner with Memento—who has handled so many of my favorite films in the last few years—to give this film international exposure, so it can resonate as widely as possible.”

“This is a film that demands multiple conversations after viewing, as evidenced by the varied and vivid audience response. We could not be more excited to introduce the film to world markets, where it will only continue pronounced debate,” said Tanja Meissner MFI’s head of sales and acquisitions.

Starring Ann Dowd and Dreama Walker, the film was produced by Sophia Lin, Tyler Davidson, Lisa Muskat, and Theo Sena. David Gordon Green, James Belfer and Carina Alves served as executive producers.

Meissner, Emilie Georges and Nicholas Shumaker negotiated the deal for MFI with the producers and Cinetic Media. 

Cinetic closed a Canadian deal with e-One and a US deal with Magnolia, who also released Zobel’s first film, Great World Of Sound. Deals have already been closed with NonStop for Scandinavia and Pretty Pictures for France.