New Films International will commence sales on the Croisette next week on Yale Productions’ tale of a New York family coming to terms with the chaos of life.

Petunia fits into our strategy of focusing on cast-driven, quality indie films,” New Films president Nesim Hason said. Ash Christian directed.

New Films chief content officer Ron Gell finalised the deal during production with producer Jordan Yale Levine on behalf of Yale Productions. New Films International executives intend to screen the film in the market.

“Ash Christian is a terrific director and we’re always very supportive of indie filmmakers during each phase of production,” Gell said.

“I am thrilled to be working with a company like New Films International on Petunia and this film has been a true labour of love,” Christian said. “It is so refreshing that a sales agency understands the process of the filmmaker and appreciates storytelling.”