Raven Banner announced in Toronto it has launched Northern Banner, a new distribution label that to focus on films from the vanguard of worldwide cinema for the Canadian market.

Like its parent company, Northern Banner will acquire international and Canadian titles for distribution within Canada for the English and French markets. 

The focus will be on quality independent fare with an eye on multi-platform VOD and theatrical distribution. 

The first title acquired under the new label is Sean Garrity’s Borealis, written by and starring Jonas Chernick, which is currently in pre-production with Buffalo Gal Pictures and Chernick’s Banana-Moon Sky Films.

The Northern Banner includes Iceland’s Life In A Fishbowl (pictured), which played in Toronto.

“Raven Banner has become a reputable and distinguishable brand,” said managing partner Michael Paszt, “and it’s vital that we maintain our focus on its core product.

“Northern Banner will allow us to bring our knowledge and passion for film to specialty non-genre titles, which is key to broadening our reach into the Canadian marketplace.”

“We’re thrilled that Borealis will be the first film to be produced and released under the Northern Banner label,” said Chernick. “These guys have quickly established a reputation for being great collaborators and supporters of Canadian filmmakers with strong visions.”

Borealis is the quintessential film for the Northern Banner brand – an elevated comedic drama from an impressively talented filmmaking team that is at the same time distinctly Canadian yet holds International appeal,” said managing partner Andrew Hunt. “It is for this very reason that we have selected the film to launch our new label.”