DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda 2 held on to the top spot overseas through PPI as a confirmed $55.4m from 11,110 sites in 51 countries boosted the running total to $281.4m.

Elsewhere Disney’s Pirates 4 surged past $730m following a $26m fifth weekend haul, while Warner Bros’ Hangover Part II became the biggest R-rated global comedy and Green Lantern earned $17m from its first limited internatinal foray. X-Men: First Class added $21m for Fox and stands at $163m.

Returning to Kung Fu Panda 2, China is the film’s biggest marke so far and generated a further $2.1m at the weekend from 2,650 sites for $77m.

There were 10 new number one debuts led by France where it delivered the biggest animated release of the year-to-date with $7.2m from 760. It produced $6.8m in Germany from 690, $2.8m in Spain from 403, $1.2m in Belgium from 115 and a notable $1.1m in Norway from 137.

In the second weekend holdovers Mexico led the way on $5.4m from 533 locations for $15.8m, while the UK generated $4m from 515 after a 20% slide for $15.4m. Brazil stands at $11m. South Korea has produced $35.4m after four weekends and Argentina added $1.6m from 117 for $4.7m after two.

Super 8 is revving up and used a handsome $12.51 weekend gross from 2,445 sites in 29 countries to climb to an early $21.6m. As with Kung Fu Panda 2 there were 10 new releases, of which the biggest was a number one debut in Russia on $4.1m from 596.

The sci-fi mystery opened in South Korea on $2.1m from 356 and took $500,000 in Sweden from 88 for number one. The most significant holdover came from Australia on $1.8m from 235 for $5.7m after two weekends. Thor stands at $259.5m.

  • The remarkable voyage of Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides continued with a $25.9m haul in the fifth weekend for $731.9m. This combines with $220.3m in North America for a $952.2m global tally.

Pirates 4 ranks comfortably as the fourth biggest international release in history, behind The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King on $742.1m, Titanic on $1.242bn and Avatar on $2.022bn. It is the 11 the biggest worldwide release and will overtake Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part I on $954.5m within a day or two.

The top territory is Japan on $87.5m, followed by Germany and Switzerland on $74.1m, China on $69.5m, Russia on $62.8m and the UK on $50.7m. Japan led the way at the weekend on $5.7m followed by Germany and Switzerland on $3.9m and China on $1.9m. The UK generated $1.6m.

  • Hangover Part II is now the biggest R-rated comedy global release in history. The film generated $22.4m through Warner Bros Pictures International from 5,780 screens in 55 markets as the running total climbed to a confirmed $257.6m and the global tally ascended to $488m, overtaking the predecessor’s $468m.

The film added $4.9m in Germany from 862 for $32.3m after three weekends and $2.5 in the UK from 476 for $47.9m after four. Australia added $2m from 425 for $30.5m after four.

Green Lantern grossed $16.3m as it opened day-and-date with North America on 3,265 screens in 15 markets including the UK, Russia, New Zealand, Asia and select Middle East markets. The superhero adaptation opened top in the UK on $4.1m from 907 and ranked second in Russia on $2.4m from 771.

  • X-Men: First Class added $21.3m through Fox International from 8,919 screens in 67 markets for $163.3m, according to confirmed results. The top market was South Korea on $2.1m from 380 for $13.5m after three weekends followed by the UK on $2m from 634 for $20.3m after the same amount of time.

Elsewhere, the film stands at $14.5m in France, $12.6m in Australia, $11.3m in Mexico, $10.8m in Brazil, $5.2m in Germany and $5.1m in Japan.

Latest figures put Black Swan on $218.8m, Water For Elephants on $56.7m, Rio on an amazing $332.3m and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2 on $16.8m.

  • Fired up by a magnificent $6.8m number one launch in Australia from 234, Universal’s comedy Bridesmaids made its first international forays and brought in $7.3m through UPI from 339 sites in seven territories, according to confirmed results issued on Monday [20]. The international running total stands at $7.7m.

Fast And Furious Five added $1.5m from 2,500 venues in 56 territories to boost the running total to a formidable $382.5m, which combines with the $206.8m North American score for a global take of $591.8m. The Japanese debut in October could push the heist thriller past $400m internationally and $600m worldwide.

The Adjustment Bureau has reached $56.1m and animated feature Hop stands at $68.8m, while documentary Senna stands at $4.6m. Espionage thriller The Debt, which Universal is releasing overseas, opened in France on $616,248 from 210. Remaining territories will follow in the next few months.

Paul stands at $55.5m and Toronto favourite Beginners added $201,671 in its second weekend in Germany in 59 locations for $612,367.

  • Summit International reported that Summit/Alcon’s rom-com Something Borrowed added $2.9m from 1,280 screens in 29 territories for $17.8m. It opened in Germany on $1m from 261. Palme d’Or winner The Tree Of Life added 2m from 1,040 in 15 for a very respectable $15.9m and opened in Germany on $590,000 from 99 sites.

Sony Pictures Releasing International reported that the R-rated Cameron Diaz comedy Bad Teacher opened in the UK on $3.2m from 520.

Action title Priest brought in $1.2m from 876 screens for $45.9m and opened in five territories including Italy on $300,000 from 197. Hanna stands at $16.4m.