Deals done with France, Japan and Germany.

UK based sales and financing company Salt has done additional sales on Alexandre Philippe’s documentary The People Vs George Lucas. Sales have been done for France to Initiative Cinema One (a division of Bac Films), Japan to Fine Films and Germany to Capelight.

The film is already on release in North America through Chris Ball’s Wrekin Hill, which has also acquired North America, UK, Australia and South Africa. Kino Smith did the Canadian deal directly with the producers.

The documentary interviews fans (and former fans) of Star Wars creator George Lucas. Interviewees also include Gary Kurtz, Neil Gaiman, Dave Prowse, Anthony Waye and Dale Pollock.

Salt’s Samantha Horley said, “We took this on because James (Norrie - Salt’s head of sales) and I are massive Star Wars fans. We just thought we’d set out to find the geeks amongst the buyers too, we knew they’d be out there. Just need to find some in Italy and Spain next.”