The Smurfs grossed a further $14.9m from 7,610 screens in 73 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) as the tally climbed to $321.2m.

The family smash added $1.2m in the UK from 713 for $23.9m after six weekends and stands at $31m in Brazil after four and $24.1m in Germany, also after four. It opened top in Greece on an excellent $915,000 from 74. France has generated $24.3m after 11 weekends.

SPRI reported that Friends With Benefits grossed a sturdy $10.2m from 1,725 in 20 for $29.2m and opened in second place in the UK on $2.9m from 344. It also opened in second in Germany too on $2.8m from 460 and launched top in France on $1.8m from 261. Zookeeper has reached $73.1m and Bad Teacher is at $110.2m.

  • Fox International’s Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes crossed $200m following a $12.5m weekend haul from 5,554 screens in 60 markets. The running total stands at $207.6m and Apes stayed top in Mexico in its second weekend on $2.4m from 1,303 for $9m and held on to top spot in Brazil in its third session on $1.9m from 521 for $12m. The film has generated $31.5m in the UK and $25.8m in France, both after five.

Mr Popper’s Penguins added $2.4m from 1,275 in 15 for $108.2m and debuted in South Korea in third place on $1.4m from 257. The UK has returned $12.6m after six.

Fox International Productions’ (FIP) German hit What A Man stands at $12.1m after three, while Taiwanese success You Are The Apple Of My Eye has amassed $11.3m after four and Mexican drama and Toronto entry Miss Bala opened in its native market on $139,000 from 60 screens.

  • Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) reported that Final Destination 5 brought in a further $10.8m from 4,125 screens in 45 territories as New Line’s latest entry in the horror franchise climbed to $76.3m. The film has generated $17.2m in Russia, $7.8m in the UK and $7.1m in France.

Horrible Bosses added $5.3m from more than 2,125 screens in 51 markets for $78.2m and has reached $9.1m in Australia after three weekends.

Crazy, Stupid, Love. is at $21m following a $2.9m weekend haul and Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 stands at $944m. Green Lantern has crossed $100m. The weekend’s $2.6m from approximately 2,040 screens in 36 markets pushed the tally to $103.3m.

Contagion launched day-and-date with North America in six markets for a total of $2.1m from 544 screens. The thriller opened in Italy on $705,000 from 309 and Singapore on $531,000 from 36,

  • Captain America grossed $8m through PPI from 9,039 venues in 60 territories for $175m. The $5m launch in China on 7,000 sites was a key driver.

Cowboys and Aliens added $5.5m from 3,936 locations in 49 markets for $58.5m. It opened in second place in Brazil on $1.1m from 244. A $1.6m number one debut in Italy pushed Super 8 up to $126.5m while Kung Fu Panda 2 has reached $491m. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is at $765m.

  • Universal Pictures International’s Fast And Furious Five has crossed $400m outside North America and stands at $609.8m worldwide.

The Change-Up added $2.2m from 770 sites in 13 territories for an early $7.6m. it opened in fifth place in Australia on $1.3m from 191 and there are 42 territories to go.

Jane Eyre stands at $4.8m from the UK and Australia following a $1.6m UK launch in third place from 420 venues. The Debt opened top in Spain on $1.5m from 271 and has reached $3.5m from four territories while One Day stands at $12.1m from Universal markets.

Bridesmaids is at $114.5m and Tu Sera Mon Fils has grossed $4.3m in France after three weekends.