Rama Burshtein’s directorial debut earned seven Israeli Ophir Awards including best picture and screened in Venice and Toronto. It will receive its US premiere at the New York Film Festival.  

Assaf Amir produced the story about a young Orthodox Hassidic girl and her family who are struck by tragedy when her older sister dies in childbirth.

“We’re very happy to have Sony Classics represent our film in North America,” Amir and Burshtein said. “Rama and I feel that this collaboration with Sony Classics is a big boost to our hope of exposing this special story of an Orthodox family in Tel Aviv to the American public.”

Fill The Void is insightful, human and touching on many levels,” SPC said. “In crafting this fresh, personal story, Rama Burshtein has succeeded in creating a universal story that will connect in a big way with American audiences.

“We are also extremely happy to be working with Rama and to be back with our friends Assaf Amir from Norma Productions and Michael Weber from The Match Factory.”

SPC negotiated the deal with Weber of The Match Factory.