Silver Sword International (SSI) has struck deal with Icebreaker Films to distribute Spitfire Liberator: The Alex Herbst Story in Poland.

SSI will also distribute in German-speaking territories. The company previously acquired rights to release in the UK and North America.

“The original story [is] of this rare WWII hero fighter pilot who escaped the Nazis in Poland and fled to England to fly Spitfires with the elite UK 303 squadron in the Battle Of Britain,” said producer Michael A Calace

“He escorted B-17 bombers, got shot down three times, saved American lives and was believed to be dead.”

Director Slawomir Ciok said, “Alex, now at 94 years old and still going strong, inspired me greatly. He is a legendary pilot and renaissance man who was forced out of his home country, lost everything, even his family, yet survived to settle in the US to recover and tell his incredible story, where his aviator spirit still lives on.”