The Edge Of Joy, Wagah, Last Train Home and Good Fortune will all go out on PBS Newshour and were selected by the partners to “reflect the types of issues The Economist is known for covering.”

Starting on Apr 28 excerpts from each project will become the focus of special assignments airing on PBS Newshour.

The Edge Of Joy directed by Dawn Sinclair Shapiro follows Nigerian doctors, midwives and families at the frontline of maternity care, while Wagah from Supriyo Sen follows the nightly ceremony that accompanies the closing of the border crossing between India and Pakistan.

Last Train Home directed by Lixin Fan focuses on one family out of the millions that have been separated by China’s rush of modernity, as one or both parents move from rural villages to the cities in search of work. Good Fortune from Landon Van Soest explores how an international effort to alleviate poverty in Africa has caused controversy among the very people it was intended to benefit. 

“Since we announced The Economist Film Project in December, we have had more than 600 submissions of documentaries that tell riveting stories set in all parts of the globe,” the project’s editorial director Gideon Lichfield. “These four films stood out for embodying the spirit of the Project, presenting unusual perspectives on complex issues and enhancing our understanding of the world.”

“We are pleased to be working with The Economist on this project,” Linda Winslow, executive producer of PBS NEWSHOUR, said. “The documentaries are a great complement to the NEWSHOUR’s extensive coverage of international issues.”