Scandinavian sales company TrustNordisk has sold Danish thriller The Candidate to China

Scandinavian sales powerhouse TrustNordisk has struck a groundbreaking deal for Kasper Barfoed’s The Candidate with Chinese distributor Lens Media.

The film will be released in China later this month. It is one of the only times a Danish movie has been released theatrically in China. The number of foreign films released theatrically in China is very limited, with around 20 being released annually.

The deal was negotiated between Sales Manager Nicolai Korsgaard from TrustNordisk and Rick Zhang, Acquisition Manager at Lens Media.
“We are very excited that a Danish genre film like The Candidate gets a chance to reach a Chinese audience and Lens Media has been doing a great job on the release, we look very much forward to our future cooperation,” Nicolai Korsgaard commented.
The Candidate is produced by Peter Bose and Jonas Allen from Danish Production Company Miso Film with support from The Danish Film Institute,TV2 Denmark, SF Film, TV2 Norway, Norwegian Film Fund, Cinenord and Canal +.
The film has currently been sold to more than 20 territories.