Erik Van Looy, the Belgian TV personality and director of hit The
Alzheimer Case
(also knownasThe Memory Of A Killer), has signed an exclusive seven-year deal with production outfit Woestijnvis.

This is the company behind both his new feature Loft (being sold internationally by London-based The Works) and his highly successful TV show, The Smartest Guy In The World (which Van Looy presents.)

The idea is that Van Looy will develop new feature projects and TV ideas through Woestijnvis. He is also likely to continue working with his producer on Loft, Hilde De Laere.

The new contract prevents Van Looy from working for rival Belgian
production companies. However, he will be free to work for companies aboard, whether in Hollywood or elsewhere.

As a result of the deal, Van Looy has had to step down from directing The K File, the long-awaited sequel to The Alzheimer Case that is shortly to be made by Eyeworks Film and TV.

Jan Verheyen has therefore stepped in to direct the new thriller, which is adapted from another novel by author Jef Geeraerts.

The new film will again star Koen De Bouw and Werner De Smedt as hardbitten Antwerp cops, Vincke and Verstuft.

The new story sees them pitted against the Albanian mafia.

'I am honoured that Erik and Eyeworks are giving me the full support to
direct this second Vincke and Verstuft adaptation.,' Verheyen commented.

'It is an epic story about honour and betrayal, moral corruption and bloody revenge.'

Verheyen's most recent feature as a director, Cut Loose, had its world
premiere in Montreal and will open in Belgium on September 17th.